September 2016 Favorites

September is the month that puts me into a fall mood. This year's September has been a really hot one and I love it. Evenings are becoming chillier and my east side room is also pretty cold in the afternoon. It's time to bring out candles, fuzzy blankets and darker makeup. I've already been experimenting with a lot of my usual fall colors. I also have a few new favorite skin and body care products.

Plantae Bitter Orange Blossom Spritz*

Spritz has a lovely bitter orange scent to it which feels very refreshing. I love this as a first step in my night and morning routine, when I'm not using exfoliating toners. It gives the skin a boost of freshness and is a great moisturizing base for everything that I put on top. I'll have a full review of both Plantae products on my blog soon.

Plantae Sea Buckthorn Berry Night Cream*

It has a very natural specific scent which I'm not that fond of, but I've gotten used to it. Texture of it is very light and it needs a bit more to massage it in completely. It almost leaves behind a bit of a sticky feeling. In combination with spritz this works great in my evening routine. In the morning my skin is always well moisturized and plump looking. That leads me to believe that it's a lovely evening moisturizer for normal to combination skin.

Avon Nutra Effects Mineral Glow Lightweight Facial Oil*

Facial oil has a soothing subtle sweet fruity scent to it which I really love. It's very thin and lightweight oil. Formula feels like a dry oil, because it soaks into the skin quickly and doesn't leave behind greasy layer. I find it to be one of those transitional oils. I would probably use something richer in colder months, but it's great for now, when my skin is still a bit oilier and not as dry as in the winter. It feels soothing and nourishing.

Catrice Lash Dresser Comb Mascara

I've already written a review of this one here. It's definitely been my favorite of this month, because I've mostly been using only this one for my makeup looks. I love comb like wand and the fact that this gives nice definition. I would love for it to have a bit more volume, but it's great for when you want your lashes to look multiplied. I also love it for very natural looks.

Trend It Up Powder Blush - 050

I love mauve blushes for fall makeup and when I saw this one in the store, I got it. It's been on my cheeks a lot this month. It reminds me a lot of H&M blushes in that it has a similar satin finish, but is in fact a bit more shiny with no visible shimmer in it. I also love that dirty mauve shade. It has great pigmentation and I have to be careful how much I put on my brush. It also lasts on me well so it makes it a total winner. 

Rimmel Lasting Finish Soft Colour Blush - 010 Santa Rose

Before I got Trend It Up blush I've been obsessed with this one. Mateja totally bought me with her review. It's no wonder I love it so much, because it's similar to one of my favorites H&M Pure Radiance Powder Blush in Apricot. Santa Rose is a bit more dirty version of Apricot. It also has a very cool toned sheen to it. I love the light shade of it and it goes with pretty much all makeup looks. The staying power is not as impressive. Maybe it has something to do with lighter shade. 

Sleek Highlighting Palette - Solstice

I can safely say that this is the most reflective highlighter that I own. What fascinates me the most it's how it looks like on the skin. Most highlighters have a strong pigmented base that leaves some sort of shade on your skin. But these look like they have no colored base on the skin and they just reflect off it. It's fascinating. If you build it up you can almost get a metallic look. I prefer it applied lightly. All shades are fairly light and will be great for colder months. My favorite shades are Subsolar (yellow toned) and Equinox (peach toned).

Essence Pure Nude Highlighter - 10 Be My Highlight

I've already reviewed it here. It's one of the most natural looking highlighters. It has a very peach based tone to it and is more for light to medium skin tones. It's super finely milled and gives lovely cool toned sheen to the skin. This is great for when you want something natural looking. 

MAC Lipstick - Velvet Teddy

This is probably one of the most popular fall MAC lipstick shades and I get why. It can almost look a bit different on each skin tone. On me it's quite peachy based warm brown with a hint of mauve. On someone cool toned this could be a lot more mauve based brown. I always get compliments when I wear it. It's not too dark, but also not light. I love it for the fall season and the formula is lovely as well. Not heavy feeling and it doesn't particularly dry out my lips. 

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Swivel Stick

Another Mateja inspired purchase. It's a greasy but lightweight lip balm. Actually, this is supposedly for marks, blemishes, rough and dry skin anywhere on the body, but I use it as a lip balm. I like this for moisturizing my lips through the day. It has cocoa butter which I've always loved for the lips. It's one of those good lip balms for every day use. For mornings and evenings I still use a bit more hardcore lip products. I also really like cocoa smell of it.

Trend It Up High Shine Lipgloss - 150

This one is a new edition to my tiny lip gloss collection. I've just fallen in love with the shade and had to get it. It has a brush applicator, which I really like. Another one of those mauve brown shades which are perfect for fall or great neutrals in general. It has a fairly good pigmentation. Formula is a bit sticky, but that also means it stays on the lips well for a lip gloss. It has an odd scent to it which I didn't like at first, but I actually love it right now. To me it smells like gingerbread cookies and a bit of cinnamon. 

Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel - Autumn Spice

Oh my God, the smell of it! I couldn't believe that this smells for so long. I've had it on for 5 days and I could still smell it. The fist and second day the scent was really intense. Whenever I scratched my nose I smelled it. The intensity wears of through the days and on the fifth day I could barely sense it, but it was still present. It has a very cinnamon warm spice scent. I can't describe which spices are in it, but cinnamon definitely is. This is perfect if you love that warm exotic spice scents. Shade itself is just as fall appropriate, very rich brown with golden sheen.

Balea Nut Bodybutter With Hazelnut Oil

Sara mentioned this body butter on her blog here. Then Mateja also raved about how well is smells here. I completely forgot about it until I saw it on sale in DM. I bought it a long time ago, so I'm not sure if they even sell this. Since the weather has been a bit more chilly, I've taken it out to really moisturize my skin. I love body butters for their greasy rich layer on the skin. This one is a very thick whipped butter. Once you warm it in your hands it breaks down. You still need to massage into the skin well to really get it soaked in. I love that it leaves moisturizing layer on the skin, but it's not greasy at all - like for example body oils. This keeps my skin moisturized for the whole day. The thing that makes this a total winner is the smell. Oh smells exactly like Monte milky hazelnut dessert. I couldn't believe it. When I opened it I got such cravings that I had to buy Monte the next day. If you're on a diet and love sweets, I would advise you to stay away from this.

Avon Nutra Effects Velvet Soft Moisture For Body, Face And Hands*

I've already said that I am a huge fan of Nutra Effects Active Seed Complex Hydration Daily Cream. It's my favorite face moisturizer so far. When I got this version for body, face and hands, I knew it was going to be good. It's very light textured and it feels lightweight on the skin as well. It feels like one of those universal creams for the whole body. It has lovely subtle soothing scent. I love the fact that this is not greasy in general, but it leaves a very light buttery layer on the skin. It means it will stay on skin for longer time and really moisturize and protect the skin. I've been loving it for hands and especially on dry patches on my body. For the face I haven't tried it yet. 

Ebay and DIY Choker Necklace

The one on the left side is from Ebay and the one on the right side I made myself. You can see how here. I've been loving wearing chokers, but especially these two have been on my daily menu this month. I love leather strap bow design from Ebay for a bit more sophisticated and romantic looks and I love plain ribbon black choker for a bit more sporty and edgy looks. I think these necklaces are very easy to style and I love how they look like paired with outfits. 

The Blacklist

To say that I've been obsessed with this show is an understatement. If I could, I would watch all the episodes in one day. I even had a few dreams of similar action scenes in my sleep. Currently, I'm in the middle of third season and then I'll finally be up to date with it. Please, no spoilers in my comment section. I love Raymond Reddington as a character. He's basically number one criminal on FBI list and now he works with them to catch other criminals. He works closely with Elizabeth Keen, (former) FBI agent and I'm still trying to figure out how he's in relation with her. I love witty and sarcastic Reddington's humor and the fact that he's always a step ahead of everyone else. Season three got really exciting in the beginning and now it's a bit more slow-paced again. If you love smart, complicated, action based shows, you'll love this.  

*Products were sent to me.


  1. Avonovo olje je tudi meni super za zdaj, tudi moja mama ga je pohvalila :D
    Za Essencov Pure Nude highlighter sem že toliko pohval slišala, da ga bom morala preizkusiti, sploh če da bolj naraven videz. Za Balein Bodybutter se spomnim da je enkrat že Mateja napisala, da diši po Monteju, pa sem pol čisto pozabla. Sem si dala na seznam za nujno kupit na telefonu, me resno zanima vonj :D Trend It Up blush pa je tudi že na WL :D

    1. Je ravno dovloj lahko za ta prehoden čas. Essencov highlighter je vsekakor bolj naraven, odvisno je samo kako svetlo polt imaš. Če nisi preveč svetla, ti bo zagotovo ustrezal :). Vonj tega je naravnost fantastičen. Prav lušte ti naredi, ampak mislim da ga žal več ni v prodaji :/. Upam, da ti bo všeč blush, meni je res pravi jesenski odtenek ;).

  2. Normalno, da sem se takoj ustavila pri Trend it up blusherju, da sem ga pin-ala na wishlist :D I need it. Pa včeraj sem stala pred stojalom in ga čisto nenavdušeno ogledovala.

    Autumn Spice si kupila! No, super samo da ga končno imaš :) Zdaj ko praviš da diši po cimetu me mika, ampak meni niso tako barve extra všeč na meni.

    Ta Balea body butter pa nimajo že več kot pol leta. So me čisto razočarali, ker je tako hitro pošel.

    Super, da ti je Palmer's balzam všeč :) Zdaj sem naročila tisto Flip verzijo, ki je kot kroglica :)

    1. Ko sem pisala to objavo, sem vedela, da ti bo všeč blush. Meni se zdi čisto tvoj odtenek, čeprav vem, da imaš verjetno že ogromno podobnih odtenkov :D. Nekje sem slišala, da enim niso dovolj pigmentirani, ampak moj je res dobro pigmentiran. Jaz sem itak vedno bolj ligh handed z mojimi blushi :).

      Ja končno! :D Meni je vse top, od odtenka pa do vonja. Diši res precej tako močno začimbno, ampak cimet je zagotovo med začimbami.

      Oh res škoda. Nisem mogla verjet kako diši. Prav lušte sem dobila :D. A potem je bil verjetno LE. Saj Balea skoz rada menja neke vonje in podobno. Which sucks, če ti je kaj res všeč.

      To sem pa morala zdaj poogoglat. Aha EOS fora. Luškano. Meni je že ta original vonj zelo všeč. Imam doma coconut oil in cocoa butter mešanico in diši podobno - sicer bolj po Bountyju- tako da mi je ta vonj res všeč. Pa všeč mi je da je še vedno dobro mastna, ampak ne preveč :).

  3. Plantae <3

    Tudi meni je tale nočna krema super, ampak rabim še kapljico šipkovega olja....


    1. Ja krema je bolj za tako normalno kožo, se mi zdi, da za hard core zimo bo premalo. Če pa dodaš še njihovo olje potem pa je odlična mešanica :).

  4. Vidim da si že čisto jesensko obarvana, mi zaupaš kje si kupila tisti zlat listek? :)

    1. Precej :D. Ta listek je pa iz enega zelo zelo starega pasu za hlače iz New Yorkerja. V bistvu sem ga vrgla vstran, pa sem vzela te sponke v obliki listkov dol, ker se mi je zdelo, da bodo še kdaj uporabne. In so :D.

  5. Plantae je res dobra znamka,sem porabila njihov prvi izdelke(čistilni gel), pa sem bilakar malo žalostna.Ampak,kot da ni še kak drug na zalogi za porabit:)Sleek je pa čisto huda paleta, noro kako odsevna in reflektna je, imam tudi tisto kremnoverzijo, samo, nekako mi tekstura, ni preveč všeč, ne razmaže se tako lepo kot kakšna druga verzija kremnega izdelka. Ampak ko ga prenesem v kožu je pa spet vau efekt:). The Blacklist sem pa jazpogledala 1. sezono, meni je bila ful všeč,celo sezono semsespraševala v kakšen odnosu sta, a jemogoče njen oče ali kaj. Nek konekt imata, samo ga nisem ugotovila, to mi je bla največja uganka. Potem pa nekako nisem več spremljala kdaj bo tretja sezona in niti sedaj ne vem ali jo še predvajajo pri nas. P.s jesensko vzdušje na slikicah me res opominja, da je čas da preklopim na jesen:)

    1. Ja saj, vedno so še kakšne zaloge. Je nek čar v preizkušanju novih izdelkov :). Sleek je res druga kategorija. Jaz kar nisem mogla verjeti kako zelo sijoči so na koži. Sicer so mi odtenki vsi dokaj svetli. Bi mi bilo bolj všeč kaj več variacij, ampak ok. Kremna paleta se je meni zdela pretemna, zato sem se raje odločila za to. Pa tudi na sploh imam raje pudre kot kreme.
      Jaz sem se isto ves čas spraševala :D. Na Pop TVju so mislim da ta torek ravno končali zd rugo sezono. Je bila pa na sporedu po 24ur ob 22h. Tretja sezona me je zaenkrat izredno šokirala, ker sem že pri koncu. Vsekakor vredno ogleda, sploh tretja sezona je kar napeta.
      Mislim, da bo vreme počasi tudi bolj jesensko :).

  6. Me drazite s Plantae izdelki vse po vrsti :P
    Tale Trend it up blush je tko lep, gre na WL. Sleek paletko HL si tudi zelim, samo bi jo rada prvo videla v zivo, sedaj ko je to skoraj mogoce ;)

    1. Hehe. Če iščeš kaj naravnega, je vsekakor zanimiva znamka. Meni še vedno najljubši šipkov serum :). Blush je pravi jesenski odtenek. Jap, končno lahko vidimo v živo. Jaz tudi nerada kupujem na pamet. ;)

  7. Sami zanimivi izdelki, najbolj si me navdusila z autumn spice lakom ko si omenila da disi po cimetu :D sleek paletka je pa na moji wishlisti, ampak nazadnje ko sem bila v mullerju ke bila ze izropana and i get it why :D
    In tudi sama sem obsedena z blacklistom. Sem ze pri ta novi sezoni, torej 4. In mislim da mi bo zal da tako hitim ko bodo meli spet tisto dolgo pavzo :) Zacetek 4.sezone je izredno napet, sploh ko se v 1.delu pojavi pravi oce od Elizabeth :D

    1. Oh ja, lak je odličen, sploh če imaš rada začimne vonje. Res pravi jesenski vonj ima. Oh šment, so jo že izropali? Upam, da čim prej založijo. Meni je predvsem všeč ta sijoč efekt, ki je res over the top pri teh highlighterjih :).
      Jaz zdaj hitim z zadnjimi epizodami tretje sezone and I don't get it. Čakam kdaj spet pride excitement nazaj. Očitno šele pri četrti sezoni. Omg zdaj bom samo še hitreje želela pogledat - you tease :P. Ampak ja, potem bom morala čakati vsak teden na eno epizodo :D.