Review: NYX Lift & Snatch! Brow Tint Pen - Ash Brown

I have found my new favorite brow product and my favorite brow pen in general. It compliments my brow lamination perfectly to fill in any sparse or bold areas and still make it look hair like. 


It comes in plastic pen packaging. Brush tip comes to a fine point that allows you to create thin hair like strokes. It's well saturated, sometimes even too much. 

In it is 1 ml of product and it costs around 13€. I got it on Amazon, but you can also get it on Notino, Lič or Lookfantastic.


It's liquid formula that has medium pigmentation. You can apply light pressure and it gives you very thin, almost a bit transparent hair like strokes and color. If you press it down firmer, you get thicker and more pigmented line. There is some bleeding into fine lines on my hand swatches, but I don't notice any bleeding on my actual brow. 


It comes in 10 shades, so the selection is quite nice. I chose Ash Brown, which seemed the most grey toned. It's grey toned medium brown and it matches my hair fairly well. I find it's lighter in color than my brows and just a bit warmer (my natural brow is very grey toned). 


I have been using it for a very long time now and I realized 1 ml goes a very long way with this product. I have it since January, use it a t least every other day and it's still going strong. It has become my favorite product since I have laminated brows, because it allows me to draw in individual hair like strokes where I have gaps in my brows. I don't color in my whole brow anymore. The tip is super precise which is just perfect.

It lasts all day on my brows, but isn't waterproof.

There is just one problem with it. The tip can start to leak after a while, like you can see on the photo bellow where the dot of ink is starting to collect under the brush tip. That can be easily solved by wiping it into a towel, but it's still wasted product. I don't recommend storing it upside down, like with most such products, because it will leak and be too wet. 

I can say this is now my favorite brow product for me and my favorite brow pen I have tried so far. It has super fine brush tip, color isn't too pigmented, it lasts forever for that price and there is good color selection to choose from. There is just one problem with the tip leaking every now and then, but that can be solved easily. It's also the best type of product for laminated brows as it will give you the most real like brow hairs look. 

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