March 2022 Favorites

Balea MEN Energy Eye Roll-On

I've repurchased this one, because I like it so much that I started to miss it in my routine. Apparently it takes a good look at men's section to find a great drugstore skincare find. It's light almost serum like consistency with great ingredients like glycerin, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, caffeine and panthenol to soothe, brighten and moisturize area around the eyes. I especially like metal roll-on which feels refreshing and depuffing in the morning. It almost soothes your eye area while applying it. It's also perfect for warmer months as it's light and won't clog up any pores. 

SVR [A] Ampoule Lift

I am down to a few last uses of this one. It's light retinol serum that feels quite nourishing and hydrating just on it's own. There is 0.3 of pure retinol in it, so it's fairly mild version and I don't find it irritating at all. This is my go to for when I am dealing with breakouts or textured skin. A few night of this one and my skin begins to look clearer and feel smoother to the touch. Retinol is one of those ingredients that will benefit all, you just have to find the right strength. I prefer milder product, because they still deliver results for me.

A'Pieu Pure Block Tone-Up Sun Base SPF50+ PA+++

Ever since I got the Daily version of A'Pieu sunscreen, I've been looking to try another one from their collection. I wanted the gel one, but it was sold out, so instead I ordered this. It's basically like a primer, tinted moisturizer and sunscreen all in one. This has that lovely creamy texture with combination of physical and chemical filters. It's a little white in the beginning, but it has some pinkish tone which actually adapts well to my skin tone. This one is definitely for fair and light skin tones. Dark and medium complexion may have some white cast or grey undertone issues with it. But wow is this good under makeup or what?! It's the perfect sunscreen to act as a primer. Makeup wears lovely over it and I don't get all shiny through the day as it has velvet matte finish. It's great on its own for no makeup days, as the tint slightly evens out skin tone. This could be one and done for those that don't wear foundation and have light complexion. It has somewhat powdery floral scent that is quite lovely.

Essence Lip Care Booster Lip Butter 10% Coconut Oil

This was discontinued, so I grabbed one, because I remembered Mateja saying it's nice. It's almost like creamy balmy lip balm in squeeze tube. I actually love faint sweet coconut scent that is nothing like real coconut, but also isn't too artificial. Lip balm is thick enough to stay on the lips for a while, but not sticky or too thick either. It's easy to spread and works great as a barrier, though I wouldn't say it's particularly moisturizing. 

Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation 010 Light Beige

I hear this one has been reformulated, correct me, if I'm wrong. I still have the old version which is one of my favorite drugstore foundations. It's liquid texture that gives good medium coverage and velvet matte finish. I like it because it's lightweight, yet has good coverage and the color 010 Light Beige is nice warm olive tone that adapts well to my skin tone. Oldie, but a goodie.

Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Blush - Hope

I recently reviewed three shades of it and Hope is definitely my favorite. It's the perfect mauve pink that just goes with everything. It's got nice pigmentation and the most adorable dewy finish that actually lasts on the skin and doesn't just look greasy or balmy. It's lovely formula and they have nice selection of shades. This is perfect for no makeup makeup or under powder blush to extend the wear of it.

Malinca Mango Butter

100% pure mango butter from Malinca is quite hard and solid in it's natural way. You can heat it up, but I just scrap some of it out and melt it under the warmth of my fingers. Once I heard mango butter is great for achieving soft skin and in general I love natural butters, so I gave it a go. It's got slight sour natural scent to it which I love. Butter melts under my fingers and locks in any moisture on my skin right after coming out of the shower. The next day, my skin is soft and well nourished. It's not too oily like natural oils, but rather thin in a way, though nicely nourishing. If you love body butters, this is a good natural alternative with nice natural scent. 

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