Slovenian Bloggers 30.9.-6.10.

Want to know what Slovenian bloggers were up to?
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Vesna made this amazing shirt.

Katja was in München.

Ewie is going to College.

Kristina chose her favourite products in September.

P.K. is happy that it`s October.

Maja Ena have new tips how to get fit.

Neja Ribnikarr tells you how to feel better.

GlenCocos Candy was in Zagreb.

Alja introdue Mua Undressed palette.

D. Ralok wrote a revie about MeMeMe Quad 03 ocean eyes shadow.

Taya wrote a review of Sleek Vintage Romance palette.


  1. Uf, koliko novih luštnih slovenskih blogov se je pojavilo, odkar me ni bilo na sceni... Lepo!

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