Review: NYX Matte Lipstick in MLS07 Alabama

Hey Beauties!

Today I'm sharing this beautiful fall lip shade, that I found among NYX range and fell in love. You already saw it in this post. So many of you said that it looks good on me and I'm happy that I finally found deeper red lipstick that suits my skin tone.

The packaging is not the most sturdy. It's plastic and feels a bit wobbly. In the middle it has transparent plastic, which makes it easy to see the shade of the lipstick. It contains 4.5 grams of lipstick and I bought it for 7.45€. I'm sure it's a lot cheaper in some countries. 

The shade is called MLS07 Alabama and it's dark red with definite brick orange undertone. I think the orange tone to it gives it nice warmness. Don't expect it to be as matte as some of the matte liquid lipsticks, but it's definitely not shiny. I actually like this finish, because it means it's not gonna be drying. I find that it doesn't dry out my lips at all, but you definitely feel that you have something on your lips. I only find Mac lipsticks very lightweight that I don't even feel like I have anything on. It's also pretty long wearing and it does stain the lips, which is normal for such dark shade.

It has quickly became one of my favorite lipstick for this season. Even my boyfriend said it looks really nice on me, so you know - it must be true ;). It's not the most cheap lipstick, but I have no complaint over the formula, so it was still worth it. If you're looking for something similar, definitely try this one, if you have a chance.