DIY: Anti-dust phone plug

Hey Beauties!

I do a lot of browsing on Ebay and I saw very pretty anti-dust plugs for phones. I was about to order one, but then decided to make it. Here is how I did it :).

The first thing is to take old ear phones and used the part which goes into the devices to connect. Let's just call it plug thing :). I am sure a lot of you have old plastic ear plugs that you wanted to throw away. Well, if you didn't, here is a chance to reuse them.

I used modeling clay to make two hearts as a base for my plug. There's nothing to it. Make a ball, then flatten it and use a regular knife to get the shape of the heart. Don't worry if it's not perfect, you can remodel it after it has been baked.

Before the backing I put a needle through one, which will be dangling down. One of the hearts I placed on the phone plug thing, to create a whole on which it will later be.

After it is backed by instructions on the clay, you can use sandpaper to file it down and make the surface of a heart as smooth as you want it to be. 

I used all purposed glue to add nail rhinestones on the heart that has a whole. It may not look all that in close, but it gives a nice shine from far away.

The other one I painted with nail polish and drew some baroque design on. I know, I am a little obsessed with this baroque thing :). Then I glued it on the plug thing.

At the end I added some small beads to one of them, and gold small chain to the other one, to really get the whole look together. Here is how it came out.

Like I always say, if you have to much time, try it and please send me some photos ;).


  1. iiii kako dobra ideja :) jaz sem ravno danes prejela 2 z ebay-a :P

  2. Še dobro, da nisem od iPoda vrgla proč slušalk! Super DIY, odlično izgleda:)

  3. Love your idea! :-)


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  4. What a great idea. They look super cute.
    I'm a new follower xx

  5. Res dobra ideja. Če bi tole prej vedela ne bi nobenih starih slušalk stran metala :D

  6. To pa je res dobra ideja in povrhu vsega še zelo dobra. (:

  7. Sem nardila in je izpadlo super, hvala! :))

    1. Oh, kako lepo:)) Sploh si nisem mislila, da bo kdo dejansko preizkusil;))

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