My Wishlist

I have a wishlist board on my Pinterest where I save the products that I hear about and am interested to try out. It also helps me to look through when certain stores have sale, since I have a better view over what I've been wanting to get and maybe now have a chance. Once I get something, I take it off. Although, to be honest, I have a lot of product on my wishlist that I probably won't get soon, because my budget doesn't allow me. But I always find these posts fun to look through, so I thought when is the better time to do it, if not now.

Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow - Gold Goddess and Kitten Karma

You know me and the glitters, I just love it. Even though Essence has some amazing Super Shock Shadows that seem similar to this, I would still like to try out those by Stila. The glitter looks so pretty and I decided on two shades - Gold Goddess which is a yellow light gold and Kitten Karma which seems like the perfect peach shade that will pair with any look. 

L.O.V. The GLOWrious Highlighting & Bronzing Palette - 020 Gold Attraction

I swatched it in the store and really liked how pigmented all the shades were. 020 combo stood out to me more, because the highlighters were more golden and I like a good gold highlighter. Bronzer might be a bit too dark for me, but I could probably still make it work. 

Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter - Liquid Champagne

These look so good on the swatches I've seen so far. It looks like a proper liquid metal and I'm hoping it's really pigmented. I would use this all over the face and maybe mix it with foundation to get a more natural glowy effect. From all the shades I like best Liquid Champagne, because it's still light enough, but has that warmth to it that I like.

Burt's Bees Blush - Bare Peach

I've seen these blushes on some of my favorite Youtubers and I really like how natural it looks. Obviously Bare Peach is totally my kind of muddy peach color and I might even have some similar shades in my collection, but this design just attracts me. 

L.O.V. LOVlight Illuminating Highlighter Powder - 110 Marrakesh Delight

What can I say, I'm just attracted to all things shiny. I believe this is online exclusive, so I probably won't ever get it, but it just looks so interesting. Shade is nothing new to my collection (or so I suspect), but the oriental embossing in it is gorgeous. Based on the swatches of their other face products, I assume this has great pigmentation too.

Wet n Wild Megaglo Highlighting Powder - Precious Petals

Still not over with the highlighters theme here. This is an affordable option and I hear only good things about it. I am really interested in shade Precious Petals, because it looks more peach toned and I don't really have anything like that in my collection yet.

Jouer Powder Highlighter - Citrine

I'm just going to say it, I like how luxurious this looks. Jouer highlighters have been really popular some time ago, but I hear they've changed the formula now and apparently it's not as good as it was. I'm still interested in maybe getting one, because it's not overly expensive for something so luxurious looking, although it's not cheap in any way either.

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Lip Liner - Pillow Talk

Oh those raved about products that get stuck in your head. That's how I feel about this Pillow Talk color that everyone seems to like. I have naturally very pale lip color and I'm almost certain this won't look as natural on me as it does on some other skin tones, but I'm still hoping that it kind of is that perfect nude lip color that I'm always searching for. You know something very natural that you can use to cheat your lip line with.

The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder - 01

This is actually one of those products that has been on my wishlist for a very long time. It's one of the first products I've added to My Wishlist board on Pinterest. I hear it's possibly the palest shade of bronzer out there and it's matte. I would love to get my hands on it, but I'm just waiting for some discounts or a special occasion that would justify it.

Milani Conceal + Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation + Concealer - 00A Porcelain

Apparently this is one of the most high coverage foundations in a drugstore price range and of course I am interested. They had poor selection of light shades in the past and now they've added two fairly light shades to their range. I think shade 00A would suit me best and I'm very interested to see, if it's light enough for me and has that amazing coverage.

Bourjois Rouge Velvet The Lipstick - 05 Brique-a-brac and 07 Joli Carmin'ois

I already have two shades of these (06 and 12) and the formula is just amazing. Very matte, but so comfortable to wear. I'm debating on getting some more shades, but I'm definitely waiting for discounts. 05 is that perfect muddy mauve and 07 is the most gorgeous orange red that I always go for when I want a pop of color. 

Juvia's Place - The Saharan Palette

Juvia's Place is one of those makeup brands that has just exploded on the makeup scene this year. The eyeshadows were made for women of very dark skin tone, so the pigmentation is supposedly stupendous. I love their color selections and would love to try some of them out. I think highlighters and eyeshadow palettes are my two favorite makeup products to buy. The Saharan is that perfect warm nude palette that I always gravitate too. It has a bit of everything.

Juvia's Place - Masquerade Palette

Masquerade is what I would need in my collection, because it has some fun pops of colors as well as some neutrals that you can pair with those brights. Sometimes you just need a good bold color in your collection.

Colourpop - Take Me Home Pressed Powder Shadow Palette

I've just bought two of their eyeshadow palettes and before that I already had some singles, so I knew the quality is great. I really like how pigmented their shades are and the price is actually quite nice too. This is one of those small palettes that has all the neutrals you need for a short trip. 

Colourpop - All I See Is Magic Pressed Powder Shadow Palette

I love the color scheme of this palette. There are mostly neutral colors, but also some fun holiday pops of colors that are still very wearable. It's one of the most interesting palettes for me right now.

Clio Kill Cover Conceal Cushion - 3 Linen

I've also been browsing through Korean makeup and this one seems to be fan favorite for high coverage. I love cushion systems and how convenient they are to use, but I still haven't bought any. I always feel like there isn't enough product in it to justify the price. But I here Korean cushions usually come with two refills, so I guess it's not that bad. I've already look for swatches and 3 Linen seems the most similar to my skin tone, because it has nice warm yellow undertone. 

Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer - Fair

Is there someone that hasn't heard about this concealer?! I highly doubt. It's probably the most raved about concealer right now and I just want to see for myself what all the fuss is about. I want to see, if it really has that great coverage. Shade Fair is the lightest and would probably suit me the most.

Heimish Artless Glow Base

I've had a tester of this and was so impressed. It's a multi-functional base that has it all, a primer, hydrating feel as well as high SPF of 50. It works great as an illuminating primer base, because it has slight pearly white texture that makes your skin glow. It doesn't have too much of the white cast, but probably won't be for darker skin tones anyway. I just loved how this made my skin look and the fact that it can be used as a sunscreen to is just amazing. The price is the only thing that's stopping me from buying it.

L'Occitane Terre de Lumiere Eau de Parfum

I had a sniff of this in one of the L'Occitane stores and I immediately fell in love. Usually L'Occitane fragrances are more floral, but this one seems very powdery and almost kind of oriental based. I absolutely adore this scent. It's sophisticated, but also feels so cozy in a way. It has been a while since fragrance impressed me so much.

Milani Make It Last Setting Spray

Setting spray is one of those products that I never really researched and tried much, but I feel like I really need something that will make my makeup last all day in warmer conditions, when my skin tends to get really oily. I hear Milani Make It Last version is great for the price and I would really like to try it out.

The Library of Fragrance - Baby Powder

I got a tester of this and my oh my, it actually smells like proper baby powder. So cozy, comforting and powdery. I really like this scent, is like nothing I own and such a fun fragrance. 

The Body Shop Coconut Eau de Toilette

I actually haven't tried this yet, but you know I love everything that smells of coconut, so I'm hoping it has that proper coconut scent to it. I also really like The Body Shop design and how these lines all focus on a certain ingredient. It's a fool proof gifting system for others. For example, if you know me and my coconut obsession, you can just get whatever product from the coconut range and you're done. 

Neogen Real Fresh Cleansing Stick Green Tea

Another scent that I am intrigued by is green tea. I actually drink green tea every morning and for some reason this scent feels soothing to me. I think this is an interesting concept - a cleansing stick. It must be really easy to use and I always feel like green tea is just great ingredient to have in your skin care, since it is an antioxidant. 

Balea Milk & Coconut Spa Set

I'm not usually impressed by these body gift sets, but obviously the word coconut got me here. It seems like this would have lovely scent and the products inside are useful too. I believe it contains bath product, body scrub and shower gel. 

The Body Shop Coconut Exfoliating Cream Body Scrub

I'm running low on my body scrubs, so this is a possible next purchase, but I'm just always cheap with my body products. I feel like it's a waste of money which I rater spend on something that will last me longer. However, coconut is the main word here. I just hope all of these products smells as nice as I imagine them.

Secret Key Aloe Soothing Moist Toner

Aloe vera is one of the best ingredients for moisturizing and it's also very soothing, so perfect for sensitive skin. I am always looking for a good toner that will hydrate my skin and that is in general very basic, but works. This one seems like a good choice. 

The Body Shop Coconut Nourishing Body Butter

Another coconut product for the body. I tried some of the other The Body Shop butters and I like buttery formula that isn't too hard and massages in well. In general, I prefer butters for colder months as they seem to coat the skin well and prevent moisture lost. I would of course get it in a coconut scent, because it's one of my favorites for the body. 

Belif The True Cream - Aqua Bomb

Belif is one of very popular Asian skin care brands and I really want to try some of their products. Aqua bomb is apparently one of those great moisturizers for dry skin and I really want something more lightweight, but that it's still moisturizing. It seems to be just the product for that.

The Ordinary Buffet

I'm actually planning on getting this the next time I'm ordering from Deciem. It's one of those products that has a good range of ingredients in it and apparently is just great all around serum for anti-aging as well as hydrating. I'm lacking some multi functional serum or essence step in my routine. 

The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Light Cleansing Oil

Cleansing oils are my prefer method of first cleanse and I want to try some from other brands. This one from The Face Shop is very popular. I hear it gets rid of all the traces of makeup and because it has rice word in the name, I just feel it must be great for sensitive skin too as well as brightening. 

Weleda Skin Food

This is again one of those products that has been on my wishlist for a very long time. It's one of those cult products that everyone likes. Balm that is great for very dry skin, either on your face or your body. I'm just hoping it would help heal and moisturize my very dry eczema hands. 

L'Oreal Botanicals Safflower Rich Infusion Mask

I have shampoo from this line and because I love coconuty herbal scent that it has, I would love to get the mask too. I'm not loving the shampoo as much, because I feel it might make my hair greasy a bit quicker. I have dry ends, but oily roots. The mask must be richer and that is what I need for my ends. Plus it has that amazingly spa like scent.

L'Oreal Botanicals Geranium Radiance Remedy - Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask

Geranium line is for colored hair and since I regularly color my hair, I am interested to try it out. Hopefully, it keeps my color vibrant and doesn't make my hair too greasy. I have to say that the design of these lines looks very nice. It just attracts me, because it definitely looks more unique, especially among the drugstore products. 

L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil Fine Coconut Oil Nourishing Balm

Did you guess? Yes, I want it because of the coconut oil that it claims to have in it. I didn't have the chance to try out a lot of L'Oreal hair masks yet, but I really like some of their shampoos, so I'm hoping masks are just as great. I smelled shampoo from this line and I really liked the scent. Plus coconut seems great for dry hair or ends in my case.

Charlotte Cho - The Little Book of Skin Care

I love a good makeup book, because I love everything that has to do with makeup. I've also been getting into Korean skin care and I feel like this book would be perfect for getting more information about their skin care routine. Sometimes terms like essence and ampoule still confuse me. 

Bobbi Brown - Makeup Manual

This is one of those classic makeup books that everyone always recommends as the holy grail for anyone getting into makeup. Because I already have some other makeup books, I would love to get this manual. Informing myself about basic makeup techniques as well as finding out professional tricks is always fun for someone that likes makeup.

If you have any of these products, let me know how you like them. What are some of the products that are currently on your wishlist?


  1. Imam The Saharan paleto in je pigmentacija odlična, mat senčke se pa z lahkoto blendajo. Imam pa na wishlisti Še Masquerade paleto, ker ima dobro razmerje med nevtralnimi in ta bolj barvitih senčk.

    1. Sliši se super in bom morala enkrat vsaj eno preizkusit :). Ja, jaz bi tudi kar obe, čeprav je res, da imam verjetno že dovolj nevtralnih palet. Bi mi Masquerade bolj prav prišla.

  2. Tako rada gledam wishliste, super objava :) Jaz imam zdaj wishlisto na Pinterestu urejeno še po kategorijah odkar lahko delaš podskupine :D

    Velika večina stvari, ki so na tvoji wishlisti, mikajo tudi mene. Stila senčila, MR highlighter, Milani puder (00A ima menda roza podton, to veš?), Tarte korektor (itak :D), Secret Key tonik in Buffet so mi najbolj zanimivi.

    Vidim, da si čisto navdušena nad Baby Powder :) Meni je tudi super, ker je tak čist in nevsiljiv, ampak ne tisto citrusno oster.

    Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual imam pa že enih 7-8 let. Samo mi ni nič kaj posebnega in jo redko vzamem v roke. V njej ni nič kar ne bi vedela že takrat ko sem jo kupila.

    1. To pa je že napredno :D. Mogoče si še jaz uredim, ko bom imela preveč časa :D.

      Sem gledala nekaj videev in se mi zdi, da je 00B pretemen zame. 00A se mi ni zdel tako roza. Kaj pa morala počakati na še kakšne primerjave z drugimi odtenki. Vse, ki si omenila, so zdaj moji največji favoriti. Čeprav vem, da ne bom pol tega kupila :D.

      Ma res je zanimiv vonj. Sicer se spomnim na Mean Girls film in tisto ko ena reče drugi: "You smell like a baby prostitute!" :D, ampak bi ga vseeno imela.

      Saj ravno to me je zanimalo..ker vsi vedno to knjigo opisujejo kot nek holy grail, ampak jaz imam doma od Pixiwoo The Face in dejansko nisem nič novega izvedela v njej. Praktično vse te osnove že poznam. Jaz bi rabila nekaj bolj naprednega :).

  3. Kar nekaj izdelkov je tudi na moji WL :D

    Mene MR Highlighter ni prepričal. Sicer res, da smo na BBMU dobile odtenek Unicorn Elixir, ki se ravno ne zlije s kožo (ima nek holo efekt), ampak je res očiten na koži. Morem še ga bolje stestirat, ampak na začetku se res vidi točno kje sem ga nanesla, čez dan zbledi, ostane pa veliko bleščic povsod. Sicer nisem spremljala nič in ne vem kakšne ocene imajo, ampak mene po treh testiranjih ni navdušil, sem pa nanašala s prsti zaenkrat, mogoče bi bilo bolje z gobico. So pa verjetno ti bolj zlati boljši :)

    1. Oh škoda. No se mi zdi, da je ta odtenek verjetno malo bolj unikaten. :) Upam, da drugi sicer nimajo toliko bleščic. Jaz sem si predstavljala bolj nek kovinski sijaj.

  4. Tarte Shape Tape imam v treh odtenkih in so svetli odtenki res zelo svetli, tako da dobro preveri swatche, če boš naročala. Trenutno mi ustreza Light, imam pa še Fair in Fair Neutral, ampak moraš zaradi tako dobre prekrivnosti res izbrati odtenek, ki ti čimbolj ustreza :).

    Weleda Skin Food je moja najljubša krema za roke pozimi, res bogata in hranilna tekstura. V tem času mi je veliko bolj všeč kot npr L'Occitanova karite krema za roke, pa še diši zelo prijetno.

    Glede knjig pogosto slišim pohvale o Making Faces (avtor Kevyn Aucoin), ampak je mogoče out of print, ker je izšla v 90-ih (sama je nimam tako da ne vem če se jo splača iskati in naročati).

    1. Sem takoj opazila, da so precej svetli. Moram najti kakšne primerjave. Je pa res, da me ne moti, če je korektor malo presvetel, ker ga bolj uporabljam samo pod očmi in kot rahlo osvetljevanje. Imaš prav, glede na to, da je ta tako dobro prekriven, bi verjetno bil zame bolj Light :).

      Jaz imam tako grozno suhe roke, da bom verjetno morala nekaj kupit. Sicer imam še neke za porabit, ampak si to že dolgo ogledujem. Bo treba preizkusit, če bo dolga zima.

      Za Making Faces sem tudi že slišala. Imam samo jaz občutek, da ni nekih novejših makeup knjig? Vsaj takih no, ki bi zajele malo več kot samo neko biografijo in delo ene osebe.

  5. Želim, tii, da se tvoj awish lista izpolni. Če ne čisto cela, pa vsaj s kakšnim kosom, ki si ga res želim. Pa še nekaj zame se iz nje najde, Burt's Bees Blush - Bare Peach. ta je čudovit odtenek, zelo lepo embalažo ima. Nazadnje sem si od njih kupila rdečilo za ustnice, ki mi je top, kar se tiče naravnih zanmk. Pri naravnih rdečili je kar težko najt eno tako lepo, lahkotno mazljivo formulo. Tarte Shape T. pa mi je Vanja (all About Vanja že tolikokrat pohvalila, na začetku je celo ni navdušil,, sedaj pa vedno, ko jo vidim ima tako lepo pod učkami. P.s kljub temu, da sem se res čisto preusmerila iz drogerijskega k naravno- ekološkemu, te še vedno izredno rada spremljam:).

    1. Hvala. Bomo že počasi dajali na stran za tisto, kar je res med favorit :D. Verjamem, da je včasih težko najti dobro dekorativo v naravnih izdelkih. Sem slišala pohvale na Burt's Bees šminke tudi od drugih. Se mi zdi zanimiva znamka, čeprav dekorative od njih še nimam. Ta blush mi je pa takoj padel v oči. Sploh zaradi lepe embalaže :).

      Ta Shape Tape je tako opevan, da bi ga res rada preizkusila. Predvsem bolj iz radovednosti :D.

      Hvala Monika, tudi jaz te še vedno rada spremljam. :) <3 Meni so zanimivi vsi izdelki, tudi naravni. Važno je, da delujejo :).