Review: Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Blush Trio - Bliss, Hope, Peace

Rare Beauty is makeup brand by Selena Gomez. Her line quickly became popular and especially Soft Pinch Blushes, which have been everywhere once they launched. People raved about pigmented formula and I was happy to find mini versions of three in a pack, so I could really test out the formula as well as different finishes. 


It comes in box with three mini versions of Soft Pinch Blushes. They have transparent matte plastic bottle with light gold tops. There is mini fluffy doe foot applicator which holds a lot of product. 

In each is 3.2 ml and this is mini size. In full size there is 7.5 ml of product and it costs around 22€. I got these three in a pack in Sephora Germany, but I see it's not available anymore. The price for the package was 25€.


Soft Pinch blushes are available in matte and dewy finishes. I have one matte (Bliss) and two dewy blushes (Hope and Peace). As you've probably heard, these are very pigmented blushes. I almost never use the whole amount that is on applicator, because a little dot goes a long way. 

Formula is liquid and it feels thin, but it packs up a lot of pigment. 

Dewy formula leaves that dewy look on the skin with slight sheen, which makes it look like blush never really dried or set. Matte formula actually sets and looks velvet matte. It still gives you good amount of play time to blend it well. 


There is 11 shades available of which 4 are matte and 7 are dewy. On this set it says Bliss is Selena's favorite shades and both Hope and Peace were exclusive to the set, but Hope has since become permanent. 

Bliss - matte light warm pink
Hope - dewy medium mauve
Peace - dewy medium orange apricot


Matte shades set faster and they transfer less. Dewy shades set a little. but they stay dewy looking and it can transfer and wipe, if you touch it. If you set these with powder blushes on top or some loose powder, they become more transfer proof. 

Despite not being touch-proof, I find they last well on the skin. I still notice them at the end of the day, though staying power is definitely not up to powder blush level. These also work great under powder blushes to prolong the wear of both. In general formula feels very lightweight.

I love applying these blushes with brushes, because it makes it easy to blend and I don't use a lot of product. You can apply them with fingers as well (not as even application), but makeup sponges will eat up too much product. Generally, they blend with ease and you don't need to keep pilling it on to get the color. 


Bliss is apparently Selena's favorite, though I don't see why, because this is pretty light warm pink and it looks quite natural and light on my skin tone (which is about NC15/20). I had such a hard time photographing these. I had so much on my face, but the camera wouldn't want to pick it up. 

Bliss is the lightest on me and I feel like the formula is also the thinnest (or maybe it's just the fact that the shade is light). It's very natural looking shade that will go with everything. If you are very light or fair, it will look more pigmented on you. 


Hope is my favorite shade of these three. It's that perfect mauve that looks so natural, yet not too saturated. It gives the cheeks that blushing dewy sheen and it will generally look good on most skin tones (except very deep). It's very pigmented. 


Peace is that proper orange toned apricot shade that is very pigmented and instantly brightens up your face. It's a shade I would use more in summer and it will look amazing on more medium or deep complexion.

I think it's quite hard to make pigmented liquid blushes that have dewy finish as well as blend and wear evenly. Rare Beauty definitely created a really nice formula. I especially like dewy finish as it looks so natural, though I admit, it's not the most long lasting and mask friendly. Mini versions pack a lot of product and I think it's more than enough for average user and nice for small makeup artists as well. It's very popular formula for a good reason and I definitely recommend getting one, if you have it on your wishlist. Just choose the shade and finish that suits you best.

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