February 2022 Favorites

SVR Sun Secure Blur Mousse Cream SPF50

I believe this is pretty popular among SVR sunscreens, because it has interesting mousse thick consistency that blends into the skin and feels like less slippery pore filling primer. It's not as silicon like as most primers, but it gives you the same blurred look to your skin and a matte finish that actually lasts through the day. I've tried it a few times already and my makeup actually stayed matte for longer. Usually my sebum comes through in the matter of hours, so I feel like this will be perfect for summer. I wouldn't recommend it for dry skin, especially one with flakes. It has that typical strong SVR suncreen powdery floral scent and I feel like it almost gives a hint of peach tint to my face, though it's not tinted.

Catrice Dewy-ful Lips 040 DEW You Care?

This is sadly discontinued, but it's one of my all time favorite Catrice lip products. It feels like lip balm, but it has good amount of color like lip gloss. It's so comforting on the lips and is my go to product for when I want some color on the lips, but want it to feel like nothing and apply it on the go. 040 is one of those nude brown shades that will go with any nude makeup look.

NYX Lift & Snatch! Brow Tint Pen Ash Brown

I feel like I could put this in my favorites every month since I got it. Since having my brows laminated, this is the best product for filling in sparse areas and making it look like my actual hair not powder or pencil. It gives the most natural look to the brows and somehow just goes so well with lamination, because it mimics natural hair and doesn't just block in the color. Ash Brown is that perfect medium grey brown. This lasts all day on me.

Christina Aguilera Definition Eau de Parfum

It's been a while since I tried any new perfumes that would instantly impress me, but this is one of those. It's one of those powdery creamy scents with very feminine floral and just enough sweetness to make you feel cozy. It's got feminine written all over it, but it's somewhat subdues and not too loud. Initially it smells very strong, but then I don't smell it anymore, though everyone around me does. It stays on clothes for days. I have only been wearing this one since I got it and I love it.

Lazartigue Volumize Volume Hairspray

If you have fine flat hair like mine, you probably have the same problem of achieving volume in your hair as me. I spray this one in my roots and between the hair while they are still damp and then blow dry it. It definitely gives a lift to my hair and makes it look thicker then they are. My hair has more volume and that's all I can ask from such product. It also has fresh herbal scent.

Taft Casual Chic Shaping Dry Spray

I still can't get over the fact that I can't get Toni & Guy Rough Casual Texturiser anywhere. I think it's been discontinued and it was my favorite texturizing spray. I wanted to find similar product in our drugstore and I found this one by Taft. It's nowhere near as good, but it does something. This one feels much more like a regular hair spray mixed with some dry shampoo. It gives me that texture to hair that allows me to mess up my hair to give it more volume and it stays that way. It makes easier for my fine hair to hold the volume and texture without flattening down immediately. I don't like it gives me a bit of that crisp hair spray feel, but it manages to do the work, so I use it on special occasions. If you know of any good recommendation, please let me know. 


  1. I would love to get my brows laminated! I think NYX brow products are SO good and can bring such nice natural eyebrows xx


    1. NYX has great brow products, I agree. Something cheaper, but still very effective. Brow lamination is great. It saves so much time making up the brows, especially, if they are naturally lighter and less thick. I keep coming back to it. You get so used to it :).