June 2022 Favorites

Skin1004 Madagascar Centella Ampoule 

I bought this on a whim from Stylevana, since I got a good deal for it. It's 100% Centella Asiatica Extract ampoule which feels like a very light serum. I love centella products in general. Whatever has it inside, it always works so well on my skin. This is perfect for soothing and hydrating. It's just a tad thicker than water and it absorbs in without leaving any noticeable layer on the skin. It's not fragranced,. I have to think it's due to this ampoule that my skin has good days which have lasted all month really. It's something so simple, but it seems to just agree with my skin. I love the whole Centella range from Skin1004 and I might get more products from them in the future.

I have raved about these BB cream in a separate post already. This was surprising love for me. I don't usually like European BB creams, but these are more like Korean versions, because they have such nice coverage, a bit thicker formula and most importantly good olive and warm light skin color range which suits me so well. I have been loving using them on its own and now I mix it with other foundations to keep it a bit more matte in this hot weather. 

So far this is the only powder I have tried that is actually keeping my oiliness at bay for the longest time. I swear on it in hot sweaty summer days like the ones we've been having here lately. It's super finely milled, has a bit of a floral scent to it which I am not a fan, but it sets makeup so well and keeps sebum at bay for a long time. It's one of my favorite powders that I had and now I have a new one with revamped design. 

My tried and true for years now. This is the best warm brown nude for light to medium olive skin tone. It just looks so flattering and I always choose it when I want a more neutral option for the lips. NYX mousse formula is not for everyone and not nearly as long lasting as those new liquid lipstick formulas, but I love it, because it's so comfortable to wear, yet it still looks velvet matte and gives me just enough color that I don't feel like I have cement on my lips. It's one of my all time favorite formulas and colors.

Rephr brushes are now officially my favorite makeup brushes. They are handcrafted in Japan, made of goat hair. Rephr makes brushes based on costumer experience and wishes and they really have many different shapes and sizes. Their bristles are the softest I have tried so for, yet they still pick up products well and blend it like a dream. These are the three brushes that I absolutely adore out of the ones I have bought. 04 is the perfect contour brush, 16 is the perfect crease brush and 23 is the best for applying precise eyeliner with powder eyeshadows. 

Avon Maxima Eau de Parfum

This is supposedly dupe for Carolina Herrera Good Girl. It's sweet floral fragrance that is just so elegant. It's not like your usual floral fragrances, this is more sweet, but with a very sophisticated creamy floral tone to it. It has notes of immortelle, nectarine and jasmine sambac. I have been loving it and am considering getting the big bottle, though I am always hesitant as I think I'll get bored of the same scent. 

Lazartigue Nourish-Light Light Nutrition Mask

I already have Nourish-Light shampoo which was something to get used to. It doesn't have the usual silicones that give you that slip to your hair which instantly makes it feel so smooth. But I actually like it for when I want to give my hair some texture for like wavy hair style. I have since tried the mask from the same range that nourishes fine hair without it weighing down. Mask is thicker, just as I like, as it holds on the hair well. It's enriched with soy oil and it actually makes my hair feel like they've been nourished and hydrated, but it's not that super smooth feel like with regular hair masks. However, I find this to be perfect for this hot weather, when silicon products can quickly contribute to my hair looking even greasier. This one nourished the hair, but still leaves some texture and doesn't make it look too flat. It has floral woody fragrance that smells like spa. The formula is vegan, silicon-free and sulphate-free. 

Cien Sun Sun Spray SPF30

I have been using this sunscreen last year as well and I love it just as much this year. It's from Lidl and it costs about 4€. It's chemical sunscreen, but contains no fragrance and is formulated for sensitive skin. I have atopic dermatitis and even though I don't have problems with my skin in the summer, sunscreens can further irritate me, especially combined with sweat. I haven't noticed any irritation with this one. It's milky, easy to spread and blend in and I love that is unscented. I always recommend it to others as well. 

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