Cut the Rope inspired nail design

Lately, I have been loving this application on my phone, called Cut the Rope. It's a game where you have to bring candy to a little "oh-so-cute" green monster. I liked playing it just because of the look of that little monster. He's just so cute:).

So I decided to do inspired nail design. It's green, which is perfect for finally-to-come spring days, and emerald green is supposed to be the color of the year?! I think I heard that somewhere. Well, I love green, so I gave it a go.

For this design you will need: light green, darker green, lime green, black, white, yellow and red nail polish. You will also need a base coat (optional), top coat, stripper and dotting tool.

Step 1: Of course, first use a base coat, to protect your nails.

Step 2: Paint nails a light green color-that is going to be the background- in this case a box, where this little monster is in.

Step 3: Take a darker green (I mixed my light green with a darker one, to get the in-between color) and create the shape of a monster. Make a box, with his little hair on top sticking out and two legs on the sides. Let it dry.

Step 4: Use doting tool to create two white dots holding together in the middle.

Step 5: Outline the little monster with black nail polish and stripper. I just used a stripper from a white nail polish.

Step 6: Draw on little monster teeth and outline them and create two little dots on top of white dots.

Step 7: On the middle finger create a yellow dot. Let it dry and create 4 red swirls/lines in this yellow dot.
This is going to be candy. Outline it, or not, if you don't want to. I decided to do it, and create a back line going down to it, so the candy can hang on that.

Step 8: On the pinky, create a big black dot. Then use smaller doting tool to create little dots around that bigger black dot. That is going to be fluffy spider. Let it dry. Then do two white dots sticking together, and on them add two small black dots.

Step 9: Now just use a lime green nail polish and create dots on light green background.

Step 10: Use top coat to seal the design and make it extra shiny.

You'r little monster is ready to play:).

On the other hand just create a green background with lime green dots. And maybe add some spiders, those are easier to made. Because if you are right handed, like me, your left hand should be as simple as possible.