Review: Sample Beauty Pigment - Clio and Salma

Sample Beauty is British indie makeup brand. I think their eyeshadows and pigments are what they are most known for. I'm not familiar with the brand, but their pigments always looked fun and are more affordable than for example the ones I have from Inglot. 


Pigments come in glass pot with tin cap. There is also plastic that protects pigment from spilling out. I tried to find how much product is in each pot, but they don't have it written anywhere. Price on Beauty Bay is 6.50€, I got it on sale for 3.90€.




It's loose pigment, so you'll need some sort of base or mixing medium to stick it too. I usually mix pigments with Inglot Duraline mixing medium, but you could put it over glitter primers or creamy sticky eyeshadows. I tried it over NYX Glitter Primer and it grabbed perfectly. It's vegan formula. 

Pigmentation depends on how you use it. If you apply it dry, it will look sheerer, but wet it and you can get fully opaque foiled look


Sample Beauty has matte, sparkly, neon, pastel and duochrome finishes to choose from and many different shades of each.

I got two sparkly shades, because I like these shades in the center of the lid paired with mattes to give my look that extra glam. 

Salma is copper bronze shade with gold and silver glitter.

Clio is redish brown with turquoise sheen and gold glitter. Clio has bigger sized glitter.

I love both shades. Salma is that gorgeous warm bronze that I love and can pair with any matte brown eyeshadows. It gives my lids such a nice sparkle. Clio is more intense, darker shade and it has that gorgeous almost duo chrome feel to it where it looks kind of warm brown, but then it has that tuquoise sheen on top. It has more chunky glitter particles.

I applied both pigments on the center of the lid, while I also used some matte eyeshadows in the crease and for eyeliner. 




With Duraline these last on my eyes the whole day. I get some fallout while applying them, because glitter particles fly around, if you don't use it very carefully. There is no fallout during the day. They stay in place, don't transfer and don't loose intensity.

I can only compare them to my Inglot pigments which are a bit less glittery almost a bit more finely milled. Even so, these from Sample Beauty look gorgeous on the eyes. They give you fun color, lots of glittery shine and dimension. I love glass packaging and for the price it seems like there is quite enough product in it. I'm probably going to order more when these are back on sale. Pigments are one of those makeup products that will last you a long time and you can use them in so many ways, not just on the eyes. 

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