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Another round of some new products, some repurchases as well as some PR products. Spring and summer always brings exciting new launches and here are mini reviews of some of these.

Avon Mark Epic Intense Eyeshadow Mini Palette - Island Vibes, Art of the Nudes, Intergalactic*

These are the new Mark eyeshadow palettes and I had some time to fully test them out. Avon eyeshadows are in general more of a drier formula and they need to be build up for an intense look, although some of their matte shades look really intense in these palettes. I especially love all the pops of colors. I'll have a separate review of them all with swatches and makeup looks.

Avon Mark Big & False Lash Mascara*

This one is waiting to be tried out, because I have so many new mascaras. I don't like to test them all at once and waste them. 

Nivea Oil in Lotion Orange Blossom & Avocado Oil*

I like Nivea body lotions, because they just seem to have the perfect combination of nourishing layer, but a lightweight feel. This one has that slight citrus sweet scent and it leaves behind a nice nourishing layer. It's super smooth, absorbs well and is moisturizing.

This is probably my 6th repurchase. It's one of my favorite acid toners that contains AHA and BHA. It's liquid that has quite strong tea tree scent, but it contains some nice natural ingredients. I like it, because it removes dead skin cells and I feel like it also cleans out my pores.   

Etude House 0.2 Therapy Air Mask - Ceramide, Manuka Honey

Ceramide version is a repurchase. I like this one because it felt very nourishing and moisturizing, great for when you really need that extra help with your skin. Manuka honey is a new version that I haven't tried out yet. I've only tried it once now and it's nice. Again one of those very nourishing and moisturizing sheet masks. I also like sweet and almost a bit citrusy scent of manuka honey. These have nice thin sheet and fit well on my face. 

Terra Naturi Body Milk Aloe Vera & Coconut Scent

I got this as a gift. It's a white cream consistency, but for some reason it feels like those Bale body butters, because it leaves behind a white layer that you have to really massage into the skin to make it disappear. It has a subtle herbal coconuty scent and it feels a bit thicker on the skin. I feel like this would be better for colder months.

Essence Eye Blender Brush

After trying out some of the new Essence brushes, I got one more. This one didn't impress me as much as others. It's a blending brush, but it's way too big for my taste. I wouldn't mind that, if it meant that the bristles were super soft and not densely packed, but these are. I feel like it's too dense for blending and not tapered enough. This would actually be better for blending out concealer or for something like highlighter.

Another one of those repurchases that I stopped counting. Whenever I see this on sale in Avon, I get it. It's a descent setting spray that prolongs the wear of my makeup. I also like using it when I apply a lot of powders, to just make them blend together better and not look as unnatural. It's a great affordable option, if you're looking for something like that.

Avon Mark Artist Gel Longwear Eyeliner Rich Copper

I have their older versions of these gel liners and it's one of my favorite formula. This is basically like a gel liner in a pen form. Black is super black and ultra smooth, great for smudging. I decided to also try out something more brown and this rich copper is a medium warm golden brown shade with small gold sparkles. It's not as pigmented as the matte black version, but still has that creamy gel formula that is so easy to blend and smudge out. 

I recently raved about this brush as one of the best brushes for highlighting. It's super soft, not too dense and just the right size to give you precise application. When I posted about it, I decided to get another one, just in case, because you never know when Essence might decided to discontinue it, like they do with a lot of their products.

Essence LE Glow... Baked Metallic Highlighter glitter is raining on you

I already have shade you're doing what you love and I just kept seeing this LE everywhere, so I decided to try out that other medium shade as well. Mostly because of how pretty it looked on Vesna here. It's a rose gold shade. The base looks almost a bit bronzy, but the sheen on top is like a light pink mixed with tiny bit of copper. I find it so unique in shade. It's very reflective, but doesn't contain any obvious shimmer. On the photos it doesn't look half as pretty as it does in real life. It's a bit too dark for me as a highlighter, so I mostly use it as a blush topper on tops of my cheeks for that added glow. 

On my photos it looks almost gold, but it's more bronze in real life and it has that gorgeous pink sheen on top that doesn't show up on photos at all.

The Little Book of Skin Care Korean Beauty Secrets for Healthy, Glowing skin by Charlotte Cho

I've already mentioned this book in my April Favorites. I got it as a gift from my cousin and I really like it. I've been slowly getting into that Korean skin care world and this is the perfect book to give you the basics of their routine as well as an insight in Korean culture in general. It's a light read, but provides you with all the basics that you might be interested in. 

If I would do my own palette, this would be it, as far as the colors go. It has all those basic warm neutral tones as well as some of my favorite pops of colors. Formula is in general more wet and the pigmentation is good. My only problem is that some of the mattes don't blend as nice. Some shimmery shades are so creamy that it's best to apply them with fingers. But in general, the quality is pretty good for the price. 

Makeup Revolution Ingot Highlighter Rose Gold* 

Makeup Revolution also came out with new highlighters. Rose Gold is a light rose bronze base with a silver sheen. Shimmer is very fine so it just gives you a nice metallic sheen, but no chunks. It's a bit dark for my skin tone right now, so I use it only on top of blush to add some of the colorful highlight. Although you can pick it up with fluffy blush and it shows up lighter on skin with more of that silver sheen.

Bourjois Satin Edition 24h Eyeshadow - 03 Mauve your body and 01 Beige-seller*

I've read some review of these already and apparently, they work different on me. I find that these need a bit of time to dry down and in the mean time I can get them in my crease, if I apply too much. It's definitely an eyeshadow that needs to be build up to look intense and you have to have patience with it. One color is more of a taupe mauve and the other is light gold with silver sheen. They do last very well once you actually apply them well and let them set. 

Nivea Sun UV Face Moisture Mousse SPF 50+ and UV Face Q10 Anti-age & Anti-pigments SPF 30*

I always get excited about testing out new sunscreens, because this is just something that you need as soon as the sun comes out in spring. I use SPF on my face every day in warmer months and even more so, if I'm spending the day outdoors.  Nivea came out with two new products. Mousse is fun to use, but feels more oil based and greasier. I would use this by the sea or when going to the pool. Cream version for anti-aging is better for daily use, because it's not as emollient. Both of these really leave no white residue, as they promise, and have that lovely typical Nivea scent.

The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 2% in Squalane

I ordered a few Ordinary products, because they are just the cheapest for what you get and it seems like a fool proof system of testing some new ingredient that you want to introduce into your skin care routine. I was too scared to order retinol, because of it's side effects, so I got retinoid instead. Starting small and I can always go up from here. It's a very greasy formula. More than I would expect, it feels almost like oil on the skin. There is absolutely no irritation. So far I noticed that this helps to heal my breakouts and the skin looks a bit clearer while I use it.

The Ordinary Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate 10%

This is one of their vitamin Cs and I decided on this one because of the low irritation and price. It's almost like a nourishing cream that I use at night time. Because it feels so nourishing, I skip the moisturizer on top of it. Actual performance is to be debatable, because I haven't been using it long enough to see any results. I'm hoping this will add some anti-oxidants to my skin as well as lighten up my sallowness around the mouth. 

The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution

I've had Pixi Glow Tonic before and since glycolic acid seems to be so raved about for everyday routine, I decided to try this one from Ordinary as well. It has a herbal scent that I actually really like. So far, I notice it making my skin smoother, but I definitely notice that it's only an AHA. Because when I use COSRX version my pores look much cleaner than with just this. But this is great to use every day as a toner as it keeps my skin smoother on the surface. 

Balea Deodorant Sensitive

I use roll on deodorant which are very inconvenient for the summer, because it leaves your armpits and clothes wet. That is why I want to try out some aerosol deodorants and this one seemed nice, because it contains no alcohol and no aluminum. It also doesn't leave any white marks on my skin or clothes which is another plus. It has the most addicting baby powder kind of scent. I adore it. This is a mini version, but if this doesn't clog my skin, I'll probably buy a full size version. 

Balea Rasiergel LE Peach Love

Balea shaving gels are a staple in my body care routine, because they're cheap, work great and always have fun LE scents. I got Peach Love version which smells like Nestea Peach Ice Tea. Their gels come out as a gel and quickly turn into a foam. They also have added colors, so they don't just work great, but also look fun.

This is my all time favorite eyeliner and probably my 5th repurchase. I love it, because it's super precise, it has nice thin brush applicator and literally doesn't dry up for like half a year. It just lasts and lasts. I also have brown version. It also doesn't smudge and is in fact waterproof.

Clio Pro Play Handy Eyelash Tweezer

I still have problems applying false eyelashes on myself. I can do it better on others, so I decided to get one of those eyelash tweezers to help me. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm hoping it will make this task a little easier. They were super cheap too.

L.O.V. HEARTful Healthy Glow Blush 041 Radiant Rosewood

So apparently Müller in Slovenia has decided to no longer offer L.O.V. products. Well that sucks. Maybe DM will pick up on their mistake. I go across to Austrian DMs often and sometimes find great deals. Like this blush, which was half off, so I decided to try it. It's a brick orange shade with hints of pink and it has lovely natural sheen on the skin. I really like the color as well as the sheen on top.

Essence Fresh & Fit Awake Primer Healhty Glow Pore Minimizing Effect

I hear this is supposed to be Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow Primer dupe, but I got it manly because I have mostly matte primers and I wanted something more glowy looking. It has a pearly silver sheen to it, but the base is more peachy. This leaves a very healthy glow on the skin and it doesn't seem to sit in pores nor make my skin any more oily. It has fruity scent and so far it works great as a primer. This would be nice all over your skin for that ultra glowy look, if you don't need any foundation on top. 

Essence Fit Me! Matte + Poreless Foundation 100 Warm Ivory

I mostly got this, because the shade 100 actually seemed like one of the lightest shades in drugstore and I still don't have any super light foundation in my collection. Mateja raves about it and it's one of her favorite foundations. Shade 100 is actually the closest to my current natural skin color. It's lightly yellow toned and light enough for NC15 skin tone, but it does seem to have some peach tone in it which I don't appreciate as much. My problem is that this is lighter coverage than I expected. I would say it's light to medium. It also doesn't seem to sit as nice on my skin, sometimes it can look a bit obvious. I need to test that out more, because I might be using it with the wrong skin care. For something that claims to be matte this gets oily way quicker than I thought. I definitely wouldn't recommend it for oily skin. 

Balea Ultra Sensitive Totes Meer SOS Feuchtigkeitsspray

It's a spray solution for red and irritated skin. Basically for those that are prone to allergies and need some kind of relief. I am always up for trying something new and this one seemed very affordable. Apparently it contains panthenol and allantoin that should strengthen skin's barrier. I got it for my itchy eczema hands. It's a transparent liquid that feels a bit sticky (might be because of the dead sea salt), but is in general lightweight on the skin. I have to test it more in order to see, if it really helps my skin. 

This is my new favorite concealer. It's the highest coverage concealer I have had so far. Formula is thicker cream and it dries very quickly into a matte finish that for some reason doesn't seem drying and it also doesn't crease. I like that I can use so little of it and it really covers well, but doesn't look too cakey either. Color 01 is light enough for my NC15 skin tone.

*PR products


  1. Škoda, da ti Maybelline ne paše. To se strinjam, da je prekrivnost lahka, kar meni paše in da ni za mastno kožo, drugače ne bi bil zame. Malo so dali ime narobe, ampak na moji koži izgleda super. Pa odtenek je top, ne vem zakaj ga ni pri nas. Si pa vsaj našla The Saem korektor :)

    L.o.v. blushe sem čisto zamudila. Ni se mi dalo v nič po trgovinah hodit in sem prišla prepozno. Naše stojalo je izropano. But I'll survive, ker sodeč po testerjih, mi ni bil noben odtenek zelo všeč za moj ten. Je pa formula izgledala vrhunska.

    Breskov Balein gel pa ne vem kako sem spregledala. I obviously need it.

    Niveine sončne kreme izgledajo zanimive, ampak sem zraven njih v DM-u zagledala nove od SunDance. Me bolj mikajo, ker ena obljublja mat finiš.

    1. Nekako mam občutek, da se bo bolje obnesel pozimi. Takrat sem manj mastna pa večina pudrov lepše sedi na moji koži. Ampak odtenek je pa fantastičen. Še nič tako prav svetlega nisem videla pri nas in seveda ravno tega nimamo - surprise, surprise! Tako je, The Saem je definitivno en najboljših izplenov :D.

      Jaz sem šla potem še enkrat gledat L.O.V. stojalo, ko sem izvedela, da gre iz prodaje pa nisem našla več nobenega drugega odtenka ki bi me zanimal. Sicer mi je bil všeč en tak temno berry mauve, ki sem mislila, da bo tebi všeč, ampak so ga pri nas tudi izropali. Zdaj vidim, da imajo v Avstriji neke LE izdelke od njih, ki me res mikajo. Ne vem pa če tu pri nas najdem preko meje. Imajo zdaj ta nov nabor bolj zanimiv kot je bil prejšnji. Tako da škoda, da jih več ni pri nas.

      Tega pa res rabiš :D Jaz v vsakem DMu vidim različne te gele, tako da več ne vem kaj je novo in kaj ne :D.

      Ta Q10 verzija mi je dejansko všeč. Mousse je pa malo premasten zame. SunDance pa nikoli nisem gledala. Sem pa v Avstriji v DMU njihovo znamko prečekirala. Imajo tudi zdaj lep nabor sončnih krem. Neke anti poluttion ali anti aging, pa tudi tisto z mat finišem. V glavnem spet več izbire kot pri nas.

  2. Avon fiksirni sprej je odličen, sem ga spet začela uporabljati v teh vročih dneh :D Essence primer je edini primer, ki ga dejansko uporabljam in mi ga ni težko vključiti v mojo rutino zjutraj. Res da tak lep glowy videz :D

    1. Jaz Avonovega kar skoz uporabljam. Mi ga ni škoda, ker ga vedno kupim ko je v akciji za ene 3€. :D Essencov je pa tudi odličen. Sem bila skeptična, ampak ga lahko še zdaj v tej vročini uporabljam pa izgleda makeup še vedno dobro. Jaz bi ga kar nosila samega, če bi imela res popolno kožo :).