October 2022 Favorites

Geek & Gorgeous 101 A-Game5

Geek & Gorgeous calls it emulsion with 0.05% retinal. It also contains allantoin, panthenol and biosaccharides. It's like a very light runny yellow colored gel cream that I need very little, because it spreads so well. I love using my retinols back now that it's getting to the colder season again. By just applying it in the evening I get a much smoother and clearer skin in the morning. It also seems to help heal any blemishes faster. Retinal is a weaker version of retinol, but it has all the same benefit without the irritations. I don't get any stinging with this one and the formula is so nice I sometimes don't even layer any moisturizer on top, because it's enough for my combination skin.

Nouveau Lashes Lash & Brow Conditioning Serum

As some of you know, I also have a beauty salon where I do lash lifts and brow laminations as well as makeup. Karin Poravne (beauty salon owner and known Slovenian influencer) has become official distributer of Nouveau Lashes brand for Slovenia and I went to her for conversion course so I now offer Nouveau Lashes LVL treatments in my salon as well. Part of the treatment are also their product for home care and this is one of them. It's sort of a daily care for lashes and brows especially after beauty treatments, but it can be used on natural lashes as well. It contains castor oil, horse chestnut extract, panthenol, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera juice and even some retinyl palmitate (which I am a little confused as to what its role is in this formula). It's liquid transparent serum that can be used as mascara primer and it works good under mascara. It's also transparent brow gel, perfect for styling the brows. It gives you a bit of hold bot no crunchiness.

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation - Almond

I've had this one on my eye for a while, because everyone seemed to love it. And now that my beloved Make Up For Ever HD Foundation has been discontinued I've been on a search for a good foundation to add to my professional kit. I got it in the shade Almond which is actually perfect for me currently while I still have some summer tan. It's liquid foundation with good amount of medium coverage, but feels fairly lightweight on the skin. I like that it has natural semi matte finish. It doesn't look as natural as MUFE, but it does have a bit more coverage which I like. I will probably be buying more shades, because the formula is lovely.

Elinor Summer In A Bottle Body Illuminator 01 Beige

Elinor is cosmetics brand founded by Karin Poravne. She also has some body care, BB cream and cream bronzer (which I also have, but have to try out a bit more). Body illuminator comes in two shades, this one is more champagne pinkish while other looks more golden. It's liquid highlighter and reminds me a lot of Revolution liquid highlighters, but this one looks less stark and not as metallic. It has somewhat of a champagne shimmer which is sheeny, but not metallic and finely milled. The base is more pinkish champagne and that is the only thing that bothers me about this products. I notice the base being pigmented and it can sometimes leave lines on my face, because I have a fairly light complexion. I don't think it's for fair skin tone, but on medium it would look amazing. It blends better if you apply it with a sponge, because that one absorbs most of the base color and you're left with beautiful natural sheen. I've been using it a lot this months, because it's just so easy to apply in the morning when you're in a rush. 

NXY Slim Lip Pencil Natural

Natural is my absolute favorite lip liner shade and formula. It's the perfect light brownish pink that has just enough warmth to it to look like your lips but better. This is my got to lip liner for any occasion. NYX formula is creamy enough to make it easy to apply, but actually stays put very well. I love it so much, I have a lot of shades in my kit as well. 

Maybelline Lifter Gloss 009 Topaz

I usually pair my NYX liner just with this Maybelline lip gloss these days and call it a day. My love for this lip gloss just won't stop. It's the perfect brownish pink shade that will literally look good on anyone. Small tiny shimmer in it gives you that plump look and the formula is so caring with hyaluronic acid that it won't make your lips dry out. It's not sticky, just like a very good nourishing lip balm with lots of shine. And it's a dupe for Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb in Fenty Glow.

Eterika Cosmetics Balzam za neukrotljive lase Kokos

This product was in one of the goody bags I received and it's basically hair conditioner for unruly hair and the scent is coconut. Eterika is Slovenian cosmetics brand which offers natural hand made products. They have hair care, skin care and body care products in their assortment. As soon as I opened this conditioner and smelled it I was in coconut heaven. It's such a good sweet coconut scent, but not generic or plastic like some. After reading ingredients I thought to myself this won't do it for me. It's basically coconut oil with some other supporting ingredients. But when I actually tried it out on my hair a few times and I loved it. It's a thicker white cream that actually makes my hair super smooth and I noticed my hair felt so much more silkyafter using it. I usually use some L'Oreal silicon conditioners and my ends have been feeling quite dry these days, but with this one they looked and felt hydrated and super silky plus the smell lingers on my hair which I just love as I am a coconut fan. 

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