Holiday / Summer Essentials

Hey Beauties!

The summer in our country officially sucks. I don't think we had a proper 2 weeks of hot weather. Summer months just felt like either spring or fall. I thought that maybe the summer was just late and that it would get his full power on in August, but no. Since I'm not giving up on the summer, I decided to write together some of my holiday or summer essentials. I'll be going on vacation next week (Slovenian sea), so this is a perfect timing. I'm one of those people, who starts packing one week ahead. Just in case, I don't forget something :).


My lips get dry really quickly. Lip products are always essential products in my makeup. This year I went for Sun Dance lip balm with SPF 20. This one actually smells really tropical. It's transparent when applied, but in the packaging looks yellow. The next lip balm, has higher SPF - 30 (Sebamed), for when I'll be on a beach. It's also transparent, but looks white in the packaging. I just hate lip balms with SPF that leave white marks. Don't you? The next is an infamous Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm. I've got this one on offer a while ago, but haven't made a review, since I can't decide if it's amazing or just good. It definitely is a must have for my dry lips, which seem to be dry all the time. On holidays I love treating my lips with nicely moisturizing lip glosses. They feel so calming after a long day spent on the sun. Catrice Beautifying Lip Smoother is perfect. I have it in the light peach shade called 020 Apricot Cream

Creamy makeup

I love cream formulas for the holiday. They are extremely easy to apply and look very natural. The other day I bought Alverde cream stick blush in the shade 10 Burning Sunset and I'm kind of liking it. It's so easy to apply and it blends nicely. I've already wrote a review of Essence Soo Glow! cream to powder highlighter (review). Yet another very easy and quick product, that makes an impact in your makeup routine. Of course, I have to mention Maybelline Color Tattoos (review), especially the shade On and On Bronze. Nobody has time for powder eyeshadow. This is quick, easy and very long lasting. Perfect for hot summer evenings.

Bronzer and highlighter

One product that I always take on my holidays is Bronzer. When I seem to be getting some tan on my face, I just use bronzer all over the face to match my face to the rest of sun tanned body. You don't need another darker foundation, just use bronzer instead. This year I'm taking the Elf Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder, which also has a blush in it - two for one. I also added one powder highlighter that I know will just look perfect on sun tanned skin. It's Terra Naturi Shimmer Powder (review), which I've also already reviewed. Nothing looks better on sun tanned skin than a gold highlighter. 

Something for bugs

How cute is this packaging? I ordered this product on Iherb and I think it was on offer for something around 1€. It's called Bumpy Road Salve and it's some sort of multi-purposed product. It says to apply it on everywhere you have little bumps, bruises or irritated skin. I personally used it on spots where I had mosquito bites. Ok, quick story. I go to sleep, turn down the light and when I almost fall asleep, I hear the annoying buzzing sound ...mosquito. Then imagine me half asleep jumping all over my room and trying to kill it. But no, there's not just one. One night my boyfriend killed 5 of them. Seriously? I also have a net on my window, which should prevent them coming in, but obviously not. Anyway, I applied this on my skin, where I had mosquito bites and it helped with the itching. I also think it helped prevent does large bumps, that I get after the bites. 


Hello?! The most important thing to take on summer holidays. This year I went for cheaper Sun Dance versions, because I've come to think that there are no big differences in sunscreens as far as the formula goes. Especially for the body. I have a Sun Dance sun milk with SPF 30, which should also help me tan nicely, beside protecting my skin. I also have Sun Dance light lotion with coconut smell with SPF 20. I use this at home, but it might be good for cloudy or less sunny days. It smells amazing! For the face I went with La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL fluid (review), which I've also already reviewed. It's a great formula and very practical packaging. I just hope it lasts me the whole holiday, because I've already been using it a lot. 

Body products

I don't like after sun lotions, because all of them contain aloe vera, which I think I'm allergic to. Instead, I bought Balea bodylotion with coconut and shea butter. Again my coconut obsession. It smells really nice and the tube is huge. I also added Avon Skin So Soft body lotion, which has shimmer in it. Summer or summer holidays is the only time I use such products. For the showering part I love Alverde and I chose the Grapefruit and Bamboo smell. It's fresh and light. Of course the essential for the legs is also shaving cream or gel. I love Balea Caribbean Dreams, which of course smells like coconut.


Hair is the one that needs the most help. My essential products are Balea After Sun 2 in 1 shampoo. I've had this one last year and really liked how soft it made my hair feel. It also smells great. I can't live without Kerastase Nutritive Nectar Thermique (review), which is basically a mask for dry hair that gets activated with heat. So heat protection as well. One of the best hair product ever. I also can not go without Redken All Soft Heavy Cream (review), which is also a mask, but I use it as a conditioner on holiday. It makes hair extremely soft and nourished. 

I think I'm also gonna be adding the Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Tri-Wheat Leave In Conditioner Spray. I finally bought it (thanks to Mateja, who really likes this one) and now I just hope that I get it before I leave. Delivery be quick!

Some bits

I just recently bought this Alverde oil with Coconut smell and I love it. I know this will be a very multi-purpose used product on holidays. For hair, body and more. I like using it after I shave my armpits, since they can get a little irritated. This provides moisture and soothing feeling. I also can't go anywhere without my Dr.Sheller's Jojoba and Schisandra serum (review), which is great if you have sensitive and irritated skin.  I also like to take with me Refan perfumes, which are basically expensive brands of perfumes in a simple travel friendly bottles. This time I'm taking Givenchy Play

I know most of you have probably already been on holiday or have crappy summer like we. If you're not going anywhere, I hope I at least gave you some ideas for products that are really nice and that you might want to try out. Now fingers crossed that I get to have at least one week of sunny and hot days! :)

What are your summer or holiday essentials that you always have to take with you?


  1. Good choices! Jaz pa nisem imela nič za lase sabo razen Orofluida v spreju, ker sem bila itak na samo morju tri dni. Upam, da boš imela lepo vreme in da boš pravočasno dobila Sexy Heathy Hair balzam :)

    Drugače se pa popolnoma strinjam glede letošnjega poletja. It drives me crazy! Jaz hočem sonce pa 30 stopinj, ne pa ta dež. Kolpa se ni niti enkrat segrela za kopat. Mislim, da so to še ni zgodilo od vem zase.

    1. Hvala:). Ah jaz ko se kopam, potem imam grozne lase in si jih kar vsak večer operem pa namesto balzama masko. Jaz tudi upam ja, zaenkrat še nisem dobila - še je upanje za jutri:).

      Res ne vem kaj je letos. Izgledalo je obetavno, ampak nič. Se mi zdi, da bo mogoče spet zima topla. Vse so se zamešali naši letni časi. Poletje pač mora biti vročo:).

  2. I think our summer is officially over the coats are coming out. Lovely choices I want the Caribbean dreams just because the bottle and the fact I love coconuts
    Carrieanne x

    1. I think we still have some warm days, but the hotness of summer just never really came. Shame. I love coconut too and buy almost all the products that smell like it:)).

  3. Ah, ti kar zavidam malo, bi takoj šla še enkrat na morje, ne pa da sredi avgusta nosim pulover. Držim pesti, da boš imela lepo vreme :)

    1. Hvala!:)) Ja, jaz imam tudi debelo jopico trenutno - katastrofa!:/

  4. Šampon z losionom je ena res pametna zadeva :) drugače pa jaz ful malo produktov uporabljam na morju :) očitno sem prelena :))

    1. Ja, čeprav jaz še vedno uporabim balzam oz. v tem primeru masko:). Saj boljše tako, moraš uživat. Jaz pa drugače pridem domov s preveč uničenimi lasmi:).

  5. Kako se pa obnese ta točeni parfum? Razmišljam da poskusim kakšnega :)

    Če želiš si lahko ogledaš še moj blog: :)

    1. Meni so super ti parfumi, ker si lahko izbereš količino katero želiš pa vonji so čisto pristni:). Samo kar me včasih živcira je, da ob pritisku pride ven res veliko parfuma:).