Review: Avon Solutions Truly Radiant perfector

Hey Beauties!

Really quick review about this tester I got myself. It's the new Avon Truly radiant very important perfector. It's basically like a lightly tinted moisturizer with a bit of bronze in it.

As you can see in the photo below it is a light cream texture with little granules in it. Once you massage the cream in, the granules break down and give a natural brown undertone to it. I like the fact that it looks a bit reddish brown, because if you are going for a natural tan, it almost certainly has some red undertone to it, from the sun burn-which we all know is not healthy.

The cream also give the skin a nice glow - i guess that's why - it's named radiant.

The cream has SPF 20. The price in Avon right now is 6 € for 50 ml. Here are the ingredients for those who know a bit more about that.

All around I have to say I like the appearance it gives to the skin. Especially because it makes my fair skin look a bit more colorful. I am naturally fair and this gives me a nice color, but doesn't look like a fake ten. I would recommend this to anyone that doesn't like to wear make up, but wants that a bit bronze look to the skin. Because it doesn't give any coverage, it's more like a base illuminating primer. I wouldn't recommended it to anyone with oily skin, especially not in the summer.

What do you like to wear in the summer tinted moisturizer, BB cream, liquid foundations, powder?