November 2021 Favorites

Some of my favorite products that I have been using in November and short descriptions. Some are my old favorites that I am trying to use up as well as some brand new products that grew on me. All very affordable choices this month.

REN Clean Skincare Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic

I got this tonic in a mini size as a gift with purchase on Sephora. REN is one of those skin care brands that is very well known, but I haven't tried anything from them before. I love acid toners, so this was right up my alley. It says to be AHA tonic, but it contains lactic acid as well as salicin (BHA) from willow bark. It works on surface to exfoliate it as well as cleans out pores to make this look glowy, brighter and smoother. I have definitely noticed that using this a few evening in a row has made my skin texture much smoother and it gives you a bit of that healthy glow. I think it's quite strong, because I often feel stinging sensation while applying other products on top.  Which makes me feel like it actually works and this mini 50 ml size will last me quite a long time.

Primark Alex Steinherr Maximum Moisture Moisture-Locking Everyday Moisturizer

This is such a nice basic moisturizer that would suit every skin. I love going back to it, when I have problems with my skin and I want something very basic to lock in previous products and give me nice moisturized and nourishing feel on the skin. It reminds me a bit of those Cerave moisturizers or even La Roche-Posay. It has lots of glycerin, squalane, urea, hyaluronic acid, allantoin and even some acids as well as peptides. It's one of those firm creams with great spreadability and soft velvet finish on the skin. It wears good under makeup as well. 

Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter Liquid Champagne

When I am getting paler in winter time, but I still have some color to my skin, I like to use champagne shade of highlighters as golds can look too dark and more starkly silver ones can look too ashy. This one in Liquid Champagne is the perfect shade. Base is sort of peachy gold, but sheen in it is more stark silver to light gold. It has small shimmer in it, but they give great almost metallic sheen. It's liquid thicker formula that blends lovely and sits nice on the skin. Once it sets it doesn't move, but you get a good amount of play time.

Essence #pinkandproud Wonderful Baked Blushlighter 01 Believe In Yourself!

This is blush/highlighter all in one from the latest Essence limited edition. It's baked blush, which are my favorite as they always have amazing pigmentation and staying power and this one has it too. It's sort of pinkish peach shade with golden sheen. It reminds me of blushes like Nars Orgasm where you have one base color and different sheen on top. It definitely gives you both in one, blush and highlighter and it makes the cheeks look flushes, but kind of golden. It also has amazing staying power.

Colourpop X Raw Beauty Kristi Super Shock Shadow Mycelium

When I hit the pan, it's clear I love the product. This was I think limited edition with Raw Beauty Kristi and it's the perfect peachy golden shade with gold, silver and pink glitter. Super Shock Shadows feel like mousse, but once they are on the skin they turn into powder. It's a very easy formula to just slap all over the lid for that sparkling effect that looks like a million bucks. I love their shadows and always buy their glittery finish to apply on the lid for a quick glamourous look.

Avon Mesmerize Eau de Parfum

In winter time I pull out my more sweet scents which are too heavy to wear in hot summer days. This is one of those oriental based fragrances, but it has sweet fruity peach note on top that makes it sweet, but also a bit elegant because of the woody notes in the base. It's not just fruity sweet, which is why I like it so much and it almost gets a bit creamy on the skin. 


  1. Hi, is the Alex Steinherr range still available where you live? It seems to have been discontinued in Belgium/Netherlands :(

    1. I believe it's no longer available here either. Such a shame. It was nice basic range.