Review: Caudalie Vinosource-Hydra Products

Vinosource range from Caudalie has been recently revamped with new design and more recyclable packaging. I have to say the new pink design is lovely. Caudalie is known for grapes as one of the main ingredients in their ranges. I remember their Beauty Elixir water being iconic back in the days and every makeup artist used it. 


New modern pink design definitely catches your eye and I would dare to say their Vinosource range had younger population in mind when creating the design as it's rage geared towards moisturizing. Most of the products have glass bottles combined with plastic pumps and tops. Because of its weight it makes it feel luxurious. Every formula has according packaging that works with it. Serum has nice pump, moisturizer is in a pot, sorbet has squeezable tube and oil has glass dropper. 

S.O.S. Thirst-Quenching Serum

I'll start with my absolute favorite from this line and I believe it's also their best seller. It's vegan formula with 97% ingredients of natural origin. It contains organic grape water, glycerin, squalane and hyaluronic acid which are all great hydrating and moisturizing ingredients. 

It's scented with mandarin blossom, lemon tree leaves, cucumber water and fresh mint which gives it gentle fresh herbal fruity scent

In it is 30 ml of product and it costs 31€.

It's super lightweight formula that feels like watery serum with that squalane slip that gives it that moisturizing layer. It soaks into the skin quickly, feels super smooth on the skin and looks like nothing, but still feels moisturizing. This is one of those serums that would work for pretty much any skin type, because it's so light on the skin. I love it on its own in the summer or under moisturizer in colder months.

It definitely hydrates and moisturizes the skin, but in a such light way that feels like you have barely something on your skin. It's amazing for layering and makes the skin feel super smooth.

Grape Water Gel Moisturizer

Another one of my favorites, because of its light formula as well. It contains glycerin, organic prebiotic grape water, squalane, hyaluronic acid and organic aloe vera with 98% ingredients of natural origin and completely recyclable packaging. 

It's also scented with that same fresh scent.

In it is 50 ml of product and it costs 29€.

This is proper gel moisturizer formula that feels so refreshing on the skin, almost like you've applied a splash of cold water on your face. It soaks in fast and leaves almost no trace of it on the skin. Another amazingly light formula with that great slip and smoothness.

It feels just moisturizing enough and light. This is perfect as summer moisturizer or for anyone with normal, combination or oily skin. In the summer you can layer it up with heavier products on top. You can't overapply it, because it doesn't feel heavy at all.

Moisturizing Sorbet

Another lightweight formula like all previous ones with grape water, glycerin, squalane, hyaluronic acid, chamomile and tetrapeptide which is another moisturizing formula, but it should also soothe the skin and reduce redness. 97% of ingredients are of natural origin

It has the same scent as other products.

In it is 40 ml of product and it costs 28€.

This is the only formula that comes out thick looking, almost like baby food - slightly grainy, but it quickly melts into that gel-cream moisturizing formula that just sinks into the skin and gives the skin light velvet smooth layer.

It feels just a tad heavier than both previous formulas, but it's still fairly light on the skin and feels nicely moisturizing. I actually prefer to use this in the evening, because it feels slightly heavier than gel moisturizer, which is better for the day time. I haven't noticed any soothing effects, but my skin also hasn't been sensitive, so I can't comment on that. In general it locks in previous serums and moisturizes well.

Overnight Recovery Oil

Oil is formulated with 99% natural origin ingredients and certified organic. It has that dry oil feel with the combination of plant and essential oils which are organic grape seed oil, organic sesame oil, organic jojoba oil, rose essential oil and organic palmarosa essential oil. It's suppose to repair skin's barrier, nourish and soothe skin. It's another completely recyclable packaging. 

It's unscented, but the oils give it that fresh herbal scent.

In it is 30 ml of product and it costs 29.50€.

It definitely has that dry oil feel, because it feels "dry" on the skin, not heavy, but nicely nourishing and it leaves a bit of sheen on the skin. 

Even though this is an oil, is still light formula as with all other products from this range. I use oils mostly at night and only in colder months, because otherwise it can be too much for my combination skin. This one feels just nourishing enough and it definitely makes the skin softer. The scent isn't bad either, but I am just not a huge fan of oils, though this is definitely nicer one that I have tried. 

You can buy all Caudalie products online on Vivaderm

Moisturizing, lightweight and super smooth are the words I would use to describe Caudalie Vinsource-Hydra range. All the products have surprisingly lightweight formulas that apply extra smooth almost better than some makeup primers, so they are great for under the makeup. All formulas are nicely moisturizing, but in a light way, which makes me think this would work for many skin types. I am still the biggest fan of serum as well as gel moisturizer. Sorbet is nice as well, but it's already slightly heavier than gel moisturizer. An oil is a nice blend of different oils, but I am just not a huge fan of oils as I use them rarely. It's high end skin care range, but I would say the price definitely shows in the elegance of formulas and ingredients list is nice as well.

*Products were sent to me. 

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