Slovenian Bloggers 23.-29.9.

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Katja was a girl with a red scarf.

Vesna shows you what you must have this autumn.

P. K. was in Santorini on holidays.

Sara Passing wrote a review about Illamasqua Duo Blusher.

Maja Ena introduce you how to get fit.

Alja LifeIsBetterInColours introduce you how to apply false eyelashes.

Ces`t la vie talks about How I meet your mother.

Neja Ribnikarr did branch candle holder.

Adjusting Beauty made her own chandelier.

Tea Bratina did this amazing Arabic inspired makeup look.

D. Ralok bought fake perfume trio

Kims life bought new car!

Mateja likes Vampire`s Love.

Colorful Harmony wrote a review about Ruby Kisses.

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