Essie Big Spender

Hey Beauties!

I have a confession... This is my first Essie nail polish - ever! I know, i know, shame on me... well, I just always thought it was too expensive. But lately, I am on a mission to try more brands of nail polish and then decide which ones I like the most. Essie was one of those I had to try.

I decided to buy it in the color Big Spender, because I don't have anything similar in my collection and I love purple color, a lot.

What I like the most about this nail polish is the brush. Ok, so I thought Bourjois One Seconde nail polish had the best brush ever...well, this one is almost better, or at least as good as Bourjois one. As you can see on the photos below, I love the fact that, when you apply pressure on the brush it spreads and covers entire nail, even a thumb! If you apply less pressure, you can paint pinkie in one stroke. I love that!

Essie has some great colors, obviously. I like Big Spender, because it seems to be a mixture of pink and violet, so a light purple. They really have a lot of variations of each basic color.

I also find that the more coats you apply, the darker the color becomes. As you can see down below, one coat results in a pinkish purple. When you apply a second coat, the color becomes darker.

I can't speak about how long lasting it is, because I didn't have a chance to try it enough.

I bought this one for 8.92€ (in Bipa, where they had 15% discount on makeup). The usual price in our country is a little over 10€. You get 13.5 ml of product, which is on a larger side for nail polish.

What do you like the best about Essie nail polishes? Which is your favorite Essie nail polish color?


  1. Ful lep odtenek! Jaz imam zaenkrat 4 Essie lakce in sem zelo zadovoljna... Všeč mi je sam izgled (flaška), čopič, izbira barv (vse bi imela), obstojnost... :D Super so!

    Maja, Pink Mascara

  2. Essie lakci so super.
    Tale je prekrasen in odlične fotke!
    Btw tudi nov izgled bloga mi je všeč! :)

  3. Prečudovit odtenek<3 Paše ti :) xx

  4. Fiji in Mint Candy Apple sta tudi hudo lepa! Essie laki so vredni svoje cene definitivno.

  5. ful lep, tut js rabim enga tazga za jesen :)