Review: Christina Aguilera Definition Eau de Parfum

It's been a while since I last talked about a new fragrance I tried out. This one is not new per say, but it's new in my collection and I've been using it every day since I got it. It's quickly become my new favorite. 


I got it in a set with body lotion. Glass bottle has classic long body design. Most Christina Aguilera fragrances have that transparent bottle with details like black bow

In it is 50 ml of fragrance and it costs around 25€. I don't know what is the price of this set. Celebrity fragrances are available in most drugstores that sell fragrances (DM, Müller, Tuš drogerija).


It was launched back in 2017 and they describe it as amber floral fragrance. 

Top notes: red apple, Italian mandarin, Sicilian bergamot
Middle notes: vanilla orchid, diamond orchid
Base notes: heliotrope, musk, hinoki wood, ambergris

At the first spritz I get hint of sourness from fruits mixed with sweetness, but it quickly turns into gentle floral sweetness of orchid. Base notes need a while to develop, but they create amazing powdery sweetness that lasts through the day. 

I would describe it as powdery floral sweet fragrance. Florals give it just a hint of feminine touch without being sickly. It's mostly just a very soft powdery fragrance with just enough sweetness to be office appropriate, yet still feel sexy.


It doesn't have silage that some fragrances have, but the powdery feel on skin lasts very well. Sometimes I spray it in the morning and in the evening when I work out it starts to smell just as strong as in the morning. It's not the most long lasting fragrance I've tried, but it lingers softly through the day. I've gotten so many compliments on it, as it's quite strong for the first few hours and everyone around me smells it. 

Body lotion

I am usually not a fan of those matching body lotions that come with fragrances, so I don't have much to say. It's basic liquid light lotion. I don't get that lovely powdery scent that I get with fragrance. This one smells more artificial and the scent is a lot more subtle. 

Fragrance, I can only recommend, if you are looking for affordable powdery floral sweet fragrance that lasts well. I haven't been able to put it down ever since I got it. It's all I wear right now. I've always loved Christina Aguilera and some other celebrity fragrances. They are usually inexpensive and you can find some lovely sweet scents among them. 

*Products were sent to me.

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