January 2021 Favorites

This month has been pretty boring and to be honest, I didn't apply much makeup as I just didn't go anywhere and I had lots of other things to occupy my time. So in this month I am focusing more on skin care part as this is one of those months when my skin needs more care. I usually don't share as much of these products anyway.

SVR [A] Ampoule Lift - Soothing concentrate, retexturizing, anti-wrinkle

My skin has been acting out this month and I've had to deal with lots of pesky blemishes that just didn't want to go away. So I was excited to introduce retinol back to my routine. Previously I've had The Ordinary retinoid, a milder version of vitamin A. This is not my first try at this SVR formula, but this time I get to try it out properly with a full size product. Testers turned out to be lovely. It's milky white serum which has quite a nourishing consistency. 0.3 % retinol isn't going to feel irritating at first apply, it does however start to irritate the skin, when you use it every single night and you have sensitive skin like me. I used this for few nights in a row and it definitely helped with my blemishes. Healing process was faster and I know finally have less of them popping out. However, I've noticed my skin started to feel irritated and dry, so I know this isn't for my everyday use, but more 3 times a week. It's still one of the most nourishing and soothing formulas I have tried that contains pure retinol. 

COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence

Whenever I have blemishes, I resort to this essence. It's mostly snail mucin which is known for its quick healing abilities and it always helps my blemishes to heal faster and leave less marks behind. This is slimy viscose transparent essence. Some may get put off by the texture, but I find it quite interesting. It nourishes the skin in a very light manner and sort of creates light layer on top of the skin. If you have problems with snail mucin clogging your pores, then I would probably stay away from it. If you don't and you have regular problems with scarring and blemishes, this might work for you to help them heal faster.

Primark Alex Steinherr Maximum Moisture Moisture-Locking Everyday Moisturizer

This is that basic moisturizer that you can almost put on any skin type and mix with all other skin care products. It's that thicker texture which applies smooth on the skin and almost becomes more lightweight as you massage it in. It moisturizes your skin, but doesn't feel or look greasy. It's very basic and I like it on top of other hydrating serums and essences to lock moisture in, but also prevent my skin from further clogging it with any more occlusive formulas. 

Bepanthen Mazilo

I think this is registered as a drug in our country, so you can buy it at pharmacy. It's very basic all-around thick occlusive white cream with main ingredient dexpanthenol. There are also some vasaline and oils in it, but it's basically good for giving your skin that occlusive sticky layer which will protect it from further moisture of loss. I use this as a lip treatment/lip balm. This is my go to for every night before I got to sleep and sometimes I even use it through the day. I've pretty much forgotten about usual lip balms as those are just completely ineffective when you have very dry irritatin lips. I lips haven't been severly dry this season yet, but they can get dry and Bepanthen is the best cream that helps with that. Plus you can get bigger 100 g tube and this will last you for a year.

Balea Med Ultra Sensitive Touchmaske

I've seen this sheet mask on some blog, though I can't remember which. Since I am a huge fan of Balea Med body care range, I knew I would probably like this as well. So I used it after my irritated retinol phase and it really helped. It's your regular cotton sheet mask with white creamy essence. It's quite viscose to the touch and it left almost glazed sheen on my skin when I took it off. There is no scent to it and in general this feels soothing. With ingredients like glycerin, panthenol sunflower oil and hyaluronic acid this makes for lovely hydrating, moisturizing and above all nourishing treatment. This will be perfect for dry skin and if you have sensitive or irritated skin, it might work for you too. I will definitely buy more of these. It's fairly cheap, simple, yet does what is says.

Avon Creme Legend Lipstick Iconic

I am a creature of habit. Once I get something new, it's always at my hand's reach and I tend to forget about other products. But it's also because it's such a nice formula. Creme Legend is that creamy lip formula which feels so well on the lips. Iconic is that perfect mauve toned nude with brownish muddy undertones. It goes with every look. Sometimes I like to apply it just buy pressing on with fingers to give my lips some more shape and color. 

Avon Euphoric Volume & Length Mascara Brown Black

I got another tube of this mascara. It has quickly become my favorite. This is slightly drier formula which coats every lash, gives you volume, but most importantly, still leaves your lashes defined. I don't think I know of a similar formula. L'Oreal Paradise is similar, but that one gets clumpy looking on me and it never gives me as much definition as Euphoric. I also really like this brown black color which matches so well with my dark brown eye color. I find it more subtle, sexy, yet not overpowering like black. I am sure I'll be repurchasing it many times.

Head & Shoulders Classic Clean Shampoo

In the winter I sometimes get dandruff. I even got what looked like atopic dermatitis on my scalp last year, but this time it's just dried white dandruff. Since I don't have these problems often, as I have naturally very greasy scalp, I opt for Head & Shoulder and it always saves me. Piroctone olamine in it just helps my scalp to feel its normal again and I usually get rid of my dandruff after 5 uses of this. So I keep it at hand, but don't use it every single wash. They have several scents and options, but classic one is good enough for me.

A-Derma Exomega Control Emollient Cream Anti-Scratching

I've mentioned this cream on my blog before, but this is basically my usual routine to keeping my hand eczema and atopic dermatitis at bay. It's one of those greasier creams which still spreads with ease and isn't too occlusive. You can apply it multiple times during the day and it gives your skin protective layer, but doesn't feel heavy or extra greasy like you can't do nothing with your hands. It's got all the basic ingredients to help with dry and irritated skin like glycerin and niacinamide. It's also unscented. I have another cream that I will be testing for my hands now and I'll report back if that is another good option for atopic dermatitis. 

The Library of Fragrance Baby Powder Cologne Spray

This is niche fragrance and one that I actually got gifted. It's described as baby powder and it smells exactly like that. It's that soothing powdery scent which reminds you of a fresh baby wrapped in a blanket on a cozy winter evening. Sometimes it can get overwhelming, almost a bit stuffy to some, but I like it. It's perfect for cold winter months. For summer it would be too stuffy. It's one of the most unique scents I have in my collection and one that I only get use of in the winter, because it's too strong for any other season.

Equa Bottle Mismatch Ginkgo

My lovely friend got me this Equa bottle which has been on my wishlist for a while already. It's Slovenian brand that makes glass water bottles. They have simplistic designs to choose from and I wanted this Ginkgo which is muted gold design with metallic gold cap. You can also make yourself custom engraved caps to personalize it a bit more. This one is the biggest one, it hold 750 ml of water. I though go big or go home. I have many smaller bottles at home, but when it comes to having big one for summer, there isn't any. Plus I have to start drinking more. Now I'll have something pretty to push me. 

Handmade Wooden Entryway Table

I have a very gifted man, which is always full of ideas and a very crafty mind. Ever since we bought an old house and started to renovate it, he's been doing lots of so called DIY projects. One of those is also this custom made wooden table which is in our entryway. I've seen similar tables on Pinterest and since we had some old wooden door and steel fence, he created this. I am beyond happy with it. I'll be adding more decor items once the world normalizes and I can get to stores.


  1. To Balea sheet masko sem iskala včeraj, pa mi je ni uspelo najti :/ Na katerih polici pa je bila? Je možno, da je že ukinjena, ker na spletni strani je ni?

    1. Sem dobila dva komentarja na stoyjih da je baje več ni. Mislim to je pa res bedno no. Komaj je prišla k nam in je več ni. Obup.