Review: FOREO UFO Mini

FOREO UFO Mini is a new way of masking. It's a device that elevates your masking to another level with thermo therapy, LED light therapy and T-sonic massage. It is designed to be used with UFO activated masks or FOREO sheet masks that have pre-programmed routines in the Foreo device. 


UFO mini comes in a plastic box with a stand, USB cable for charging and a mask that it can be used with. I also received two boxes of their FOREO Hydrating and Enhanced Brightening sheet masks

UFO mini has that soft velvet rubberized pink design that is pleasant to the touch and makes it easy to hold in your hand. On the back is golden metal pate which heats up and around it is transparent circle that gives off different colored lights. There is a plastic ring that you take off and put back on once you have your mask over the plate to secure it in place. It's waterproof so you can clean it under the water after every use. 

You get 2 year warranty with the device. In Slovenia you can buy it in DM for 138.99€. Foreo products are available in many online beauty stores as well and they already have black friday deals on their online shop.


T-Sonic massage increases microcirculation which delivers essential oxygen and nutrients to skin cells, while eliminating toxins, leaving a healthy glow on the skin. T-Sonic pulsation is signature massage technology that is featured in every FOREO device. T in T-Sonic stands for transdermal - named because of gentle pulsations that travel through the outer layers of the skin. Low frequency massage helps to relax facial and neck muscles and improved blood flow. They also help to temporarily dilate pores so active ingredients can penetrate them better.

Combination of heath and massage pushes active ingredients from mask deep into the skin. Gentle heat softens the skin and prepares it for the deep absorption of active ingredients

It also has full spectrum LED light which revitalizes and refines the complexion. It is clinically proven to significantly reduce the appearance of wrinkles in just 7 days. LED light therapy is a skincare treatment that uses varying wavelengths of light. It was first developed by NASA to help grow plants, but was later found to have promise for wound-healing. Today it is widely used by aestheticians around the world to help regenerate skin from signs of aging. It also has great benefits for acne prone skin. LED light doesn't contain ultraviolet rays so it's safe for regular use. It can have great benefits for the skin when used over time. Each color penetrates the skin at various depths, creating a different effect. 

You use FOREO app with the device which has pre-programmed treatments for UFO activated masks and FOREO sheet masks. You can also use your own masks and create customized routines


On the FOREO app you connect your device with the app. In it you have device info, how to use guide, device care explained, UFO mask and sheet mask preprogrammed treatments as well as setting and smart control. 

Smart control lets you play with the device to create your own treatment. You have a full color wheel spectrum of colors to choose from as your LED therapy. You also get 10 different intensity levels of T-Sonic pulsation and you can turn on or turn off the heat.

If you use UFO mask you can place it on the device, choose it in your preprogramme treatment and device guides your through the treatment telling you what is doing. You massage the device around your face and it changes LED light, adds pulsation and heat to help get the most out of the mask for your skin.

These treatments are designed to give you the most in the littlest of time, so they are never longer than a minute or two, but you can repeat the treatment and prolong it which I always do as it feels so soothing and spa like that I want it to last. 

You can check my Instagram where I also posted a reel of how I use it. 

FOREO masks

Foreo masks are designed in a small circle that fits perfectly on Foreo UFO mini and you can secure it on with transparent plastic part that you can take off. Metal plate helps mask to absorb better into skin with pulsation, heat and light benefits added to it. 

Foreo Make My Day Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid + Red Algae Mask

Formula contains three types of hyaluronic acid, glycerin, panthenol, betaine and arginine. It's basically hydrating and nourishing mask that also soothes and gives you some of that brightness. It has sort of sweet herbal scent that is subtle and shouldn't bother you, if you are not a fan of fragrances. Transparent texture is viscose, but light in a way. 

It's lovely hydrating formula that gives the skin a bit of moisture back instantly. After I used it my skin felt hydrated, but also had a bit of that nice sheen without it looking too dewy or juicy. I would say this one is great for dehydrated skin in general not so much for those with very dry skin. For those I would go with a more nourishing formula to lock the moisture in. Skin also feels a lot more bouncy, but then again any good skin care product should do that. For my combination skin this one is appropriate all year around, it wouldn't be too much for me even in hot summer. 

Foreo Glow Addict Enhanced Brightening Pearl-infused Mask

Formula contains glycerin, glycols, pearl extract, niacinamide, jojoba seed oil, panthenol and allantoin. Based on ingredients this is brightening, moisturizing, nourishing and soothing formula.

This is much more nourishing mask. It gives your skin that moisture, but it also makes it feel so nourished and bouncy. I did feel like it helped with brightening my skin tone a bit, though not as much as some Asian sheet masks I have tried in the past. It definitely gives you that healthy glow. This one has milky viscose texture that has that clean clothes herbal scent which is again fairly gentle. I think this mask is perfect for anyone in need of some nourishment and those that would like to brighten up their dull complexion. It's perfect for oily/combination skin as well as it's not too much, but would have benefited dry skin as well. 

There is a lot of leftover essence from both of the masks and I advise you to store it in a pot and use it in the next few days as serum, because it's a waste to throw it out.


This is definitely an upgrade to your usual masking at home. It's not something essential for your skin care routine, but it's a luxury that will transform your at home treatment to a spa like feel. 

I was initially intrigued by the LED therapy that FOREO UFO mini features. LED light therapy is so well known in the beauty world and its healing capabilities are the one that attracted me most to it. Pulsations are another addition that gives you that pleasant feel, but I love the heat effect even more. Gentle heat that is applied to the skin feels so good, especially now in colder weather. It makes for such a cozy experience and I feel like it helps with breakouts as well, because it helps active ingredients to get into the pores better.

I have been testing both UFO masks with UFO mini device for almost 3 months and I love it. Every mask has different effects, but I also use UFO mini with just my regular skin care routine and I can say I have noticed that my skin looks brighter in general, my tone is more even and it definitely helps with the healing, because my pimples seem to heal faster whenever I use UFO with my usual skin care. I can't say much about diminishing fine lines, because that can also be due to my skin care and I would definitely need to use it for longer to see those results. 

I feel like this would be the perfect gift to those skin care lovers that have tried every possible skin care product and those that just love to splurge those masks and turn their home into a spa. It's a fun device to play with, but there definitely are some added benefits to it as well, supported by clinical studies and technology. 

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