2 products for sensitive skin (prone to allergies)

Hey Beauties:)

I haven't told you yet, that I have suffered from neurodermatitis for whole 11 years, since I was 4 years old. It is an allergy that makes your skin itch. I was also allergic to all sorts of foods, animals and house dust mites. I had to keep up with all sorts of diets, creams full of corticosteroids-which are known to make your skin a lot thinner with heavy usage and looking scratched all the time. It wasn't my happiest moment in life, but I got older, found some new medicine and know I am in the best shape ever. I do get occasional itchiness and red spots, but that's nothing compared to what I had before. So, in order to help someone else I found two great products for anyone with very sensitive to prone to allergies skin. And the products are also very cheap.

First is Balea Ultra Sensitive cleansing milk. When I first tried this product, I didn't like it. After the second, third use I started liking it. I admit I don't like that all the sensitive products are typically made for dry skin, since I have combination skin type. That's the only reason I didn't like it. After washing my face, the face would stay really moisturized, like I had a filter of cream on.

What I love the most about this product is that it claims to not have any perfumes, coloring and preservatives. I am not an ingredients expert, but I know perfume would not go nicely with sensitive skin. I love that it hasn't got any sort of smell to it-you really don't need to smell nice while you wash your face. I am sure I'll be putting some creams on afterwards, so additional perfume is just a waste on my face.

The milk comes in a nice plastic bottle, that's easy to use. It's very liquid and very white. For about 3 € you get 200 ml of milk. It cleans of my make up very nicely. I always clean my face twice anyway, so everything gets cleaned out of my pores.

Next is this hand cream, which I was so happy to find. It's Salthouse Totes Meer Therapie hand cream. Let me just say that people with most skin allergies know that your best friend is the sea and the salt in it. This product has mineral salt from the dead sea. Any sort of sea-yes yes and yes for me :).

The cream is white and pretty moisturizing. It absorbs into the skin quickly and it leaves the skin soft. A lot of people would probably hate the smell, since it has none. Or I should say it has a smell of pharmaceutical creams. Some that have had does creams would know that the smells are usually not nice, but since it helps I don't mind. I also get eczema-like allergy on my hands every once in a while and this helped me a lot. I can't use normal hand creams with heavy perfumes in, because it just irritates my skin more. I would say don't use it on wounds (if you have some scratched parts on your hands), because it has some alcohol in it and it will sting you. But is't great for daily use, when the skin is not wounded.

For around 3 € you get 75 ml of this hand cream. It is in a nice plastic packaging and it's small enough to easily carry in your handbag.

I highly recommend these to products to anyone with very sensitive skin. It may not work for you, but you can always try it, if you can't find anything better. I think it's worth trying, especially for the price.

If you know of any good products for sensitive skin, let me know, I would love to try some new products:)


  1. Mislim da bom probala to od baleae.. ker mam vedno probleme s temi zadevscinami za ciscenje obraza.. :) hvala za idejo torej :)