Review: Essence Fall/Winter 2021/2022 Products

I just came around to finally properly testing all the new products from Essence fall/winter 2021/2022 revamp. There is surprisingly a lot of new skin care products and I am loving creamier formulas that I got to try out.

Hello, Good Stuff! Cica Face Cream

Convenient squeezable plastic tube holds 30 ml of product and it costs 4.29€.

This is really nice vegan cream formula. It has glycerin, aloe vera, shea butter and centella asiatica extract. I love centella asiatica products, because they always act so soothing, comforting and repairing on the skin. 

It's nicely formulated moisturizer with firm, but very smooth texture that blends into the skin and leaves natural finish on the skin. You can feel a bit of that layer on the skin, but it looks like nothing.

I would definitely avoid fragrance in such product (it's very subtle fresh scent), because it would work even better for sensitive skin, but this is lovely moisturizer and it wears good under makeup. It keeps skin moisturized and protected, but if you have very dry skin, it might not be enough.

Cica Face Cream/Sleeping Mask

Hello, Good Stuff Sleeping Mask

It comes in plastic pot with 50 ml of product and it costs 4.39€.

This is sleeping mask that you put on and leave it over night. It has lavender oil and is 96% of natural ingredients and vegan. It contains glycerin, squalane and jojoba oil. 

Formula looks like gel cream which surprised me. I expected something much thicker. But it actually feels nourishing and slippery under the fingers. Skin feels plumped after I use it and you feel a bit of that lightweight nourishing layer on top that is slightly sticky, so it holds well on the skin. It's lightweight formula, but still moisturizing. Lavender scent is intense. To me it smells like those lavender bags that grandma has in the closet. I used to hate smell of lavender, but I am kind of getting use to it slowly. 

After Shape Brow Roller

There is 12 ml of product in transparent bottle with metal roller on and it costs 2.99€.

It's hydrating and calming gel that is supposed to be used after plucking or waxing of the brows to calm the skin down. It has glycerin, castor oil, panthenol, aloe vera, hyaluronic acid and fragrance. It feels like slightly viscose transparent gel, but it quickly absorbs into the skin and leaves it looking slightly sheeny. Brows can look a bit crunchy, if you use a lot of it. 

It's moisturizing gel, but in a very lightweight formula and it can calm down the skin, though you would need something more nourishing to apply, if you have dry skin or laminated brows. It has very subtle soapy scent to it. 

Essence Fresh & Fit Foundation - 20 Fresh Nude

Glass bottle with pump holds 30ml of product and it costs 5.49€.

It's supposedly skin care and foundation hybrid, so really like tinted moisturizer. It contains vitamin E, B8 and niacinamide. I also found milder version of retinol in the ingredients list which confused me. 

Texture is fairly liquid, very blendable and smooth under fingers, but it sets quickly once you thin it out. It sets to natural finish, but pigments in it give you that very subtle sheen to the skin. You almost don't need to powder it. It has light coverage, but can be build up to a lighter medium. It looks fairly natural on the skin.

I have it in shade 20 Fresh Nude, which looks way too dark for me once I squeezed it out, but it thins out once you start to massage it into the skin and actually looks much lighter. It's warm, a bit peach toned light shade. There isn't much colors to choose from, but since this is like tinted moisturizer a few shades will actually suit many skin tones. 

I like to mauve it mauve it! Eyeshadow Palette

Sleek plastic packaging with 6 shades has 4.5 grams of product in it and it costs 3.59€.

Matte eyeshadows have extremely smooth formula that can crumble a bit and have some fallout. Darker shades are harder to blend, but in general they are smooth and well pigmented. Shimmery shades all have creamy feel to it and are best applied with fingers for maximum pigmentation. It's harder to pick them up with a brush and they are not the easiest to blend out.

This is purple or mauve eyeshadow color scheme. 

Shade 1 - matte cool pastel grey toned lavender

Shade 2 - shimmery neutral dark blackberry brown with cool purple sheen

Shade 3 - matte neutral light dusty pinkish mauve

Shade 4 - shimmery cool light purple 

Shade 5 - matte cool grey with purple tone

Shade 6 - shimmery neutral purple with brown base

They don't last on me all day. I notice fading of the color even as I blend it out. It's a descent palette, but not one I would go back to as I have better eyeshadows. 

Lash Princess Curl & Volume Mascara

In it is 12 ml of product and it costs 3.59€. Wand has natural hair and is hourglass shaped. 

Formula is on the wet side and you can quickly build up volume. There is good amount of separation as well, but it's definitely more for volume. I have lash filler, so I can't say how good it is at holding the curl. My main problem with this mascara is that is crumbles and I get spots under my eyes through the day which is annoying. I have review of it here is as well. 

Essence Lash Princess Curl & Volume Mascara

Double Trouble Mascara Extra Black

In it is 12 ml of product and it costs 4.29€. It has double sided wand. On one side you have regular natural bristled wand and on the other it's silicon wand. It's also a little curved to hug your lashes better. 

With this mascara you get the best of both worlds. Silicon wand gives you definition and coats every lash to make them look longer and defined. Natural wand on the other side packs up more mascara to give your lashes volume. I love that you can interchange between them depending on which effect you want. I love silicon wands for lower lashes to give me more definition, but use natural wand on upper lashes to give me desired volume.

It definitely gives length, volume and definition. I can't say for curling abilities as I have lash filler which makes my lashes curled semi-permanently. 

Essence Double Trouble Mascara

Soft & Precise Lip Pencil - 203 My Advice

In it is 0.78 gram of product and it costs 1.19€.

I don't keep up with Essence lip liners anymore. Seems like they keep changing the name or formula or both. Nevertheless I always love their formula of regular lip liners and buy. This one is drier than I remember, but it's still easy enough to apply without too much of a drag on the lips. It has matte finish.

Essence always has good nude color selection of shades. 203 My Advice matches perfectly with Cool Collagen lipstick in the same shade, but for some reason it looks warmer on my skin tone than the lipstick and more peachy. So it's warmer peachy brown nude. 

Because it's dried formula it sticks well to the lips, prevents lipstick from bleeding out of the lines, fades evenly and is long lasting. I love wearing it on its own with just some lip balm or lip gloss over it. 

Hydrating Nude Lipstick - 302 Heavenly

In it is 3.5 grams of product and it costs 2.79€.

This is my favorite product of this launch. It's creamy lipstick formula that feel so nicely comforting and soothing like a lip balm, but has pigmentation of lipstick. It gives you that creme sheen finish. I always chuck it on, because it's so easy to wear and the color is perfect. 

302 Heavenly is neutral to warm light nude brown that isn't too warm, but also not pinkish. It's my perfect kind of nude when I want something neutral that will go with everything.

It's feels moisturizing and comfortable. My lips never feel dry, when wearing it. It lasts decently for creamy lipstick. 

Cool Collagen Plumping Lipstick - 203 My Advice

In it is 3.5 grams of product and it costs 2.99€.

This is similar formula to the hydrating one, but for some reason it feels thinner in consistency, a bit more lightweight, but also not as moisturizing. I don't wear it as much, because of the plumping effect it has. It's subtle tingle on the lips that I am not a fan of, though it's not as strong as with some other lip products I have tried. It also has that creme sheen finish.

203 My Advice is neutral medium brown nude. This one is darker than Heavenly, so it's nude for medium skin tones and it has a bit of that darker tone to it. But it's such a good nude with mix of brown, pink and peach. I thin Essence has started to make some really nice nude lip colors or maybe I just haven't payed much attention to their shade range before. 

This is another very easy to wear formula, if you exclude annoying plumping effect. It feels more lightweight than hydrating one and I feel like it doesn't stick as much to the lips either, but because it's darker in shade it seems to wear similarly long as the other formula. Both formulas are very smooth to apply, none accentuates dry patches and it wears off evenly.

Hydrating Nude Lipstick 302 Heavenly

Essence Cool Collagen Plumping Lipstick 203 My Advice

Shine Last & Go Gel Nail Polish - 81 Call Me Rusty

In it is 8 ml of product and it costs 1.69€.

It's regular creamy nail polish formula, not the smoothest to apply. It needs a bit of time to dry, but I would always apply top coat on top. My main problem with these kind of formulas is that they don't last. I think it started chipping on me the second or third day after applying it. 

81 Call Me Rusty is classic mauve shade that reminds me of autumn nail shades. It's nothing special in my collection, but a nice shade still.

Ultra-Care Foot Mask With Sea Salt

In squeezable plastic tube there is 75 ml of product and it costs 2.89€.

It's advertised as foot mask that can also be used as foot cream, if applied in thinner layer. It contains Croatian sea salt, shea butter, urea, panthenol and allantoin. 

Formula of this is almost like gel cream not at all like a proper foot mask, which are usually thicker balmy textures. This is basically foot cream and it won't be enough for those of you with very dry flaky feet. It leaves that slight nourishing layer and turns white as you massage it in. It's moisturizing, but probably not enough for those with dry feet.

Protecting Toe Nail Base Coat

In it is 8 ml of product and it costs 2.19€.

It's protecting base coat formulated for toe nails, because it has tea tree oil in it. Tea tree oil has antibacterial properties, so I'm assuming that's why they formulated it for toe nails. 

It has regular straight cut brush that applies thin consistency evenly on the nails. It has average dry time and colored nail polish went over it well.

Peppermint Glow Lip Balm pH-reacting

In it is 3.5 grams of product and it costs 2.79€.

It's another pH reacting lip product that Essence and Catrice apparently love. I hate peppermint lip products, so I haven't tried this one. I gave to someone that will actually use it. But I think it's regular lip balm formula. 

*Products were sent to me. 

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