Purple Cut Crease

I wanted to try out cut crease technique that seems to be so popular. I was avoiding it, because my eyes are slightly hooded and not the most symmetrical, so anything that requires precision and harsh edges can look messy on my eyes. But I want to improve my skills, so after a few tries, I finally have a look that I am satisfied with. It's a more pink purple look with fierce liner.

I started this eye look by applying light matte peach shade in the crease and a bit above. Then I took light matte rose shade and applied it a bit lower, more just in the actual crease. In the outer corner of the eye I put matte redish pink shade. 

I used concealer to carve out that cut crease shape. Over it I applied shimmery light mauve shade. I'm a newbie at doing this, so I went a bit too out on the corners. But you can fix this by applying more of that transition shade in the outer corner. I also put in the corner a bit of matte purple to deepened it. Some got stuck to the concealer and I tried to blend it out as much as possible, but it was a bit difficult. I paired this look with a bold black winged eyeliner.

This look could use some false lashes, but you know me, I prefer to do it without. So I just applied lots of mascara and hoped for some definition. On the lower lash line I used the same matte shades, keeping darker ones at the outer corner. In the inner corner of the eyes I applied shimmery rose highlighter.

I actually really like the contrast of darker matte corners and sparkly cut crease on the inner part of the eye. It looks even prettier in real life, although I'm not sure about that cut crease shape. As someone that has slightly hooded eyes this doesn't always look the best. I figured that going above your natural crease makes it stand out more.  

On my face I used a mixture of BB cream and foundation, higher coverage concealer and powder. I also applied bronzer, rosy blush and shimmery rose highlighter to make it more monochrome. 

On the lips I used a mixture of peach pink and warm brown matte lipstick shades. 

Eyes are quite bold, but in a way feel romantic because of the pinks, corals and purples. I love a good wing with these kind of looks, because it adds definition to the look. The rest of my face is more neutral, so the focus is on the eyes. Have you tried cut crease looks? I'm curious how it worked out for your eye shape.

Products used

Essence Fresh & Fit Awake Primer Healthy Glow Pore Minimizing Effect
Invisiwear EX1 Liquid Foundation 2.0 + Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation 010 + Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream 21
The Seam Cover Perfection Tip Concealer 01
Paese Rice Powder
Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer - Bronzer
H&M Pure Radiance Powder Blusher Rosy Brow
Makeup Revolution Ingot Highlighter Rose Gold

The Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer 01
Colourpop Yes, Please! - Full Zip
Colourpop Yes, Please! - Champs
Colourpop She - Dear
Colourpop She - Missy
Colourpop She - Damsel
MAC Pro Longwear Concealer
Colourpop She - Dainty
Makeup Revolution Ingot Highlighter Rose Gold
Clio Kill Black Brush Liner
Maybelline Lash Sensational Black

Avon True Colour Perfectly Matte Lipstick Rouged Perfection + Marvelous Mocha


  1. Zelo lep look (kot vedno)! <3 Všeč mi je, da ni preveč udarno, čeprav si uporabila močne roza in rdeče barve. Tudi kombinacija z ustnicami ti je odlično uspela - oboje je ravno prav poudarjeno. :)
    Jaz imam kar nekaj težav pri cut creasu, eno veko imam dostikrat večjo kot drugo in obe sta še spuščeni, tako da ni idealno zame. Si naredim, če imam "good eye day" :D

    1. Hvala :) <3 Meni je bilo ravno to všeč, da ne izgleda preveč vpadljivo. Včasih ti cut crease looki izgledajo absolutno preveč močni. Ampak očitno so odtenki ravno dovolj nevpadljivi :).
      O saj jaz tudi. Ena oblika očesa je vedno višja od druge. Pač nismo simetrični in boljše je tako :D. Je pa res, da potem moraš kar dobro znat prilagodit, da izpade dokaj enako. Problemi :D.