Review: Catrice LE Glamazona eyeshadow and liquid gold topper

Hey Beauties!

I bought two products of the new Catrice limited edition collection called Glamazona. I bough the liquid gold topper and purple eye shadow.

Purple eye shadow in C01-I Got The Flower!

This name reminds me of Jim Carrey in Bruce Almighty-I've got the power! :) Anyway, this is a nice simple purple eye shadow. The texture is nice. It's not as pigmented as some of the other eye shadows in this collection, but you can definitely build up the intensity. It has a nice sheen to it, but it's not shimmery. I love that sort of purples on my eyes, that's why I decided to buy it.

The packaging is their basic plastic transparent packaging. I like the design around the edges, which reminds me of the Amazon forest and zebra strips-safari look.

For a little over 2 € you get 3 g of product.

Interesting purple eye shadow, worth the price, nothing very new or special, though.

Liquid Gold Topper

First of all, I had my own imagination as to what this will look like. Based purely on my imagination. I thought this is going to be some sort of liquid shimmer gold sort of highlighter-wrong! This is basically gold shimmer in water-or some sort of liquid (to me it looks like water). It really is like small chunks of gold in liquid form. I personally don't like it. Why? Because the shimmer is really big-in comparison to my imaginative shimmer. I thought this would be very fine shimmer and it would look like a sheen of gold. Maybe the right word would be glitter not shimmer. Because it is like chunks of glitter that you can find in any form in any kind of store to put on what ever. This one is apparently for the eyes.

The packaging is a glass bottle with dropper as a top. On the photo you can see how big one dot of that dropper is. Once you smudge it around it looks like gold glitter on your hands. I love the leopard print in the edge of the bottle.

I like the effect that it gives on the eyes, don't get me wrong. If you are a party girl or need glitter for any sort of out there fabulous looks and photo shoots, than this is a great product! I just don't know what to do with it, other than use it for a new years eve or any evening out partying. It's definitely not a daily look. Unless you   really like glitter :). Here are some photos of that gold topper over my eye shadow.

this is without the flash
and this is with the flash

You get 5 ml of product for a little over 4 €. Also the glitter drowns on the bottom of the bottle, so you have to shake it up well, before using.

As far as the appliance goes I like to put a drop on my hand and than tap it on my eye lid. I've tried to put it on a cotton bud, but the liquid get's socked up in the cotton and on the cotton you are left with dry glitter. Keep in mind that once that liquid dries on your eye lid you will get only glitter, which will go off if you touch it and there will almost certainly be some fall out.

An interesting product, gives a really nice look, hate that it has fall out, it's too expensive for what it does in my opinion and is just not what I expected it to be.

Have you tried any of the products from this limited edition and how do you like it? Would you want to have any of the products that I reviewed? 


  1. Ful dobro deluje pod flešem :) Fajn se blešči :)

  2. Jst sm imela tudi drugače predstave o tem gold topperju. :/ No, vsaj moja denarnica ne bo trpela :D Ti pa tale vijolična senčka ful paše :)

    1. Hvala:) ja če nimaš želje po nekem glitterju, potem odsvetujem nakup;)

  3. Jaz sem kupila eno rdečilo iz te kolekcije, ki me je popolnoma navdušilo in mi je žal, da nisem vzela še drugega, ampak moram se malo začeti zadrževati, ker imam že preveč rdečil. Lol. :P
    O tem zlatem topperju sem tudi razmišljala, če bi ga vzela ali ne in zdaj vidim, da sem se prav odločila, da sem ga pustila v trgovini. :)

    1. Ja tisti rdečkast blush je bil zanimiv:). Roza pa je nekam na vijolično vlekel:/. Hehe...dobro da nisi topperja kupila, se mi zdi tja vržen denar:)