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It's been a while since I talked about the products that I either bought or got. Since it was a bit crazy with so much black Friday deals, I'll probably have another such post up soon. Or at least when I get all other products that I ordered.

Zoeva 238 Luxe Precise Shader

Past weekend I went for a bit of a shopping in Graz and I purchased this Zoeva brush, because I was looking for something small and flat to fit in my inner corners. So far, this seems like a perfect brush for that. It's similar shape to 234 Luxe Smoky Shader, but it's really tiny, like a quarter of that 234. 

Kiko 3D Hydra Lipgloss in 27 Pearly Lavender

I don't know what exactly possessed me to buy it, but I must have been in my typical look-it's-shiny state. I was actually planing on getting a golden one, but this one looked the most sparkly out of all and I loved it. It has a cool lavender base that is not too noticeable on the lips and a mix of silver and gold shimmer. The shimmer really shines and I love it. I haven't tried it on the lips yet, but I have a feeling I'm gonna love it. I intend to use it as a topper on top of other lip products.

I also bought a bunch of Kiko Smart Nail Lacquer which are actually gifts for others, so I won't be mentioning them much.

Primark False Eyelashes, Makeup Brush Cleaner Pad and Live, Love Sparkle Cream Eyeshadow Palette

Primark lashes are good for the price. They are cheap and fairly soft. I also like that they don't have a thick band. I got one in Natural style and Individual, which I prefer over regular false eyelashes. I also got that pad, because I've been needing something new for cleaning makeup brushes and it was cheap. I haven't tried it yet. I also had to get the creamy eyeshadow palette with glitters. It basically has a cream base which doesn't even seem to have any color to it. In the cream are different colored glitters. When you swatch it with a hand you get a lot of glitter that you can apply pretty much everywhere. I haven't tried it on the eyes yet, but it doesn't seem to have any fallout. This is perfect palette for festive season and for those that love everything glittery.

Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Mask Green Tea

Sheet masks became quite popular and I was only trying drugstore versions and non of the famous Korean ones, so I got these as a first try and I love them. I already ordered three more. I love convenience of a sheet mask. It has a thin sheet which is heavily soaked. There's even some of the product left in the bag and I usually use it as a serum the second day. Green tea scent is perfect if you adore green tea. It's refreshing and herbal. It also moisturized my skin really well. I leave sheet masks on for about half an our and my skin seemed to soak most of it in, because the sheet was becoming dry. I really like these from Innisfree.

COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch

Inside are 24 round patches with anti acne ingredients. When you get a stubborn pimple that just doesn't seem to go away or you know that it will just evolve into a bigger bump, apply this one and it actually dries it. I would say that this feels like it sucks out grossness from the pimple and sort of leaves a burnt stain. This actually goes away in a couple of days. If your pimple is super stubborn, you will need to reapply these. I usually use this at night and when I already squeezed the pimple out. 

Clio Kill Brown Waterproof Brush Liner

I've already mentioned it a lot of times on my Instagram. I ordered it by mistake, because I wanted a black one. Turns out, I love brown just as much. It makes every winged liner look less harsh and warmer. It can be layered for a deeper brown, but it's a fairly natural brown shade not too dark, not too light. I find brown formula a bit thinner and not as pigmented as black, but it doesn't bother me. I just go over the line, if I want it to be darker.

It's a chemical toner and it keeps my skin at bay and protects it from recurring milia and whiteheads. I've already used up one bottle and decided to get another one, because I like it so much.

Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer

I've heard that this is a dupe for Urban Decay Original Eyeshadow Primer Potion and I wanted to test it out for myself. I can already tell you that this works pretty much the same. Urban Decay is a bit more beige, while this one has a bit of a pink undertone. They both feel the same on the lids and they wear the same as well. The only difference is the price and I will probably just buy this one in the future.

Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Skinny Eyebrow in 02

Yet another so called dupe for Anastasia Brow Wiz. It is impossible to find a super thin eyebrow pencil in our drugstores. Koreans are ahead of us with this one from Holika Holika. I had a hard time choosing the right shade for me, because the swatches on the internet are so poor. I got 02, because it looked the most similar. It's a bit warmer medium brown. My natural brows are really taupe and my hair color is warm, so I always prefer slightly warm toned brows. It is however hard to make it look natural, because for that I would need something exactly same toned as my brows. Anyway, this product is amazing. It has a super thin tip that lets you create hair like strokes. I also like the spoolie for brushing it through. It also last on my brows through the whole day. 

Essence Matt Matt Matt Lipstick in 03 Wow Effect

I bought this based on Sara's recommendation. She said it was a dupe for MAC Mehr. I actually bought it because I liked the shade. It was in the beginning of fall and I loved the shade then, because it's like a berry shade. I just haven't been reaching for it a lot. It's an OK formula. I find it a bit heavier than most matte lipsticks. It's not dead matte, but I like that. If you're looking for matte affordable lipsticks, those are not bad. But I just didn't reach for this shade as much as I thought I would.

E.l.f. High Definition Powder in Sheer

This one is a repurchase. I've had this huge pot for a really long time and I've grown to love it again. Especially in the summer, because it's so finely milled and light on the skin. That is why I repurchase it, because the old one was getting a bit clumpy. Shade Sheer is actually white, but it's supposed to be transparent. It might look dusty on medium to dark skin tones.

Trend It Up Powder Blush in 010 and 020

I love the shade 050 so much that I got two more. 010 is a lovely classic light pink shade. It's the kind of shade that goes with everything. 020 is my kind of light peach shade. I wanted something a bit more orange based in a somewhat matte formula. This formula actually has a lovely sheen to it, but not as much as H&M blushes. 

Catrice Longlasting Lip Pencil in 130 Prince Cherry

I wanted to get some cheap red and berry lip pencils, because the fall season needed it. This is a classic cool toned, but darker, red shade. It's one that I can pair with most darker red lipsticks. Formula is just buttery enough and not too hard.

Essence Lipliner in 08 Red Blush

Formula is the same to Catrice and the shade is a dark berry that will pair well with most of my berry lipsticks. Cheap and cheerful product.

Ebelin Blush Brush

I got this to use as a powder brush and I love it for that. It's a bit tapered and has really soft synthetic bristles. Because of the tapered shape, I can also go under my eyes with it. I adore soft brushes and this one really is soft and it picks up a light layer of powder. Great purchase.

Essence The Little X-Mas Factory Eyeshadow Palette

I got this as a gift from a friend. I wasn't that excited about this Limited Edition, but I did love the design and shades of this palette. I just didn't get it, because I usually don't use these kind of palettes, I forget about them. I haven't tried it yet, but I hear the pigmentation is not the best. That second and gold shades speak to me, so I'm hoping for the best.

Nabla Eyeshadow Refills in Caramel and Clementine

Eyeshadows are probably my favorite makeup products to invest in. I heard good thinG about Nabla brand, so I wanted to try just a few of their shades. Caramel is really warm yellow based brown. For me this is a crease shade and I like how extremely warm this is. I have a feeling that most wouldn't like this shade, but I do. Clementine is a bright light orange shade with gold sheen. It's the shade that I knew I'm gonna like. I love that Nabla has a lot of really unique shades with duochrome effects and colored sheens. The formula is on the dry side and I was a bit disappointed with the pigmentation. Morphe Brushes single shades have more pigmention as well as Zoeva palettes, which are still a winner in this pigmentation category. Nabla eyeshadows you need to layer to get the full opacity. 

Avon Life*

I got a body spray, lotion and perfume. This is a collaboration with Keno and I expected this to be powdery as most of Kenzo perfumes. Is not that powdery, but it's a very sophisticated and grown up fragrance. There's quite a strong floral burst in the beginning, but it wears down to a very classic woody undertone. I prefer it when it develops a bit. I was also sure that I wouldn't like it, but it has definitely grown on me and I've been reaching for it a lot. I wear it when I want to appear more grown up and classy. This is definitely not my typical scent, but I've heard that many like it and so do I.

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5

The Ordinary exploded on the internet and among beauty bloggers. It's a new brand by Deciem. The reason why it got so much buzz is because it offers a very clean ingredients list at a really affordable prices. I am not a skin care expert, but I've read that they revolutionized the market by offering ingredients in their pure version at a ridiculously low prices. Usually high end brands have very low doses of these ingredients in their products and they sell the products at a very high prices. Initially, with The Ordinary you get anything but ordinary. Of course, it got my interest and I ordered two products. So far I can say that I haven't had any dry patch on my skin. Hyaluronic acid is suppose to moisturize the skin as well as help with fine lines. I love it as a serum underneath a moisturizer and it seems to be working. It didn't wow me, however. It's a transparent jelly liquid.

The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 2%

Niacinamide is supposedly proven to tackle pigmentation and make your pores appear smaller. It's also supposed to reduce blemishes and unclog pores. Zinc is apparently a very soothing and anti-inflammatory ingredient. I bought this in hopes of keeping my blemishes at bay and making my pores look smaller. They are a bit smaller, but that might just be the fact that my skin is not as oily as in the summer. I haven't seen any difference in blemishes and so far I can't tell if this actually helps with hyper pigmentation. I don't get as oily as I used to did. It's a muted jelly liquid.

Collecton Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer in 1 Fair

I also bought some product from Boots for the first time. Collection concealer is a cult favorite and I decided to try it. I like the formula, which is creamy and not too think. Shade fits me well, but is a bit cooler for my liking. I like that it has a really good coverage, although I do layer it under my eyes. I hate the packaging though, because it gets dirty and I am always squeezing out some of the product when I close it, which drives me crazy. 

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Cannes 

Surprise, surprise. Yet another NYX Lip Cream. You know that I praise their formula as the best matte liquid lipstick for dry lips. I wanted another shade. I hoped that Cannes would look more peachy on me, but it's actually a warm berry brownish shade. I like it, especially for fall. It's a bit more colorful than all my other nudes that I have from NYX.

Seche Vite Top Coat

My all time favorite top coat. I've tried others, but nothing comes even close to this one. It's just the best. Really long lasting, gives a shiny finish and doesn't smudge designs.

Duo Eyelash Adhesive

Yet another cult favorite product that I wanted to try out. I only tried it once and so far I don't like it. It has such a weird moldy smell to it and it dries really quickly. It also doesn't seem to hold the lashes nearly as good as the one from Artdeco. I hope this was just the first time and that I'll like it in the future.

Soap & Glory Orangeasm Body Butter

Mateja also got me a tester of this body butter and I've been applying it on my hands ever since. It's a really wintery fresh, and yet bitter, orange scent. I adore it. It also has a lovely whipped texture to it.

Avon Mega Effects Creamy Eyeshadows*

I only tried a few shades on my eyes so far, but I have to say I love it. At first they felt really hard to the touch and I was sure that this isn't going to work. But as soon as you break through that top layer they become more buttery. It also depends from shade to shade. I especially adore the fact that these last all day long. They literally dry on your lids and don't move at all. They are harder to apply because of a drier and thicker formula, but these are even more long lasting than Kiko Longlasting Stick Eyeshadows or Maybelline Color Tattoos.

Avon Nailwear Pro+ (metallic collection)*

I've already tried all the shades and can report that these are great, if you like metallics. It's a runny, but pigmented formula. They are a bit more long lasting than regular nail polish, because they have small shimmer in the formula. The lightest silver shade is surprisingly my favorite. From a distance it almost looks like that mirrored effect powders that everyone is wearing on top of their gel formulas. 

I've already reviewed these, so I won't go into details. A nice range of reds. I especially like lipstick formulas, because they feel super comfortable on the lips.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone

This was on my wish list for a while and I finally had the chance to get it or I should say that Nadja got it for me. I've heard so many good things about Becca highlighters and I've always admired it on YouTubers. It's definitely my most expensive highlighter so far and that was the only reason why I delayed buying it. You would think that I'll find a dupe for it in my collection, but I didn't. It's a lighter version of theBalm Mery-Lou Manizer. I was afraid that it would be too white, but it's actually perfect. It's fair enough for my skin tone, but still has a very light gold tone to it. It's not an in your face highlighter, but it's definitely shiny and has very fine shimmer. This is the perfect sophisticated highlighter that just goes perfectly with my light skin tone, but it still gives me a visible shine. So far, I am impressed. 

*Products were sent to me.


  1. Wau ker haul :) Polno krasnih izdelkov. Ta Zoeva Precise shader tudi jaz uporabljam praktično dnevno za highlight v notranjem kotičku.

    COSRX Master Patch mi zveni zelo zanimivo. Nimam nobenega takega izdelka da bi dejansko deloval. Pa the Ordinary z B3 + cinkom tudi, ker ti dve sestavini pašeta moji koži.

    E.l.f. High Definition Powder imam v spominu da ti ni bil všeč. Potem si očitno spremenila mnenje. Meni je bil takrat tvoj tester zelo dober :)

    Ta Ebeline čopič mi še zdaj ni uspelo najti. V NM ga sploh ni na stojalih, ampak je pa tudi res da mi je od začetka oktobra uspelo pridt dvakrat v DM. Pa za Collection ti že zdaj povem, da boš še bolj sovražila embalažo - mojemu se je odlepil pokrovček, je čisto umazan in še napis se takoj zbriše. Ampak važno da je izdelek dober. Kakšen ti je v primerjavi s Catrice?

    Nič naslednjič moraš naročit Orangeasm zraven :P Pa kaj ni S&G v Avstrijskih Douglasih. Sem sicer bila tam 2 leti nazaj, ampak se spomnim da so imeli.

    Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector zveni pa tudi zame, če praviš da je svetlejši od Mary. Definitivno zveni zanimivo :)

    1. Včakič ko sem v Douglasu kupim kak Zoevin čopič, ki mi še manjka. Si jih počasi nabiram :D. Ta je res super za inner corner.

      Jaz sem mislila, da to od COSRX ne deluje. Dejansko pa. Samo meni je potem škoda dat na en mozolj tri te, če jih je not samo 24 :D. The Ordinary ima res dobre cene, mislim da je vse okrog 5 funtov. Vredno preizkusit.

      Od kar sem ga dobila mi ni bil všeč. Nato pa se mi je čez poletje nekako priljubil, samo me je motilo, da je bil že malo v grudicah. verjetno je že bil prestar, pa sem kar novega kupila.

      Zadnjič sem enkrat videla, da naj bi v Ebelind odali več čopičev. Vsaj v Nemčiji. Upam, da pride tudi k nam. Meni so zelo všeč te njihove ultra mehke ščetine. Ta embalaža od Collection me res jezi. Kamor koli ga dam, nekaj umažem. Že zdaj mi gre napis dol :/. Catrice je vsekakor bolj tekoč in se ne posuši tako. V bistvu moram Catrice vedno še napudrati s pudrom v prahu. Collection se mi zdi, da ima tudi malo boljšo prekrivnost. Moram pa še malo stestirat, da se odločim :).

      V Grazu v Douglasu nisem nikoli videla. Mene ta Douglas jezi, ker ima na spletu več kot v trgovinah. Npr. Zoeva palet ni v Grazu. Mogoče jih v drugih imajo.

      Becca je veliko svetlejši in ima tak res rahel svetlo rumen zlat sijaj. Mary-Lou je veliko bolj oranžen proti Becci. Pa še precej naravno deluje. Tak res effortless izdelek. Kamor koli ga naneseš in kakor koli, izgleda odlično.

  2. Super haul! :) COSRX Master patch sem naročila ravno prejšnji teden poleg 2 novih eyelinerjev (Clio in Holika Holika).
    Se ti zdi Ebelin čopič primerljiv z Real Techniques Blush Brush? Rabim še kakšen podoben čopič ker vedno samo tega istega od RT uporabljam.
    Beccin highlighter sem včeraj prvič preizkusila in mi je všeč da ga lahko naneseš za subtle glow. Me je presenetila dobra obstojnost. Spominja me na CT highlighter, ki pride zdraven bronzerja, ampak njen je bolj intenziven na koži.

    1. Hvala :) Eyelinerji me že zanimajo. Cliojevi so meni zaenkrat the bomb. Moram še kakšnega drugega preizkusit.
      Meni je Ebelin bolj podoben Ecotools Blush Brushu. RT je bolj mehak, ima redkejše ščetine in je bolj okroglo oblikovan. Ebelinov je pa malo bolj gost, krajše ščetine in bolj trikotno odrezan. Oba sta odlično mehka, ampak Ebelin bo pobral več izdelka, ker je bolj gost.
      Ja, jaz sem bila presenečena. Pričakovala sem in your face sijaj, pa je dokaj naraven. No v glavnem res lepo izpade, ni too much. Pa še odtenek je lepo svetel. Meni je tudi cel dan ostal na obrazu. A CT je enak odtenek? Jaz sem pričakovala, da je temnejši od Becce.

    2. CT je bolj zlat in malce temnejši, ampak ko ga naneseš na kožo s čopičem ni tolikšne razlike glede samega odtenka med njima.

    3. Zanimivo. Hvala za pojasnilo. Mogoče si še tega tudi kdaj privoščim :).