June 2024 Favorites


CeraVe Blemish Control Cleanser

This and COSRX are my blemish fighting duo. Hot sweaty summer days with lots of SPF and makeup tend to clog my pores, even with the double cleansing routine. Add some hormones to that and you can quickly have a disaster. I tend to get a lot of blemishes especially around my hair line where makeup and sweat meet. This is a lovely cleanser perfect for my combination skin that gets very oily in summer. It's a light gel with ceramides, salicylic acid and niacinamide. I find it perfect for this time of year for morning cleanse and second evening. It refreshed my skin in the morning and takes off every last bit of makeup and SPF in the evening. No irritations so far. I feel like it keep my skin clearer.

COSRX Blackhead Power Liquid

I will skip retinols sometimes in summer, but never acid toners. These in combination with good cleansing routine are essential for unclogging my pores. I love COSRX products in general and this is just another one of those. It contains willow bark water, betaine salicylate and niacinamide. Betaine salicylate as far as I understand is a mild exfoliant of salicylic acid and some moisturizer as well as smoothing agent. I guess it's used in Korea, where salicylic acid in its own form is used more rarely. It helps to keep my skin clear, helps with calming down blemishes and it prevents my pores from being clogged on daily basis. 

OOTD Dark Spot Vitamin C Serum

OOTD Beauty is Korean vegan skincare that I have been trying out. I will have a separate post with some of their product. I love Korean skincare in general and this is another one of those brands that I like pretty much everything. I don't like most of Vitamin C serums. They are either too harsh or smell like toiler cleaners. This is such a nice one. I probably love it so much because it's water based and has 1% of ascorbic acid. It also contains betaine, glycerin, beta glucan and hyaluronic acid. So it's hydrating, moisturizing and brightening all at once. Formula is light liquid, but it has that moisturizing slip to it. I love using it in the morning, it's just enough moisturizing.

OOTD Peptide Skin Barrier Cream

Now this is a proper barrier cream with all the main ingredients that will keep the skin as healthy and protected as possible. It contains peptides, ceramides, panthenol, niacinamide, shea butter, squalene and hyaluronic acid.  It's a thicker cream, but spreads with ease and forms protective barrier on your skin. This would be perfect for layering in the winter. Now I just use it on its own in the evening. I find that it keeps my skin soothed and even helps with healing blemishes. I love that OOTD products contain no fragrance.

Garnier Ambre Solaire Anti-Dark Spot & Anti-Pollution Super UV SPF 50+ Protection Fluid

I am trying to use up older SPFs first and then starts new ones, because I don't like to have them all be opened at once. Garnier has made quite a few versions of these fluids this year. This is the one that I always get and I love it. It's very liquid formula, but it means it's easier to spread and it feels fairly lightweight. I would say the finish is natural and I can wear it under makeup just as well. There is a bit of alcohol smell to it, but nothing too bad. It's still one of my favorite SPFs for summer.

e.l.f. Camo Liquid Blush - Coral Crush and Pinky Promise

These are fairly new liquid blushes from e.l.f. I got two shades, one more coral and one more pink. These have rounded doe foot applicator and you need the tinniest dot for both of your cheeks. These are definitely more pigmented than Rare blushes and I find the formula slightly thicker. The pigment in definitely there. I got both quite strong colors. You can sheer the color out or build it up. The finish has a bit of that sheen and dew to it, but it's not greasy or over reflective at all. Looks very much like skin. The formula is very lightweight, but because of a strong pigment it stays on all day. You don't even need to set it in my opinion. e.l.f. has some amazing makeup in their range and so affordable. 

H&M Pure Radiance Powder Blushes - Pink Peach

These are being discontinued, because I think they made added new blushes to their range. I have many shades of these and they are still one of my favorite powder blushes. Mostly, because they had a good light and muddy color selection and the formula blends like a dream and gives of the tinniest beet of sheen that makes it look not too powdery or too matte. I ordered some more shades as a backup and Pink Peach is a new addition that I really like. It's that proper vibrant pink with slightly warm undertone. It gives your cheeks that real romantic flush. 

Afrodita Cleanse & Hydrate Cleansing Shampoo For Greasy Hair

Tajka from cosmedoc.si introduced me to that shampoo. She did a whole research on cleansing shampoos and since this one seemed so affordable I had to try it out. It's nettle and white clay shampoo that should absorb impurities and the oils that are making your hair oily as well as prevent  them from becoming greasy again. It foams well and really cleans the hair good. You have that really clean feeling on the hair so conditioner or a mask is essential. I LOVE the scent. It's sweet, herbal and sort of woody as well. Smells really sophisticated for such an affordable shampoo. And even with the green bottle as well as the scent it reminds me so much of Lazartigue Light Nourishing Shampoo.

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