January 2020 Favorites

January may be one of the most depressed months, but it's one of my favorites, because it's my birthday month. And to me it always resembles sort of a new start, since it's the beginning of a new year. I have received quite a few new makeup products and some made it into my favorites and I've been using them a lot. 

I sort of used up most of my favorite concealer and since I had this one in my collection, I started using it again. Part of the reason I like it so much, is that C1 is a very light shade which matches me perfectly in the winter. It's a nicely creamy concealer that has fairly good coverage. It can look a bit more obvious than some others, but I forgive it, because it lasts well on the skin. This is one of those rare Revolution products that I really like and actually bought again.

Catrice Triangle Artist Contour Stick - 020 Ashy Brown

Catrice just discontinued this product recently and since it was half off, I decided to give it a go. I don't think it's flawless, but it works reasonably, if you apply it with a brush. If I apply it straight on the face, it blends patchy. So I prefer putting it on a small dense brush and use it as a light shadow under my cheeks. I find it gives me just enough definition under my other powder products like bronzer. Shade is surprisingly grey toned, which I love for my winter skin as well, but the formula could be more pigmented and less creamy. 

This is definitely my favorite winter bronzer, because it's the only one that's actually very light in shade and has a bit of that redish undertone to it, so it looks very natural, almost sun burnt like. It's amazing for fair to light skin tones. I can't ever overdo this, because it's light enough and I can build up intensity of it. Finish is matte which is what I prefer for bronzers anyway. As you may notice, I am finishing the last bit of it and I already repurchased another one. 

theBalm Mary-Dew Manizer Liquid Mary-Lou Manizer

theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer is still to this day one of my favorite highlighters and I think it's well worth the money still. This liquid version was on my wishlist and my friend got it for me for birthday which was so nice. I actually quite like liquid and creamy highlighter, because powder ones can sometimes look too much, especially, if you use a lot of bronzer and have heavy eye makeup. This is exactly as it says - a liquid version of the powder one. It has the same shimmer in it and gives you that champagne gold sheen. I find it to be a bit less intense in sheen, but as you build it up, it becomes more metallic looking. 

Skindinavia The Makeup Finishing Spray Bridal

I already had Skindinavia oil free primer version and loved it. I actually use it as a finishing spay as well. But after reading up on more Skindinavia products, I decided to get the bridal version as well because it promises to keep at bay any moisture and last up to 16 hours. I've already use it on a couple of special occasions and I can agree with the claims, at least in this winter weather, I'm not sure how it will work in a summer heat. It prolongs the wear and intensity of makeup as well as keeps my face from looking oily. Their sprays always have a fine enough mist which is another thing I like.

Avon Supreme Playbook Eyeshadow Palette

I wasn't sure, if I should include this in my favorite, but I actually liked matte shades in this palette, so I did. I don't like this palette as a whole, but matte shades surprised me, because they blend out so effortlessly. But then again, Avon has proven to me that they can do matte eyeshadows well. Their shimmery and metallic ones are much harder to the touch and just don't have the intensity that I like. But the matte are great and therefore this one deserves a place in this post. I mostly just used lots of neutral tones to pair with my other shimmery shades on the lid. I don't particularly like that the two sides come together and have protective foil on them, because it gets dirty and I have to hold it up whenever I want to use eyeshadow. 

I used these pigments a lot in January. It's a loose pigment that is fairy chunky and crates foiled or glittery look depending on how you apply it - with a liquid or dry on top of a primer. They both have a sort of green golden sheen to them, but the base is pink at one and a more bronzer brown at the other. I love mixing these with Inglot Duraline, which is a liquid mixing medium that creates almost a paste and makes your eyelids look foiled and very metallic. Apply any matte eyeshadow crease and these two on the lid and you have yourself a very glamorous look, perfect for any special occasions. I would love to get some more, but I see Beauty Bay isn't selling them anymore. 

Kiss Natural Flourish Blooming Lash - Camellias

I have a couple of styles of Kiss Blooming Lashes and so far I like them all. These ones in style Camellias are just long enough and they look so fluttery, especially at the ends. I prefer a more natural, less dense lash. These also have two rows of lashes, so they look more natural and have more dimension. I have used these a few times already and they are still in good condition. I also love that they have invisible bend and are so light to wear all day long. 

Benefit Gimme Brown Volumizing Eyebrow Gel - 03

I am sure I features this Benefit brow gel in one of monthly favorite already, but I just like it so much more than I thought in the beginning and use it often. It's a mini version of this brow gel and it has super small brush, which is one of the reasons I like it so much. I coats each brow and makes it look so much fuller, darker and gives it more dimension, especially if you use it on top of a powder or pencil product. It also lasts very well. 

The Library of Fragrance - Baby Powder

I used the heck out of this fragrance last year and I am on the same roll this winter. It's one of those very cozy, almost a bit stuffy, scents that smells exactly like baby powder. It's fairly strong and lingers on the skin for a while. Fragrance is quite strong and oh so powdery that it can be too much for some, but I love it for those colder days. It makes me feel cozy and reminds me of my little niece - she always smells so baby like. 

My Birthday and Unicorn Cake

This month was my birthday and my fiance was so sweet and he made a cake for me, a unicorn cake which I once saved to my Pinterest board. It wasn't just good looking, it also tasted amazing. Sort of like a white chocolate raspberry coconut cake. It was a small family party which is just how I like it. 

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