Review: Catrice LE Eve in Bloom - Duo Eyeshadow

Hey Beauties!

Catrice came out with a new limited edition called Eve in Bloom. It's a really floral colorful inspired collection. I am a big purple eye shadow lover, so I knew I will want to buy this duo eye shadow in purple and gold colors.

I bought duo eye shadow in the shade called C02 Beauty Bouquet. For 3,99 € you get 4g of eye shadow.

The packaging is plastic transparent, like usual. It has a floral design on the top. The colors I chose are purple and gold based, even though they seem very brownish on the photos.

Don't know why my camera didn't pick up the real tone of those shades, but I'll explain it better. The bigger shade is a really shimmery nude rose gold color that has a sort of a peachy pink under tone to it. The smaller shade is purple brow with a really nice blue purple sheen to it. It is not as shimmery as the nude, but it definitely has some sheen to it.

I personaly think that this is a great alternative for a basic nude and brown eye shadow. Because both of these eye shadows sort of look like brown versions of light and dark, but have definite pink and purple tone to it. I love it. I don't have any such colors in my collection and I think this will be a very wearable kind-of-purple eye shadow for the fall time.

The only problem being the color payoff. Like with most of the Catrice eye shadows, it is not the best. I find that it works best if you put in on with the fingers and then blend with a brush. This gives a lot more color to the eyes.

Here are some photos of me wearing those two colors together.

What did you like the most in this Eve in Bloom collection?


  1. Spominja me na en duo od Estee Lauder od lani :). Ga je imelo dost britanskih bloggerk.

    Spremenila si layout! I LOVE it! Takoj boljše izgleda :) In tvoja slikca v sidebaru je ful lušna :)

    1. To pa je zanimivo:) Taka hecna odtenka, ne veš če sta rjava al ne:)
      Hvala:) Je že bil čas ja, da malo spremenim in updatam. Da vsaj moje ime izveste, če ne drugo, hehe:)

  2. Lep duo, sem videla danes v živo novo kolekcijo pa mi drugače ni nič posebej padlo v oči:)

  3. Wow všeč mi je nov izgled:) Pa kako si lušna na fotki<3 Paletka je pa tudi ful lepa:) xx

  4. U, tole mi je pa zelo všeč :) Se morem čimprej spravit do Müllerja :)

  5. Replies
    1. Jaz tudi, ker jih največ uporabljam:) Ti pa so še malo vijolični, kar je moja druga najljubša barva;)

  6. Zelo kul :D morem se čimprej spraviti v shopping za novo kolekcijo :) in ljubek izgled bloga :)

  7. Zelo mi je všeč "prenovljen" blog! Veliko boljše kot prej (vsaj po mojem mnenju):)

  8. It looks lovely! The swatches are beautiful too


  9. Ful lepo! Odtenka sta čist po mojem okusu. :)