Slovenian Bloggers 28.10. - 3.11.

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Katja loves yellow jacket.

Vesna made this beautifull candlestick.

Colorful Harmony wrote a review about Sleek Ultra Mattes Darks V2.

P. K. prepared this great giveaway.

Kaja went to England.

Nastja.Tamara did some make up for halloween.

Simona shows you how to style burgundy pants.

N. Purcell shares a green and pink striped twin bags.

Ewie wrote about halloween`s night.

Adjusting Beauty made green and purple eye makeup.

Soul Fishing went to Brooklyn Hengarica on Halloween.

Maja introduce you BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic palette.

Pina shares her October favourites.

Katja went to Ljubljana chocolate fair.

Maja made a new calendar for November.

Sanja shares her favourite nail polishes for autumn.

Kaja finally had some time for party

C`est la vie went to freshman party

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