Review: Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lipcolor - 710 HD Desert

I think I found another favorite lip formula from Revlon. I have very few lip products from them, but all are very loved and very comfortable to wear. This is another one of those ultra comfortable formulas that I always have in my bag on the go.


It comes in sleek long thin packaging with plastic cap and the color outside should represent the actual color. In it is 20 grams of product and it costs 11.49€. I usually buy Revlon products in Tuš drogerija, because they often times have offers on 40% off on Revlon. 


This is very smooth gel like creamy formula that has good amount of pigment to it, but definitely needs to be build up with at least two to three swipes for opaque intensity. It has creamy finish with lovely sheen that makes the lips look healthy.


It's available in 15 colors, but I don't think we have all of them in Slovenia. There are mostly pinks, reds and some nudes. 

710 HD Desert is the perfect warm peachy brownish pinkish nude. It has that warm peach base on brownish beige shade, but the sheen on top is almost slightly muddy pink. To me this is the perfect nude for my warm light skin tone. 


HD Desert - warm peachy brown-pinkish nude.

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor HD Forever - more dusty pink shade compared to Desert and not as warm. 

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream London - warm brown with peach undertone. If you mix London with Revlon's Forever, you would get Desert shade. 


It's one of those ultra comfortable formulas that glides over any dry patches, doesn't emphasize them and makes lips look healthy and moisturizer. I almost feel like it nourishes them as I never have that dry feel after removing it. 

It's creamy formula with lots of sheen, so obviously it's not long lasting and you need to reapply it every few hours or after a meal, but that is fine by me. It usually wears off on the inside first, but in general looks ok, because of the nude color that matches the lips. With darker colors this could be more of a problem. 

I have to say there isn't any Revlon lip product that I have tried so far and didn't like it. Revlon just knows how to do good lip products. This is another ultra smooth, nicely creamy and healthy looking lip formula that will be loved especially by those that like effortless formulas for on the go that feel comfortable even on dry lips. I like it even more, because I finally found warmer nude in Revlon range with the color Desert that is just my kind of shade. 


  1. Eden od redkih Revlonovih šmink, ki jih še nisem preizkusila, ampak imam na seznamu. Res, Revlon dela odlične formule za ustnice - ali so super udobne, ali pa super obstojne. Edino njihova klasična, stara formula šmink mi ni tako kvalitetna, mi je pa zato Matte verzija. Tale odtenek ti super paše, čisto zate :)

    1. Jaz bi tudi morala še več raziskati od njih, ker so res odlične formule. Sploh tiste bolj obstojne, ki si jih ti ocenile bi mogoče bile za makeup kit zanimive. Res me še ni razočarala nobena šminka od njih. Samo nabor odtenkov mi vedno manjka, več nude :D.