Pamper Guide - Collaboration with Sabina from Sabinina Perspektiva

Hey Beauties!

Pamper guide it's all about the products that I like to use, when I want to pamper myself. What is pampering for me? It's using and doing routine, which I can't or won't do on dally basis. I wanted to show you what products I like to use and why. With every product there will be a mini review.

It's a a collaboration post with one of my best friends and fellow blogger Sabina. She and I met at a college and have been inseparable all through the college years. (Yes, I technically still have to write my Master's degree, but that means I no longer go to college anymore.) She is the one person that understands all my crazy sides and let's me be myself. I love her easy going nature and the fact that she gets my sarcasm. She is probably the only person that I know, that likes to complicate stuff more than me. Recently, she revamped her blog, so I encourage you to read some of her reviews, try her healthy recipes and get some style inspiration. She has a blog called Sabinina Perspektiva (blog is only in Slovene).

I've broken products into certain groups, so it's easier for you to read.

Avon Pink Magnolia Bubble Bath

It's very rare that I have time to make myself a bath. In all honesty, I can't remember the last time that happened. But if (I really need to do it this month!) I finally decide to bathe, I love using Avon bubble baths. I have Pink Magnolia scent, but my cousin got herself Winter Berries and those smell so nice. Usually they had more floral scents than fruit, but that's changing. I like their bubble baths, because the actually produce bubbles, unlike some other products I've tried. I like to pour it right under the pipe where the water is coming out, this ensures you the bubbles. Yes, they do fade after a while, but you can always add more. The smell is also a nice edition to your relax time.

Garnier Oil Beauty Oil-infused Nourishing Scrub

I remember when this came out it was almost on every blog. I didn't get the hype back then, but I just got it recently. It's a really nice scrub. I like the nutty oriental scent that it has and the rough sugar like scrub texture. It's like a gel with sugar scrub in it. It smells divine and it definitely does make your skin super soft. I take this one out for special occasions, because I can't be fussed with it on daily basis. 

Alverde Beauty Oil

This oil is amazing. I have it for quit a while. Before this I had the one that's coconut scented. This version contains five oils: argan, amaranth, olive, marula and grapseed. The bottle and the pump is superb as with the coconut version. It's a heavy glass bottle and the pump is perfect. You can control the amount of it and it doesn't spill product all over. Oil is yellow toned and obviously very greasy, but feels quit lightweight on the skin. It's not like most of the natural oils, which you have hard time spreading around your skin. This one is very runny and it spreads easily. It has a somewhat unnatural scent in my opinion. I can't really define it, it's almost a bit nutty. I like it though. My whole room smells of it after I use it. I also love the fact that it's very non irritating on my skin. Always a plus. I apply it all over my body and then wear my PJ's. In the morning the skin is super soft and nourished.

100% Organic Cocoa Butter and 100% Organic Coconut Oil

Oh my God! This is all I can say about this product. I know a lot of brands do their versions of cocoa butter, but combination with coconut oil is a dream come true. Think of Bounty chocolate. This smells exactly like it. I mean it, exactly. The smell is just so unique chocolaty and coconuty. The texture is very solid and butter like. It's a white color and does not move. The application can be a bit harder to scoop out, because of it. You need to scrape it out with finger or nails, but once it touches the skin it immediately melts to an oil. I get the most joy out of the application. Scraping the butter out and the melting it between fingers or on my body just makes me so happy. It leaves a greasy finish, but it absorbs into the skin through the night and leaves you with hydrated and supple skin. This is a local pharmacy brand from Slovenia. I got it as a gift. (Mislim, da se prodaja v podružnicah Ljubljanskih lekarn).

Avon Planet Spa Amazonian Treasures Hydrating Face Mask

When I want to pamper myself, I use my "higher priced" masks. I've already talked about some of Avon masks. Recently I got me another two for a very low price. This one smells like a men fragrance to me, because it has cedar, which is common men fragrance note. It also contains eucalyptus. It's like a clay mask that really cleans your skin and makes it look nicely plumped. Herbal scent is quit relaxing.

Avon Planet Spa Herbal Steam Bath Deep Cleansing Clay Face Mask

It's hydrating masks in a form of gel. It smells amazingly of berries. It has berries as ingredients and Brazilian acai. This one is pure pleasure to use, because it smells so sweet fruity. I have only used it once, because I just got it, but I already like it. It does give you a bit of hydration, although don't expect anything like a heavy cream. 

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-purposed Dry Oil 

I've also talked about this oil already, so I won't go too much into details. I've established this oil as a nightly routine, but I still think it's a pamper product. Because it's multi-usage you can use it for your face, body or hair. The smell of it is unique luxury oriental nutty like. It's a dry oil, which means it's not as greasy as natural oils are. It doesn't absorb fast, but it does really hydrate the skin. I call it the overnight miracle, because it plumps and hydrates the skin through the night.

Full review here.

DIY Hand And Food Scrub

I also wanted to mention a hand scrub that I got from Sabina last year or was it previous year?! It can be used as a hand or foot scrub. It's amazing. I've never seen a better DIY scrub. It starts as rough sugar scrub and then it becomes like an oil cocoa powder dream. It smells divine, like cocoa powder and it really makes your hands super soft as well as nourished, because of the oil. DIY recipe you can get here.

L'Occitane 20% Shea Butter Hand Cream

After all that scrubbing it's nice to put on something moisturizing. I really like this hand cream, because it's more greasy than usual hand creams. It still absorbs very quickly, but leaves you with a velvety butter finish. I also like it that it stays on your hands even if you wash them. It's because of the shea butter which really clings to the skin.

Lidl Scented Candle Nature

What's more relaxing then a nice burning candle? I love candles and I love burning them all through the year, except summer. That would just be a torture. I like to call this one my cheap Yanke Candle Soft Blanket version. Soft Blanket has a very sweet and fairly strong scent. Lidl's is a softer more natural sleepy fresh cloths kind of smell. It's very subtle and sometimes you don't want to overload yourself with strong scents when you're relaxing. 

iLight Sweet Dream Vanilla and Coconut Candle

If you're a coconut lover, this is another one of those products that you need in your life. It doesn't smell very promising straight from the glass, but once you starts burning it, it's such a unique sweet coconut scent mixed with sweet vanilla. I wouldn't say it's very true to real coconut, but it's very unique in a way. I am not sure where you can find this brand in other countries. I bought it in Spar.

Hofer Scented Candle Winter Dream

Recently, I've been more than loving Hofer scented candles. One scent in particular - Winter Dream. It's something like a mixture of cookies and pines. It's sweet, but also a bit woody or spicy even. Perfect blend. It makes the room smell really nice and wintery, so seasonal appropriate. 

DM Profissimo Christmas Cookies Scented Tea Candles

This is another favorite scent of mine. It smells like baked cookies, almost like a ginger bread cookie. I get it more as a vanilla mixed with cinnamon cookie. Those are tea candles and I like that instead of a metal cup they have a plastic transparent one. It looks prettier to me. They make my room smell like a cookie land and the size is perfect for spreading around your bath. They are also super cheap for a pack of 18 candles.

L'Occitane 15% Shea Butter Foot Cream

I got this foot cream from Sanja. She said that she mistakenly got it instead of hand cream, which turned out good for me. I don't really own any foot creams, so I was intrigued. After a bath or shower I like to apply this heavily on my feet. Now, I never really have a lot of problems with hard skin on my feet, so I can't say if it works. My feet are definitely nicely moisturized and this one again has that greasy layer over it, which I really like. It smells a bit like herbs.

Soft Fuzzy Socks

Soft fuzzy socks are a must have for a pampering night. I love taking a shower, applying oils and then getting into PJ's and putting on nice fluffy socks. It's keeping your warm and even making your feet super soft, if you apply cream on them before going to bed. Sometimes feet can get really cold. It's just one of those cozy products. I think I got mine from C&A, but lots of stores have these.

Planet Spa Sleep Serenity Pillow Mist

Pillow mist is definitely a pamper product for me. I don't use this every day. You can also just use it to spray the room with it or bathroom, while you're relaxing. This is obviously made for you to feel relaxed and make you fall asleep easier. The smell is described as lavender and camomile, but I almost smell camomile more. It smells like a luxury soothing cream. This is so easy to use and instantly targets your smell sense. One of those unnecessary products, but one that makes a difference.

Full review here.

These are some of my favorite products to use when I want to pamper myself a bit. It's nice to take time for yourself. Be it beauty routine or anything else, it helps you to feel better about yourself and relax. I need to encourage myself as much as I will you, to do this at least once a month. We have to pamper ourselves sometimes too. 

Go check out what are some of Sabina's favorite pampering products. She is the one who loves face masks, scrubs, foot baths and all that. So I am sure, she'll have some amazing products for you.

What are some of the products that you love to pamper yourself with?


  1. Omg. Kaki opis <3 hvala za te izredno lepe besede :* Tak lepe besede, da mi je prav nerodno :))
    In kaj jaz to berem?? Bubble bath?? :) Ne morem verjet :) Mi mamo prevlko kad (preveč vode gre not), da bi se lahko kopala. Tak da, to pa res ne prakticiram :(. Čeprav je ziher fajn:))
    To NUXE olje mi je vedno bolj všečno. Še dobro, da si ga zadnjič tak hvalila na pijači in da sem se spomnila, da mam tester doma.
    In hvala za omembo mojega Scruba, me veseli, da ti je tak všečen :))
    Oooo L'occitane krema za noge??? To gre na wishlisto! Sem si nazadnje vzela neko od müllerja, pa me sploh ni navdušila..
    Za ta pillow mist, pa mi je tak žal, da sem ga zgrešila :/
    Btw.. za nekoga, ki se ne razvaja tolko, maš pa res dosti produktov za razvajanje :)) tak da jih kar večkrat uporabljaj!! :)

    1. Tako kot je ;) <3
      Jap Avon ma ful teh bubble baths. Pa vedno neke nove vonje. Saj jaz se res že predolgo nisem kopala. Moram tudi "šparat" vodo :D.
      No super, mogoče si ga boš še omislila. Full size ;).
      Scrub je odličen. Jaz še nikjer nisem zasledila tako zanimive formule, ki se potem spremeni v olje. Res je zakon :).
      Ja, če ti je za roke všeč, ti bo za noge tudi. Samo vonj je meni malo hecen.
      Včasih majo te izdelke še kaj nazaj v katalogih, če vidim ti vzamem. ;)
      Ja ne? Preveč skoraj :D

    2. Jaz ne vem zakaj mamo tak vlko kad, pol pa je ne smem uporabljati :/
      Uuf bom ga dala na wishlisto pa upala, da čudežno zaide k meni :D haha.. (ka zaj mi budget res ne dopušča..#takjekonimašslužbe
      Ja očitno sem skriti kemik,da sem tako dobro formulo nardila :D
      Jaaaa vzami mi prooosim,če bo še :)) se bom fensirala :D

  2. Kako si lepo Sabino opisala :D Te Avonove peneče kopeli me večno mikajo, ampak me od trenutnih vonjev noben zares ne pritegne, morala bi jih v živo prevohat, samo kaj ko Avon samo preko kataloga prodaja. Z Garnierjem in Nuxom se popolnoma strinjam, sem pa zdaj kupila od Balee Luxury Golden Glamour piling in mi je všeč. Diši po vaniliji in je hranilen, tako da bi bil morda tudi zate :) Odličen izbor in tema :)

    PS. Nujno popravi na college iz collage, ker govoriš cel prvi odstavek o kolažih :D Veš, da moram :P

    1. Hehe, takšna je :D She's the best ;).
      Meni je Winter Berries to die for. Ampak mislim, da je razvidno koliko jaz tega uporabljam, če imam še skoraj celo. Veliko premalo. Res je..Avon je včasih treba kupit na pamet. Je res, če imaš vse njihove kataloge potem lahko vsaj tam sprevohaš zadeve :).
      Sliši se zanimivo. Vsi te Luxury izdelki od Balea mi delujejo zanimivo, čeprav mi sama znamka pa ni preveč všeč, sploh za tuš gele in podobno. Hvala :)

      Joj hvala ti. Spet jaz in moja površnost oz Blogger mi ni slovnično popravil haha :D. Hvala ;)

  3. Super objava, me je kar prijelo, da bi se šla sredi dnev amalo razvajat :D

  4. No ja, jst bi kar vse kar si omenila v tej objavi rada sprobala :D Ti me vedno prepričaš da grem (še enkrat) brskat po Avon katalogih in označevat kaj bi še rada sprobala :D

    1. Hehe, super- Včasih je lažje kaj sprobat, ko veš, da nekdo drug pohvali. Sploh, ko kopuješ bolj kot ne na pamet kot pri Avonu :).

  5. aaaa, bubble bath! :D tole bo definitivno treba sprobat :D pillow mist pa tudi super zveni, nisem vedela, da jih ima Avon tudi, vem, da jih je dm včasih imel pod svojo znamko. pa jih sedaj nima več -.- (Tamara)

    1. Jaa bubbles bubbles :D Ja še kar nekaj časa nazaj je imel tega. Sicer tu pa tam ga še imajo v ponudbi. Res škoda, da nimajo vedno, ker se mi zdi, taka zanimiva zadeva. Za DM pa sploh nisem vedela :)

  6. No potem pa še dobro, da sem se zmotila :D Vidim, da kremo za roke že tako ali tako imaš :D
    Bi pa jaz vas, ki imate doma kopalno kad in je ne uporabljate kar pretepla haha :D

    1. Res je :D Ta krema za noge je super. Si jo zdaj vsak večer namažem in res lepo omehča kožo. You did great ;D!

      Ne me tepst, ravno danes sem jo izkoristila ;)