Galaxy eyes and nails

I've been seeing a lot of galaxy inspired fashion items. From pants to shirts. So I decided to transform this trend on nails and eyes. The beautiful purples and blues of galaxy have inspired this post:).

Galaxy eyes 

Lets start with the eyes. You need all sorts of pink, blue and purple colors. For the stars use any sort of crayon, gel eyeliner or something that will go on smooth and create some shine on the eyes.

This is very simple. All you need to do is start applying pink, purple and blue eye shadows on the lid. This doesn't need to be in any particular order. Maybe start with light pink on the inner corners of the eye. Use light purple on the lid. Put darker blue in the crease of an eye. Than blend this blue with a light blue towards the brow. Then use some darker violets on the outer corner of the eye. The most important thing is to BLEND after every application of another eye shadow color.

 Do the same on the lower lash line. To give your eyes more spark maybe use some light color in the center of the lower lash line. You can stop here, put some mascara on and your done.

Or you can start adding stars. You can do just different sizes of dots or make dots and then blend them a little. I decided to use Avon Supershock gel eyeliner to create pearl light pink shiny dots to represent stars in the galaxy.

Finish off with some black winged eyeliner and a lot of mascara.

Galaxy nails

To create galaxy nails you will need different colors of nail polishes. You can choose any colors you like. I used colors on the photo below. 

As a base for this nail design I used this electric blue nail polish color.

Then  I used a regular foam and all those different nail colors to create colorful galaxy. All you need to do is put small amount of polish on the paper and dip in the foam. Then tap the foam on the nails to create specks of color.

Continue with this process until all the desired colors are on the nails. Then use a white nail polish and a doting tool. Create a few dots to represent stars. Dots can range from small too bigger. You can also create shiny stars. With a doting tool draw on a dot. Then use a toothpick or nail stripper to create four lines going out of that dot. 

Use a top coat to seal in design and clean off any mess around your nails. 


  1. Super make-up, moram kdaj poskusiti :) Te galaxy themed zadeve so pa itak must-have, čakam, da pri nas dobimo kakšne hlače ali kaj podobnega :)

    Lovely Little Lux-uries

    1. V New Yorkerju sem videla majice, hlač pa še tudi nikjer. Verjetno še pride:)

  2. The eyes and nails are stunning! ;-) love the shorts too great post xx

  3. Ahhh prekrasno! Make up mi je tako všeč, nohti pa tudi! Super blog! Upam, na čimveč objav! Že vidim, da te bom rada brala :)