Review: Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer - Fenty Glow

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminzer is probably one of the most famous lip glosses right now and everyone seems to love it. It's just a gloss, but I think the formula is so comfortable to wear and shade Fenty Glow is just one of those universally flattering shades, so it really caters to all shiny lips lovers. I always though it was too expensive, but it was on sale and I decided to finally try it. 


It comes in short, but bulky transparent plastic packaging with silver metallic top that acts like a mirror. Doe foot applicator is quite thick and big and it holds enough product to apply all over the lips. 

In it is 9 ml of product and it costs 19.95€. You can buy it on Fenty Beauty site or in Sephoras. I got it from Sephora Germany (they don't deliver to Slovenia).


It's a proper shiny lip gloss formula that feels so nourishing and comfortable on the lips due to shea butter it has. It's not sticky at all, but at the same time feels thicker than most glosses. 

It's lip gloss, so it's sheer, but still gives your lips that hint of color to just amp them up a bit. Finish is very shiny, it gives you those juicy reflective lips.

It has lovely peach vanilla scent that is sort of sweet, but not sickly intense. 


It's available in 8 colors and Fenty Glow is the most popular, because it's one of those shades that suits all skin tones. 

Fenty Glow is described as shimmery rose nude, but it's actually more of a warm brownish nude, I'd even say it leans more peachy rather than pinky. It has that tone that will look good on probably any skin tone. Shimmer in it is tiny and it gives the lips that lovely shine. 


Maybelline Lifter Gloss in 009 Topaz is definitely a dupe when it comes to the shade as well as formula. They both have that warm brownish base to it and even the small shimmer in it has same multi-colors. The only difference is that Maybelline is sheerer in the color, but once you apply them both on the lips, you almost can't see the difference. 

They even have similar bulky packaging, thick doe foot applicator and the formula on both is also very comfortable, non-sticky, but still very nourishing. Maybelline has more of a caramel sweet scent.

The main difference between the formula is that Maybelline one has that warming tingling effect, similar to those lip glosses with peppermint plumping effect, but this one is warming rather than cooling and it's not as intense as some. It lingers on my lips for about 15 to 20 minutes after application, though for some reason it's not annoying. It's something to consider, if you don't like that. Formula also contain hyaluronic acid, so your lips never feel dry after taking it off.

Fenty has 9 ml of product and it costs around 20€, while Maybelline has 5.4 ml of product and it costs around 10€. 


Because it's that thicker formula it actually sticks to the lips well and is quite long lasting for a lip gloss. It feels almost like a nourishing lip balm and is generally very comfortable to wear. It's one of those formulas that any lip gloss lover will like and perfect for dry lips. 

Here are my final thoughts. Fenty Gloss Bomb has amazing comfortable formula, great packaging, a lot of product and universally flattering shade. It's definitely an amazing lip gloss. Is it worth 20€? It is, if you're going to wear it every day and you have the budget for it, but you can definitely get a good dupe in drugstore at a more affordable price. Like the one from Maybelline. It has the same color, looks pretty much the same on the lips, there is a bit less products, but it's also cheaper. The main difference between them is Maybelline has that warming tingling effect and is a bit sheerer in color (but it's not noticeable on the lips). If you don't have the chance to get Fenty Glow, try 007 Topaz from Maybelline. 

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