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I decided to post another new in, because I got myself some new products. I also got a few gifts, because you know..the season just calls for these.

Colourpop Super Shock Shadow - Moonwalk and Game Face

Colourpop finally had free international shipping and I decided to try some of their products. Since lip products are mostly matte and I had a really hard time choosing shades, I decided to first try some of their eyeshadows. I chose two shades that I know I would wear a lot and that are shimmery.

Moonwalk looks green in the pot, but has in fact orange copper base and a yellow green duo chrome to it. It's in pearlized finish which is essentially a bit sheerer finish with lots of small shimmer that gives it that lovely sheen.

Game Face is one of their best sellers and for a good reason. They describe it as a penny copper shade and it's just that. I adore this shade. It's so rich and warm. This should be named after me, really. It's in an ultra-metallic finish and really does have that pigmented metallic finish to ti.

Eyeshadows have the most unique kind of like mousse texture. It's not cream, but it feels creamy and it's kind of bouncy or whipped. It's harder to pick it up with a brush, so applying it with fingers works best. They blend easily though. 

L'Oreal Pure Clay Glow Mask

I first saw these masks on YouTube channels and they got raved reviews, so I decided to buy this one, because it had highest ratings. It's a regular clay mask. I like that it's creamy enough that you can spread it on the face easily and it's not too thick looking. This small pot will actually last you a long time. It has very interesting scent, sort of like herbal and spa like and I actually really like it. It dries to a dessert kind of look and it does clean the skin well.

Zoeva Caramel Malange Eyeshadow Palette

I have been waiting for Zoeva to come out with new eyeshadow palettes. In my opinion Zoeva has best powder eyeshadows for the price (even though they're constantly raising their prices). When I saw Caramel Melange it looked like a perfect addition to my Zoeva collection. This is essentially warmer sister of Cocoa Blend. It's by far their warmest selection of shades. There's also a bit more of the matte shades, 6 in total and 4 shimmery ones. All shades are different than in Cocoa Blend and there are no dupes. It's a must have for all your warm lovers.

Cvetka Bio Herbal Deodorant - Hug of Softness (Bio zeliščni deodorant - Objem nežnosti)*

This is Slovenina natural skin care brand. I decided to test out their natural deodorant, because my friend makes one herself and says it actually works on her skin. So I was curious enough to try Cvetka version. I chose the gentlest one, because I have sensitive skin. The base is basically coconut oil, sesame oil and baking soda. There's also a lot of added herbs. It has a very herbal scent and kind of fresh like menthol. It reminds me a lot of kitchen herbs. Texture is soft and a bit waxy. It's also not smooth, because I can feel baking soda and it almost feels like a peeling. Other than that I haven't tested it enough yet.

Cover Gray 2-in-1 Mascara Wand And Sponge Applicator*

I don't have grey hair yet, but I wanted to test this on my roots. Especially, because I color my hair and I was interested to see if this could cover the growth on roots. It does not. This is essentially more for those of you that have a few grey strands here and there and would like to cover them until the first wash. It is also nice to sort of thicken the hair or make your hairline look fuller. They sent me the wrong color, so I tested both medium brown and dark brown.

Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Mask - Green Tea and Bamboo

I love green tea version. It has that lovely real green tea scent, is very hydrating and soaking wet. It feels like a super hydrating serum. So these were repurchase. I also decided to get bamboo versions. So far, I haven't tried these yet.

Garnier Moisture + Aqua Bomb Tissue Mask Super Hydrating & Repulping

I also haven't tried this one yet, but it sound lovely and I hope it works the same. Our drugstores are finally getting more into this sheet mask trend and I am on a look out for good ones.

Essence LE Glitter In The Air - One for All Shimmer Drops

Very light and sheer liquid shimmer. It has a beige almost a bit grey toned base with very light golden shimmer in it. You can sheer it down and almost apply it as a primer or mix it in with foundation or you can apply it as a light highlighter. It can be build up to a metallic finish. I like that the shade is very light and perfect for fair skin tones. Shimmer in it is a bit obvious.

Essence LE Glitter In The Air - Nail Polish Remover Gel Ultra Strong

This is acetone based nail polish remover, but it has a thick gel like consistency. I've tried removing glitter manicure with it and it does work with the whole foil technique, but I have to test it out a bit more. I also feel like I use too much of it, if I just use it as a regular nail polish remover. Because it soaks into the pad and isn't as wet. 

Catrice LE Pret-a-lumiere Strobing Gel Highlighter

This whole collection was calling me, but when I was in the store, I decided to only get this gel. It has unique gel consistency and it hardens like gelatine. It's thicker consistency, but it sheers down to a very transluscent finish. Obviously you can build it up as well. I also mix this in with foundation sometimes or use it as a very light glow on the skin. It looks pink and dark in the pot, but goes on sheer and has light golden sheen to it. You can spot shimmer in it, but it's not too big. I love that it's gold, but still light enough for light skin tones.

Face by Pixiwoo

I love watching Pixiwoos on YouTube and when I heard that they wrote a book full of makeup advice, I wanted it. It's definitely more of a makeup lovers guide on all things from skin, to makeup tools, makeup finishes and more. There are some gorgeous photos of models and creative makeup. It also comes with a free app that you scan on certain pages and it offers you additional video makeup tutorials. I only started reading it a few days ago, so I can't say much more about it yet.

Plantae Avocado Pear Eye Contour Cream*

This was actually a gift and it came with the serving plate and chocolates. Such a lovely gift by the brand owners. I actually had a tester of this cream before so I can say a bit more about it. It's a very liquid white cream that feels hydrating, but is not greasy. You need the tiniest amount. It has a herbal scent like most of their products. I haven't started using it yet, because I have some other cream to go through first. 

The Body Shop Mango Shower Gel

My lovely Astrid always sends me the most smelly presents. Mango show gel has that lovely sweet mango scent that feels so refreshing in the shower.

The Body Shop Honeymania Exfoliating Cream Body Scrub

This smells amazing. It really smells like a true rich honey. Scrub has a very thick consistency with sugar in it as a scrubing part. I haven't tried it yet.

Only You Nail Colour 195 Front Row Diva

A lovely rich berry pink shade of nail polish that looks perfect for fall time. I haven't tried it yet though. 

Casuelle Festive Body Glitter

I got this lovely gift from Sabina who always gets me the best gifts. This is a gold body shimmer in a powder form. It comes with a super cute pink powder puff. With it you can powder your body and it gives you lovely golden shimmer. 

Aroma Herbal Cocoa Golden Bar

It's a butter bar made of cocoa butter and it has small sparse golden glitter in it. It comes in a solid form, but once it touches the body, the warmth melts it. I have been obsessing over this one on one of the beauty events and Sabina remembered it. I love how cocoa butter smells and this is amazing. I'll probably be using it only for special occasions, because I don't want to use it up too quickly.

Herbio Cotton Seed Shower Gel

I already have a review of it.  This is one of my favorite shower gels for sensitive skin. It has lovely sleepy gentle scent to it and it's in a gel form. 

She also made me some really tasty coconut pralines. I adore coconut and those were really good. 

Vichy Teint Ideal Illuminating Foundation - 1 Light

Regular compact powder. Unfotunately, I haven't tried many of these products yet, so I can't say if I like them or not. I just hope that shade 1 Light isn't going to be too dark for me.

LCN Nail Polish - Purple Chic

Basic purple shade of nail polish that also looks a bit more fallish to me. I haven't tried anything from this brand, so I'm curious.

La Roche-Posay Respectissime Mascara Multi-Dimensions

I have high hope for this one. I've already had one mascara from La Roche-Posay and it was amazing - La Roche-Posay Respectissime Extension Length and Curl. This one also has silicon wand which I love, so I am hoping for the best.

Vichy Idealia Smoothing And Illuminating Cream Normal To Combination Skin

My mom had one of those creams from Idealia before and I didn't like it at all. Not enough moisturizing and way too scented. I'm hoping that this one turns out better, if not I'll probably just give it to her.

Avon Reindeer Bubble Bath Plum & Vanilla

It has a bit of sweet fruits scent mixed with some basic vanilla sweetness. I like Avon bubble baths and this one has the cutest packaging, so I'm sure I'll get a good use out of it. Lately, I've beenr eally enjoying taking baths.

Essence Glossy Kiss Lipbalm Cherry Kiss

One of those teenage looking lip glosses in a tube. It has slight red tint to it and artificially sweet cherry scent. 

Essence The Little X-Mas Factory Super Rich Mini Hand Cream 01 Holiday Hugs...

Cute mini hand cream that has a very sweet kind of artificial scent. It doesn't necessary remind me of vanilla, but I do like the scent anyway.

Essence Kajal Pencil 04 White

Really soft white eye pencil. The pigmentation is not the best, but it should come in hand for some more creative makeup looks.

Essence Good Girl Nail Stickers

Super cute nail stickers with Christmas inspired designs as well as some classic flowers and butterflies. 

I know this is not beauty related, but you'll for sure be seeing it on my Instagram as a prop. My cousin made us these cute white mugs. I love the writing on it and the whole look of it. It'll probably be my new eye makeup brushes holder. 

*PR products


  1. Senčke od Colourpop so zelo lepe :) Sploh Game Face. Tekstura mi zveni zanimivo. Je kot tiste od L'Oreala Infallible? Zoevina paletka mi je tudi všeč, dosti nosljive barve razen tiste rdečkaste.

    Catrice Pret a lumiere sem preizkusila v trgovini in mi je gel krasen. Nisem pa nič vzela, ker skoraj nikoli ne vzamem kaj kar prvič vidim.

    Jealous za TBS stvarce. Sploh Honeymania scrub zveni super, čeprav mi body butter iz te linije ni dišal kaj dosti po medu.

    Avonova peneče kopel je prekjut in lončki so awesome. Bravo sestrična :)

    1. Joj mene so čisto navdušile. Vsaj ta dva odtenka. Bom zagotovo še kakšno kupila, ko bodo le imeli zastonj poštnino :). Ne od L'Oreala so bolj kot ne pressed. Colourpop so dejansko čisto fluffy in mousse-aste. Prav s čopičem rineš senčko na eno strani in na drugo, ker jo težko vzameš ven. Ker niti ni kremasta. Je pa na dotik kot kremasto, čeprav se na vekah posuši v puder. Prav čudno je za opisat, ampak res edinstvena tekstura :D.

      Gel je tudi mene najbolj pritegnil. Saj so tudi druge stvari zanimiva, ampak ta je bil najbolj unikaten.

      Točno, tebi je všeč vonj po medu :). Ta res diši čisto kot pravi med. Še malo tak močan priokus ima kot pravi med.

      Avon ima vsako leto take kjut izdaje. Vsaj za december. Lončki so res adorable. Sem že želela enkrat kupiti neke podobne :).

  2. Petra najprej na ti zaželim lepe praznike in vse dobro v 2017. Krasne novosti, nekaj izmed njih imam tudi sama. Mene je LE linija od Catrice navdušila, pač preveč se sveti in ko se sveti je pravi naslov zame. Imam tudi sama gelno verzijo in bi se kar potopila v njo. Garnier masko sem preizkusila 1x je lepo vlažilna, sem pa po njej dobila kar nekaj mozoljev, tako da ne upam več:) (mogoče je moja koža preveč navajena na naravno/organsko). Zoevine paletke pa so magic lepe. Vse na njih je čudovito, dizajn, odtenki, ki se ne ponavljajo, pigmentacija, nanos, blendiranje. Ko imaš 1 hočeš še druge. Jaz jo brez težav lahko primerja z Tarte in so Zoevine mat čisto primerljive. Od Vichy pa imam tekočo podlago, ki mi je drgače po teksturi, nanosu všeč, samo sem opazila, da najsvetlejši odtenek precej oksidira na meni, le tega prej nisem opazila čez poletje. Mi je pa všeč tisti sijoč naraven videz. Kremice od njih mi je pa bila za mojo kožo odlična vlažilna linija Thermal, moja mama pa je probala verjetno že vse ostale pa se vedno vrača nazaj k njim.

    1. Hvala Monika. Tudi tebi vse lepo v novem letu :) <3.
      Meni je tudi takoj padla v oči. Osvetljevalci in to. Ta gel je res zanimiv. Čeprav je bolj rahel highlight, ampak je super za na kremne izdelke.
      O, upam, da jaz ne bom imela take reakcije.
      Sem ravno danes vidla tvojo Zoeva zbirko. Točno tako kot praviš, ko imaš eno, želiš še več. Saj tudi z Too Faced jih komot primerjam. Zoevini metalik odtenki so še veliko bolj pigmentirani.
      Nekako mi Vichy ni bil nikoli všeč. Podlage so mi bile vedno pretemne in se potem več nisem trudila gledat. Na sploh ne maram takih zelo lahkih krem, ki so preveč parfumirane. Ampak pustimo se presenetiti :). Moji mami so tudi všeč. Mogoče sem pa samo jaz izbirčna.

  3. Essence odstranjevalec laka sem preizkusila dvakrat in mi ni kaj preveč všeč.
    Sem stala pred Pret-a-lumiere kolekcijo pa na koncu nisem nič vzela, zdaj pa mi je že kar malo žal :P Te Aroma Herbal pa se še spomnim z SummerMBeauty kako božansko dišijo :D

    1. Meni tudi za klasično čiščenje ni všeč. Bolj za tehniko s folijo. :D Je kar zanimiva kolekcija. Mene so bolj določeni odtenki zmotili. Ravno tam sem občudovala to masažno ploščico in Sabina si je očitno dobro zapomnila :D.