Review: L.O.V X Laetitia Lemak Dream Glaze Sculpting Duo

I love Laetitia Lemak's work and I really like L.O.V blushes, so this was like a match made in heaven. Laetitia Lemak is makeup artists and she has collaborated with L.O.V to create a few collections already. The latest collection included duos of sculpting powders, blushes and highlighters. I got sculpting duo.


It comes in plastic packaging with old retro sepia vibe of browns. Packaging is just a tad less bulky than their Blushment Blurring blushes, still bulky though. It has mirror in it and two powder products. 

In it is 7.3 grams of product and it costs 19.90€. L.O.V isn't available in Slovenia anymore. I got it on Purish which also ships to Slovenia. 


It's super soft powdery formula that almost feels a bit buttery under fingers. Pigmentations is very good, almost a bit too much for my taste. I am used to less pigmented contour powders which I can layer on several times. Finish is what I would say satin matte. It's not completely matte, there is the slightest satin sheen to it, no shimmer. It's vegan formula.


It comes with two powder products, one is warmer, more orange toned which I would describe as bronzer and the second one is more grey toned, cooler, which would be contour powder. It's medium toned, so more appropriate for medium skin, though it can be worn on light skin as well, but you have to apply it very lightly.


I usually prefer more grey toned contour powders, especially for winter when I am very light. I can make this one work as well, though it's quite darker than my others. Bronzer is actually quite warm, perfect for warmer skin tone, but won't work for pale cool skin tones. Compared to Inglot 505 contour this contour is actually much more brown and less grey looking. It really depends on what you prefer.

Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer Bronzer - lighter than L.O.V, more satin

L.O.V bronzer - medium warm bronze shade

L.O.V contour - medium cool bronze contour shade

Inglot Contour Powder 505 - fair grey contour shade, very grey toned, less brown

Inglot Contour Powder 502 - medium redish contour bronze shade, this one has more of pink/red undertone


Obviously, I use cooler side as a contour and warmer as bronzer. I find both of these products have to be applied very lightly otherwise they can look way too dark on me. It's not the easiest formula to blend or maybe it's just the fact it's quite dark on my skin tone, but I have to go in with a very light hand and fluffy brushes. However, once it's on it actually lasts very well. I only have problem applying it to make it look as even as possible and not too dark. 

Lipstick: Avon Creme Legend Iconic

Formula is actually very smooth, but because it's so pigmented and a bit too dark for my skin tone, I have to blend it in well and apply it very lightly or it can quickly look overdone and patchy. I like there are two shades available, so you can basically blend them together to get a custom shade, though I would say this is more appropriate for medium skin tones. It's a nice addition to my collection formula wise, though not the best color match for my personal skin tone. I use it in my kit as well.

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