Review: MAC Paint Pot - Soft Ochre

MAC Paint Pots are one of those products that have stood the test of time. I remember Soft Ochre being one of the most popular eyeshadow primers back in the day when I started to get interested in makeup and I still see professional makeup artist using them as eyeshadow bases. I knew I will want to try this at some point. 


It comes in glass pot with black plastic top. In it is 5 grams of product and it costs around 19€

We have MAC store in Slovenia in Ljubljana, but I bought it on Lookfantastic. Notino also has two shades. 


It's thicker cream, but it still has smooth glide to it. This is cream eyeshadow that can also be used as eyeshadow primer. I find it thicker than most cream eyeshadows I have tried so far. Therefore pigmentation is also really nice. You can sheer it out or build it to full medium. Finish is matte.


It comes in 23 shades, lots of neutrals and a few pops of colors. Neutrals have been popular as eyeshadow primers for many years. 

Soft ochre is light warm ochre shade. I was afraid it was going to be too dark for my skin tone, as it's darker in the pot, but it blends out a bit and matches me quite well. If you have warm light skin tone, this will suit you. For more neutral to cool skin tones, Painterly would be a better choice, because it's more pink toned.


Usually eyeshadow primers have a certain stickiness to them, but this is like a proper matte cream eyeshadow. Eyeshadow sticks to it, but doesn't look patchy and you can blend it out with ease. Plus it makes your eyeshadows stay on the lid for the whole day. I haven't experienced any creasing with it, but I haven't tried it in summer heat either, so I can't say how it works on extremely oily lids.

The fact that it's so well pigmented means you can use this almost as a concealer as it conceals most of redness or discoloration. That is probably its main selling point - providing even opaque color.

My only concern would be using this on very textured and dry skin. I feel like it can grab onto drier patches and on mature skin this could look heavy, because of high pigmentation. You also have to spread it well, because it's thick and sets fairly quick.

This is great eyeshadow primer, if it matches your skin tone and if you want something that will cover those little veins and discoloration on your lids. It has fairly high pigmentation, sets matte and prolongs the wear of your eyeshadows. I like to use this on those occasions when I want perfectly unified clean lid space to work with and when I want my colors to pop on a neutral base. It can look heavy sometimes and you have to blend it out well, if your skin isn't especially young anymore. 

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