Review: Catrice LE Dazzle Bomb Cosmic Body Sparkle Fluid

Catrice's last Limited Edition of this year is called Dazzle Bomb and it's as glittery as you would have expected for this time of year. I got their Cosmic Body Sparkle Fluid which is a lovely liquid highlighter, or should I say almost glitter, for the body. It adds that sparkly note to your sparkly dress for the New Year's Eve or any other party occasion.

It comes in a matte heavy glass bottle with dropper. The packaging is sturdy and luxurious looking. I wouldn't mind displaying it on my shelf. 

In it is 21 ml of product and it costs 7.29€.

Dropper works well and you can control how much product you want. Because it's a very liquid product, I think dropper is the best choice here.

Fluid has a very liquid texture that looks pink in the bottle. Once you actually blend it into the skin, it looks almost transparent with cooler silver vibe to it. Some shimmer is tiny and gives you that glow and some shimmer is bigger silver and reflects various colors. It gives skin almost transparent sheen with chunks of shimmer.

At the beginning you have a lot of that wet looking glow from almost invisible shimmer, but as the day goes on, the glow fades and you're left with chunks of fairly big shimmer, although I wouldn't call it glitter just yet.

It doesn't look like much in the sunlight or natural light in general, but under the artificial light it really pops. Especially the bigger shimmer reflects light and you basically look like a sparkly disco ball. It's gorgeous for evening parties.

Because there are chunks of shimmer, I wouldn't put this on the face, but you can if you want to. I only use this on my body. It's actually light enough for my light skin tone and it's not too cool toned, but also not warm. This would be perfect for very fair skin tone. 

It's scented and the scent is amazing. To me it smells kind of like a baby powder. It doesn't linger on the skin though. The scent is quite subtle too and not overpowering. 

It actually sticks to the skin well and stays there for the whole day, but it's not transfer proof. The shimmer will go on your clothes, so I advise you to only apply it on the parts of the body that are exposed. 

Here is some photo proof. Obviously, it's impossible to photograph shimmer, because it never looks as pretty on photos as it does in real life.

I hope you can see that it doesn't look like much in natural day light in the shadow. It looks much more glowy and shimmery on the sun, but looks especially shimmery and sparkly under the artificial light. 

Natural light - shadow


Artificial light

I think this might be a fun gift for someone, because people usually don't buy these kind of body products for themselves. If the shimmer would be finer and more metallic based, I would use it as a highlighter all over the face and body. Catrice and Essence had a lot of similar body fluids in their previous Limited Editions and those were more metallic. But this is more of a shimmery leaning towards glittery body product that will be the star of all the evening parties. It looks a bit meh under the natural light. Under the artificial light it becomes so sparkly and if you like those kind of shimmery/glittery products, you would love this one too. I also love the fact that it has that baby powder scent to it and it's definitely geared towards pale and light skin tones. It might look ashy on medium or dark skin tone. 

*PR product

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