Review: Zoeva eye brushes

Hey Beauties!

I have decided to part with my scratchy and harsh eye brushes and finally bought some quality ones for a very good price. Some of you may have heard of this German brand called Zoeva. I have heard about it from some beauty guru and researched it. They do very soft and good quality brushes, but a lot cheaper than some high end brands. Their brushes are supposed to be the exact dupes of Mac brushes.

I bought these brushes from their official German page I bough their Luxury Eye Brush Set. In the set I got a plastic bag with 5 eye shadow brushes and 2 eye liners and with it also came 15 ml brushes cleanser. All this for 33 €. Of course there were also the shipping costs which were a bit too high in my opinion. I had to pay 7.50 € to get them to my country. But it was worth it.

Here are the brushes:
234 Smoky Shader is great as all over the lid eye brush or for smudging around the eyes.
231 Petite Crease is great for smaller eyes to effortlessly create a nice contour in the crease.
230 Pencil is perfect for the inner corners of the eye and around the bottom lash line.
227 Soft Definer is very fluffy and is great to create a very subtle wash of color on the eyes. It can also be used to blend the colors together.
228 Crease is good for creating a crease, for those who have bigger eyes, and it's great for blending.
317 Wing Liner is great for eye lining the eyes and even better for the brows to fill them in with powder.
315 Fine Liner is very thin eye liner brush, great for creating very thin eye liner looks or for any kind of precision lining.

I wanted to show you how big the brushes actually look on my eyes. So here they are. On the online shop the brushes seem really small to me, but when I got them, some of them were pretty big.

228, 227 and 234
231 and 230

317 and 315
The brushes came with this plastic bag and a brush cleanser. The brush cleanser is nice and very easy to use. I don't have much to say about it, since I haven't used any brush cleansers before, because I like to cleaned my brushes with shampoo. It cleanse the brushes nicely and it doesn't have any strong smell.

All the brushes came in good condition. There was one stray hair on one of them, but that can happen with shipment. The only thing that bothered me was the Petite Crease. When I tried it a lot of hair came out, but the hair were very short. So I assume that when the brush was cut into shape, it wasn't properly cleaned off and some of the cut hairs stayed in the brush. Now it's fine, I had to use it a little to get all the hair out. 

The brushes have wooden handles and steel on top. The color is black with little sparkles of shimmer in the color. Very chic. I also love that they have the names written one, it makes thing easier :).

On the bottom the brushes have this cute slogan :)

As far as the Mac dupes goes, I went on the Mac online shop, since I don't own any make brushes and compared Mac brushes with Zoeva brushes. I got to these conclusions: 
Zoeva 227 Soft Definer (5.80 €) - Mac 217 Blending Brush (25 €)
Zoeva 230 Pencil (5.80 €) - Mac 219 Pencil Brush (29 €)
Zoeva 228 Crease (5.80 €) - Mac 224 Tapered Blending Brush (36 €)
Zoeva 234 Smokey Shades (5.80 €) - Mac 239 Eye Shader Brush (29 €)
Zoeva 317 Wing Liner (5.20 €) - Mac 263 Small Angle Brush (21 €)

For 5 of Zoeva brushes you would spend 28.40 € and for the same Mac brushes you would spend 140 €. Now that is a big difference. Bare in mind that I don't actually own any Mac brushes, this is based purely on the look of the brushes. Because they really do look alike. As far as the softness go, I can't speak about the Mac, but Zoeva brushes are very soft. 

Oh and I bought all these brushes myself. I wouldn't want anyone to think I am sponsored. I haven't gotten any of the products for free-so far :). If do get in the future I will be sure to let you know.

I would recommend these brushes to anyone who wants to invest in good quality, very soft brushes, but for an affordable price.

What brand of brushes would you recommend for me, as far as the face brushes goes? I am always on a search for good quality brushes for affordable price:).


  1. Sem že slišala za to znamko in me prav zanima, bi jih rada stestirala, tako da gredo na WL. Ti ap priporočam, da preizkusiš čopiče od Ecotools, če še nisi. Meni je recimo izjemno dober njihov čopič za rdečilo. Dobri so mi tudi njihovi čopiči za oči.

    1. Ja jaz tudi imam njihov čopič za rdečilo. Je super. Imam tudi za tekočo podlago, ta pa mi ni bil preveč všeč. Sem si ravno naročila še ene za puder od te znamke, so res dobri, pa tudi dokaj normalne cene imajo:)

  2. Great review! planning on buying some of Zoeva brushes! I own some of the MAC brushes, would compare them. These brushes look amazing!

    1. Thanks:) I'm sure you'll like them. I am wondering, whether they really are the same as Mac ones:)

  3. Sem slišala za to znamko, zgledajo res kul. :) Meni so drugače fajn tudi Real Techniques, Eco Tools, Sonia Kashuk (ki jih pač nikjer ne najdem ampak imajo tak lep bel dizajn), sem pa videla da so e.l.f. čopiči tudi zelo poceni. :)

    1. Meni zaenkrat dobro služijo. Tudi mehki so ostali enako kot prej:) Eco Tools imam tudi nekaj in so res super. Zelo mehki:) Veliko dobrih čopičev je težko dobiti pri nas, škoda :/.

  4. Punce pozdravljene, Zoeva čopiči se dobijo tudi v spletni drogeriji, če jih bo katera želela preizkusiti. Tisti, ki sem jih uspela preizkusiti sama, so fantastični...