November 2022 Favorites


Elinor Cosmetics Sunray Bronzer - Espresso

I didn't mention this bronzer when I got it, because for a while I thought it was breaking me out, but I realized that wasn't true. It was something else that made me break out. In the summer, when I still had my tan, this was almost a bit light for me, but now that I am getting back to my light skin tone, it actually works. Espresso is the darkest of two shades and it's got that yellow warm tone to it. It suits my warm to olive skin tone perfectly. It's creamy formula which means you need very little of it. I barely touch it with my brush, then spread it into the brush on the back of my hand and blend it onto my skin. I am living for cream makeup these days and this bronzer is great. It's got pigmentation, blend like a dream, but also stays well on the skin. I don't see it fading too much and I like that it doesn't slip and slide on oily skin. It actually dries to a matte finish, when you spread it on the skin. Because you'll need so little of it, this glass pot will last you a lifetime. I think it will probably expire first.

Rephr Makeup Brush - 24

I have raved about Rephr brushes with their natural bristles that are hand made in Japan. It's so far the best brush quality I have tried and I highly recommend them to everyone. Invest in good brushes and you'll make any makeup work for you. Brush 24 is called blush brush, but it was designed for application of blush, bronzer, highlight or buffing foundation. It's got a bit denser bristles which have that tapered edge and from the side it's just slim enough that it fits into the contour of your face. I love to use it with Elinor bronzer as it picks up little of the product and blend it like a dream. I am now able to do my everyday makeup in 15 minutes. It's just so easy with creamy products and great quality brushes that do the work for you. 

I have a mini version of the iconic Nars blush in Orgasm. This is fairly unique blush shade as it has that cooler pink undertone, but it has a very golden sheen on to and what I love the most about this blush, it almost looks a bit transparent on the cheeks. It's so unique and the shade gives you that glow that you can easily skip highlighter. This blush blends like a dream and has amazing staying power. I think it's one of the longest lasting blushes in my collection. 

Skin79 Super Beblesh Balm BB Triple Function Orange

I believe this was another cult product in Asian cosmetics, or it may still be. I once got a small tester size of this on Ebay I think and I just came around to using it all up. It's such a lovely mix of skin care and makeup in one. Asian brands sure know how to make great skin care/makeup hybrids. I loved it immediately because of warmer yellow toned light shade, because most light Asian BB creams are too grey for my skin tone. This one gives great coverage, blend like a dream and doesn't look too shiny. It's very similar to Missha Perfect Cover BB cream, but with a much better undertone for me. I love that it looks so natural on the skin, yet it gives me all the coverage I want. 

This was LE color by Colourpop. I love their ultra-glittery finishes of supershock shadows, because they are so easy to apply and make your eyes look so stunning. I usually just pair a crease shade with this and mascara and my eye makeup is done. Birthday Wish is champagne color with pink sheen and glitter. I love to pair it with my pink lipsticks. Colourpop supershock shadows have that innovative mousse like cream texture that turns to powder once you apply it on the skin. They do tend to dry out, if you leave them open, so be careful with that.

Another mini in my collection. I am one of those people that tend to save every expensive piece of makeup that own to the point that it expires and I can't use it anymore, so I am willingly trying to not do that. Plus I have been loving pink lips with that shimmery Colourpop shadow and pink cheeks lately. This is classic mauve pink with a bit of that dusty muted undertone that is so wearable for so many different skin tone. I love to apply such creamy lipstick on and then blend the edges with fluffy brush to give my lips that diffused worn in look. Plus I can cheat my lip line like that and it doesn't look too defined either. Formula is obviously superb for that price, nicely creamy, well pigmented, stays on and doesn't emphasize fine lines or dry patches. 

Another makeup product that I am trying to use up. Do you see a trend here? I am on a mission to use up as much of my older makeup as possible. Plus I have to rotate my products otherwise I get stuck with the same products. It's a slightly more stickier lip gloss than those new formulas now. It has bronze base with silver and bronze shimmers, but the silver gives it that incredible sheen to your lips. It can look almost a bit metallic, if you apply too much. I usually love it just in the center of the lips for that reflection and juiciness that it gives to the lips. I live for lip glosses just as much as I like lipsticks. 


FOREO UFO mini is skin care device that elevates your masking to another level with thermo therapy, LED light therapy and T-sonic massage. It's got metal plate on the back which heats up, pulsates and changes colors to maximize all active ingredients absorption into your skin. I was having so much fun using it. You connect it with the app and you even have pre-programmed mask treatment in there or you can make your own version. I love the heat from thermo therapy so much, especially now in colder months and I love different light colors. LED light therapy has been proven to have great benefit for the skin, so I am looking forward to using FOREO even with my own sheet mask and skin care products. It's just a lovely luxury step up to my skin care routine. 

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