Review: Born Pretty Store eye shadow brush

Hey Beauties!

You can never have too many brushes, right? I know I certainly live by that rule. I have so many makeup brushes, but it still never seems enough. So, I decided I really need some eye brush for my under eye area. 

I got this brush from Born Pretty Store and you can buy it here. It costs 1.89$. It has a wooden black holder, but you can choose the shade of holder. I went for the classic black. 

The hair of brush is a bit tapered, it's not straight cut. I wanted this sort of shape to use on my under eyes. The hair is not perfectly cut and some hair may fall out at the beginning. The hair is not soft, yet not scratchy. I would say it's affordable brush for those who are not particularly sensitive about the softness of their brushes. I, on the other hand, love extremely soft brushes. 

In the shape is very similar to Zoeva 226 Smudger brush, but Zoeva brush is less thick and a lot softer. It also has white tips of hair instead of brown. I would say Born Pretty Store brush is an affordable option, if you're looking for something in similar shape.

It fits really nicely under the eye, but it creates a bit thicker line. That is due to the fact that the brush is pretty thick from the sides. It doesn't end in a very pointy way as Zoeva brush. So it's actually perfect for smoking out the lash line or bringing the eye shadow further down. I love those kind of looks, but some may not. So just be aware that you can't create a really thin line - like you would with a very thin brush.

I guess I wasn't wowed by this brush. It's one of those things that it's not bad, but also nothing especially good. I guess it's nice to have another under eye brush, so I don't need to clean one brush over and over again, if I decided to use more shadows at once. 

I also have a discount code in case you decided to purchase anything from Born Pretty Store. You can just type in PETRAH10 and you'll get 10% discount.


  1. Yes, I couldn't agree more - a girl never can have too many brushes :) And too many lipstick, and too many nail polishes... :P