Review: Born Pretty Store lip liners and eyelash curler

Hey Beauties!

A while ago Born Pretty Store gave me an opportunity to try some of the products their selling in their shop. I got a double lip liner in red shades, which I know I don't really have and an interesting eyelash curler.

Born Pretty Store also got me a code with which my readers can get 10% of their purchase. So if you're interested in buying something from them, make sure to use the code PETRAH10.

The double lip liner is from a brand called NON.U, I think. It's a regular lip pencil, which has two different shades of red on each side. The packaging is nothing special, it has a transparent plastic lid, which could break if you're not careful. The shades look almost identical from the outside, but are in fact very different. It costs 3.59$.

The shade 05 is a true red shade with a bit of warm undertone. The shade 06 is cool toned pink. The formula is creamy but still very firm. I like the fact that they are harder, because that means they are long lasting and prevent the lipstick from going into the lip lines. But the formula is still creamy enough to apply and spread it all over the lips. It claims to be waterproof and it is very hard to remove it. It also stains the lips.

The shade 05 can be a bit streaky when applied, but most of the people probably don't apply lip liner all over their lips. It's a really nice red that would be good under a lot of classical red lipstick shades. Here you can see how the lip liner looks and how the lipstick looks over it.

The shade 06 gives a lot more even application. I actually really like this shade. It's somewhat of a new shade for me. It's a really pretty pink, which is not too pink and has a slight blue undertone to it. Again, I show you how it looks like on its own and how it looks like, when there's a lipstick applied over it.

I actually think the double lip liner is a handy thing to have and the formula is not bad at all. Very long lasting and I like the fact that it's a bit harder then the Essence lip liners - which are probably  the only ones I own. I also really like the shade 06. I love using it on its own, because of the matte finish of the pencil.

The next thing I chose were these eyelash curlers, which I was very interested in. I think Shu Uemura came out with these and their supposed to be easier to curl the corners of the eyes, which are sometimes harder to reach and curl. 

It costs 3.42$.

The curler is silver, metal and it has a rubber pad on the bottom, as do all the eyelash curlers. My problem starts with the upper part of it, which is only metal and not rounded enough for my liking. I think it's too sharp in my opinion. The problem is also the metal on the bottom part, because whenever I put it close to my lash line, it touches my inner lash line and because the metal is so cold, the feeling is not pleasant. 

Here are photos which demonstrate how it works.

The first photo is my natural lashes, not curled.
The second is how they look like when I curl all the lashes with this mini eyelash curler.
The third is how they look like when I use the regular eyelash curler on top of this one.
The last one shows how they look like after the mascara has been put on.

When I curled my entire lashes with this eyelash curler, I got a very natural curl. It wasn't a broken curl, like I get when I'm too enthusiastic with my regular eyelash curler. The curl with these is very natural, but also not as up lifting as with the regular eyelash curler. I think this eyelash curler is good for reaching the outer corner of the lash line. It's a bit harder to get the inside corner, or maybe it's just me and I don't know how to properly work it. I don't like the fact that the upper part is so sharp and that the cold metal sticks into my eyes. So, not the best product for me. But I will use it for the outer corners, for that it works well.

Make sure to check out the Born Pretty Store, they have a huge range of products and if you decide to purchase something, use my code, if you want to get 10% off of your order. 

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