Review: Beautypharmacy Products - Uriage, SVR, Sebamed, Lazartigue

Beautypharmacy is new online store that has a lot of pharmacy skin care and hair care brands and they always have great deals and discounts. They have become my first stop when I want some of the brands that they have as they always have best pricing, much lower than in our physical stores. I had the chance to try a few of their products out and here are my short thoughts on those.

Uriage Eau Thermale Uriage Thermal Water

It comes in metal can with fairly fine mist. In it is 150 ml of product and it's currently on sale for around 5€.

It's skincare water for daily use. It's not just an ordinary water, it actually contains mineral salts similar to skin's natural moisturizing factors that help restore skin's barrier. There is calcium and magnesium in it to soothe the skin. 

I actually had this thermal water once already and I especially liked it in the summer for refreshing up the skin and calm it from the heat. You can treat it almost as a toner and apply it right after cleansing to moisten the skin and prepare it for other skin care products. 

Mist isn't as fine as with some setting sprays, but it's fine enough and the water feels soothing and refreshing on the skin. I don't think this is essential product by any means, but it's and additional product that you may consider, if you have very reactive and easily irritated skin as this may soothe it further. I actually love it in the summer for refreshing and I use it at night right after cleansing. It lasts quite a long time, I am just coming to an end with it. 

Sebamed PRO! Active Protection Cream 

I like that Sebamed has plastic pots, because they are super light and great to travel with. In it is 50 ml of product and it costs around 17€.

It's moisturizing and nourishing cream with probiotic ingredients and pH of 5.5 to help restore skin's barrier, keep it moisturizer, nourished and prevent premature aging with UVA protection. It's fairly basic moisturizing cream with some glycerin, oil, rosemary extract and some lactic acid. 

Formula is slightly thicker and you have to massage it in good to get rid of those white stripes on your face. I would say this is nourishing formula, because it leaves that slightly thicker, almost a bit greasy feel on the skin. They say it's for sensitive skin, but I would say dry skin would like it best. On my combination skin this was too rich and thicker creams tend to clog my pores more, so I usually stay away from them unless I experience dehydration. It's scented, though it's a very subtle almost noticeable creamy scent.

SVR Cicavit+ Creme SPF50+

There's nothing better than a cream in a tube with small nozzle so you can really control the amount you want and formula stays intact. In it is 40 ml of product and it costs around 26€.

I've gushed about SVR skin care products, especially Cicavit line. Their Cicavit Creme+ has become my staple for when I have blemishes as it helps to moisturize, nourish and repair the skin faster. This is SPF sister of that one with SPF of 50+. Now you get intense soothing treatment with repairing properties and sun protection to protect from brown red and brown marks. It targets all types of rays - UVA and UVB+ and has antioxidants to protect against visible and infrared light.

Polysaccharides and prebiotic sugar form protective film to prevent bacteria from sticking to the skin, reduce redness and heat and stimulate growth of beneficial bacteria to optimize repair of the skin.

It's thick formula, but has great spreadability and on my light skin tone I don't get any white cast. It soaks in to look transparent with shiny finish on the skin. It feels almost oily on the skin, but in a thicker nourishing layer that doesn't move or slip around. This is the perfect SPF for damaged dry skin or dry skin that deals with acne as the cream itself is very nourishing, but ingredients in it help to repair it and protect it from external aggressors. 

I used it while the weather was still warm when I was dealing with breakouts and blemish marks and it definitely helped speed up healing process, but for my combination skin it can quickly be too much, especially under makeup as it just looks too shiny. However, it sticks to the skin so well that my makeup didn't slide, it just looked very glowy. If you need something highly nourishing and repairing with high SPF, this is the best formula wise as well as finish wise, plus it's unscented so perfect for sensitive skin.

Uriage Eau Thermale Bariesun Ultra-light Fluid SPF50+

Pocket sized bottle is perfect for on the go. Because of the liquid formula it spills a bit around the nozzle, but thankfully doesn't drip out. In it is 30 ml of product and it's currently on sale for around 8€.

It's suited for sensitive skin with with fluid water-resistant texture and no fragrance. They say it's light and has dry finish. It has broad-spectrum protection of UVA and UVB rays with chemical filters. It's formulated with their thermal water as well as vitamin C and E. 

This is very liquid white formula that drips off. You have to shake it well before applying. It's definitely greasy under the fingers, but it spreads with ease and actually absorbs into the skin well. There is no white cast, but it leaves quite shiny finish on the skin. It's definitely not for oily or combination skin, though I wore it in summer as well. I had to extensively powder my face, because I looked shiny. It's ok for chores outside, though I wouldn't wear this on daily basis over makeup. Dry finish they claim refers to the fact that it doesn't feel sticky to the touch, it feels dry, though the formula is quite heavy. It would be perfect for dry skin that doesn't like sticky sunscreens, but still wants that nourishing layer that gives your skin that protecting layer.

Lazartigue Nourish-light Light Nourishing Shampoo

It comes in dark green squeezable plastic packaging with pop up top. In it is 250 ml of product and it's currently on sale for about 15€. Packaging is recyclable.

I wasn't familiar with Lazartigue as a brand before. It's French high end hair care brand established by hair dresser that focuses on botanical ingredients and vegan formulas with no silicones or sulfates. Their fragrances are combined with precious oils and it has almost aromatherapy or spa like feel to it. 

Shampoo is for dry and fine hair. It contains soybean oil to nourish the hair, but not weigh it down and retain its natural volume. 

It's liquid creamy formula that doesn't lather as much as your typical drugstore shampoo. That's the thing you really have to get used to with natural hair care products. I always use more product in hopes of bigger lather. It has that very natural feel on the hair, since there are no silicones to give you that smooth slip.

I've noticed after washing my hair with it that I always have to use some sort of conditioner or hair mask, otherwise I have a hard time combing them through. It definitely leaves the hair with that natural volume and it feels very refreshing because of the luxurious scent that they describe as floral and woody. It's almost aromatherapy experience and the scent lingers on my hair for a few days.

I am one of those that just loves smooth silicon slip or shampoos and conditioners, so I have hard time getting used to this formula. However, if I want that volume in my hair, then this is shampoo to go to. It definitely gives my hair texture and grip that all those smooth silicon formulas don't.

Lazartigue Volumize Volume Hairspray

Another squeezable plastic bottle with spray on top. In it is 100 ml of product and it's currently on sale for around 21€.

It's volumizing spray that strengthens hair and coats it with protective film, reduces static electricity and gives hair volume. It's meant for fine hair to give hold with rice proteins, a densifying styling polymer that coats the hair with protective film to give it more volume. It's sulfate free formula.

It's transparent liquid spray that actually gives the hair that texture and grip that fine straight hair usually lacks. I use this around my roots and through the length of the hair and my hair definitely has a lot more volume. It's as they say more of texturizing spray. This is great for when I want to curl my hair and still give it that volume that my natural hair never has. I use it on those special occasions and for that I love it. You can't expect smoothness, when you want texture and grip and for that this formula is great. It has tangy citrus note on a floral background as they describe the scent of it. Another very spa like scent, though I prefer the smell of shampoo more. 

In Slovenia you can buy all of the products on Beautypharmacy. I hear other countries also have their Beautypharmacy online stores with the same good discounts. 

*Products were sent to me. 

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