Easter nails

I was browsing on the Internet trying to find some kind of inspiration for my Easter inspired nails and I found it. The photo below cut my attention and I decided to make my nails into different colored eggs with polka dots, which would represent the natural pattern of those eggs. I know there are also nail polishes that have those dots in them, but I wanted to make my own version of that design.

What you will need: Colorful nail polishes-any colors you would like, black polish, white polish, any kind of foam and dotting tool (or you can make your own). Black and white polishes are essential if you don't have the whole range of example light pink and dark pink. Then you can get your regular pink nail polish mix in some of the black to get darker pink or mix in some of the white to get light pink color.

First paint you nails any desired colors. I was trying to get mine to look pastel. If you like colorful things paint all the finger different color, if not chose one color to use on all of them.

Then use a foam and tap on each nail a few shades darker color. For example for the ring finger if you used light pastel pink, use now bright pink and tap this color on with a foam, to get that gradient effect. I decided to cover two thirds of my nail with that darker color.

Then get you're dotting tool and create dots. On the upper part where you have light color use that dark color on the bottom to create dots there. On the contrary, on the bottom part, which is darker, use a lighter color from the top to create dots there. Make sure that your dot are different sizes. It will make the pattern more natural looking.

Now all that's left is to do is clean off any mess around your nails and use a nice top coat to seal in the design.

Easter...I decided to make my own stickers this year. As you may see I have been a little more than obsessed with this character from the Cut the Rope game :). So I decided to make my Easter eggs inspired by Om-Nom (I believe they named him like that :) ). 

I wish you all a very happy Easter holidays and may you get lots of sweets :).


  1. Super luštna in zanimiva manikura! Moram poskusiti enkrat :)

    Lovely Little Lux-uries

  2. iiiiii om nom :)) S cim si to barvala pa risala na jajcka?:)

    1. Jajčka barvala z barvo za jajčka (zeleno), tisto risanje pa nalepke za hrano (navadne bele) pa narišeš, obrežeš pa zalepiš gor z lepilom (UHU lepilo) :)

  3. Zelo mi je všeč tvoja manikura. :) Moja je danes tudi pikčasta. ;)

  4. Love your nails! :-)

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