Review: Essence LE Pink & Proud

Essence's newest limited edition called Pink & Proud is part of their campaign that is all about acceptance, dealing with bullying and about individuality that young people can struggle with in times of social media and pressures to look perfect. This is collection to celebrate each individual, be proud and make a bold statement.  

Lash Princess Curl & Volume Mascara

There are a few versions of Lash Princess mascara. This one is for curl and volume and it's fairly new. I actually have another tube of it that I also received. It comes in a cute black packaging with pink details and this one has limited edition writing on it.

In it is 12 ml of product and it costs 3.59€.

It has that natural bristles wand that looks hourglass shaped. It holds a lot of product and it's on the wet side. You can build volume very fast. The more coats you apply the thicker your lashes will look, however I don't have a problem with it looking clumpy which I like. It still gives good amount of separation. It comes in black.

I have lash filler - so my lashes hold a curl without a problem and I can't say if this mascara helps with that or not. But judging by the wet formula, I think you may have problems with it, if you don't have naturally curled lashes. I notice little crumbles and patches of mascara at the end of the day around my eyes which is a bummer. 

Soapy Brow Styler

It's metal tin with soap in it and small pink spoolie to brush the brows through. In it is 17 grams of product and it costs 3.59€.

This is transparent soap in tin container. I actually have a whole post on how to do soap brows where you can read all about the technique. There I used regular semi-transparent soap for hands and actually put it in old candy tin that looks just like this one. This one also comes with mini spoolie, so you have all the tools you need. Soap brows are a great way to fake laminated brows which I have, so I didn't use this soap as my brows stand up anyway. But this is a great package to get, if you've always wanted to try soap brows as it's so neatly packaged and easy to carry.

Glitter Lipstick - 01 Sorry, Not Sorry!

It's regular plastic lipstick packaging with vibrant magenta pink color. The bullet has almost that velvet looking texture, but with glitter in it, similar to the look of Lisa Eldridges' Velvet lipsticks. The glitter makes it look so festive.

In it is 4 grams of product and it costs 2.49€.

It's cool medium magenta pink with pink glitter that reflects cool blue shine. It looks metallic on the lips and very bold. Pigmentation is good, but you need to do at least two swipes to get it opaque. This is lipstick that will make you stand out.

It doesn't feel particularly gritty because of the glitter in it, but it feels a bit dry on the lips. I would almost treat it as a matte lipsticks. The more you apply the heavier it can feel on the lips. Because of the cool magenta color, it will stain the lips

Wonderful Baked Blushlighter - 01 Believe In Yourself!

It comes in transparent plastic packaging that looks like a cube of ice. Packaging is bulky, I would prefer something slimmer. In it is 13 grams of product and it costs 4.29€.

It's baked blush and highlighter all in one. Because it's baked, it's a drier formula, but the powder is very soft and is easily picked up with brush. I would use a light hand, because it's very pigmented. Shimmer in it is tiny, so it just gives you lovely golden sheen that isn't too metallic or glittery.

It comes only in one shade and it's medium warm almost red based peachy pink that will lean either more peach or pinky depending on your skin tone. Sheen on top is a proper warm gold shade. It reminds me of Nars Orgasm, but that one is much more pink. Formula is also similar to their sister's brand L.O.V Blurring Blushes. I have comparison of the few shades.

Essence LE Pink & Proud Wonderful Baked Blushlighter - 01 Believe In Yourself! - medium warm redish peach pink shade with golden sheen.

NARS Blush - Orgasm - light warm pink with golden sheen.

L.O.V BLUSHment Blurring Blush - 60 Be My Next She.E.O. - light vibrant warm coral peachy pink.

This is very long lasting blush. In fact, it might be one of the longest lasting blushes in my collection. Base of it almost looks like stain that doesn't fade through the day at all and the sheen is there as well. It looks the same in the morning as well as in the evening after a whole day of wearing it. It's very pigmented, so you have to build it up slowly and it's fairly easy to blend. It looks even on the skin.

There is also some nail polish, body highlighter in a spray as well as some hair accessories in this collection. I think the blushlighter is amazing. Baked formulas are known for its great pigmentation, it's easy to blend, has lovely sheen and dimension and lasts all day. I can only wish Essence would do these kind of blushes in their regular range. Mascara is great, if you like volume and affordable price. Lipstick is very bold and more for special occasions. I am not a huge fan of the formula, though the finish is very festive. Soap for the brows is worth it in my opinion, because you get it in a very easy to use packaging with the spoolie. It's just big enough to lasts you a long time and soap is transparent, which is crucial. Lovely collection all together. It caught my eye as soon as I saw PR for it.

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