DIY Choker Necklace

I'm sure you've already seen choker necklaces all over the internet, if not in real life. As with brown lipsticks, these are also somewhat of a 90's comeback trend. Who still has that elastic plastic wired one? I do. Ah.. the good old times. Since my budget doesn't allow me to buy Kim-Kardashian-covered-in-diamonds choker, I'll just show you a few affordable options that you can easily make at home. I haven't seen these in our stores yet (always late to the party), so I decided to just make them myself.

On the photo below is the one that inspired me to do this post. I bought it on Ebay and immediately liked it. It's one of those tie in a bow longer chokers. 

Things you'll need:
-sewing thread
-sewing needle
-leather strip
-gift wrapping ribbon
-sewing meter
-jewelry beads
-jewelry ring
-chain-nose pliers
-wire cutters
-gold chain

With every step you'll need to measure how long you'd like the choker to be. I suggest that you put sewing meter over your neck and measure it. You also need to have in mind if you'll be adding any rings, clasps and such, because this will mean you're necklace base needs to be shorter.

Romantic Bow

After you've measure the length that you want, you'll add one small jewelry bead on each end of this leather strip. I tied the knot at the end to secure them and prevent them from falling down.

And that is the finished result for this choker. All you have to do then is just tie it around your neck and make a bow. This one is very similar to the one that I bought on Ebay. I choose the string that I already had at home and since it is pink, it looks more romantic and girly. 

Gold Chain Choker

You can also make chokers that look like regular chain necklaces, but are shorter and come tighter around the neck. This one I started by cutting the chain in my desired length. On one side I added this jewelry ring. On the other side of the chain I also added one ring and I attached clasp at the end of it. Keep in mind that your chain needs to be a bit longer to hang off of the stud.

I decided to use a regular clothing stud and put wire on the spikes that are usually used to secure on the clothes. As you can see I hung the chain on left and right spike and then I used my chain-nose pliers to bend down both spikes and secure the chain in place. 

This gave my chain choker a small hang down underneath the stud. I think it adds just a bit of something else and doesn't look as boring.

Simple Black Choker

As with all the previous chokers you'll also need to measure out your gift wrapping ribbon. Before measuring I would also cut your velcro to fit ribbon width. Then you hold velcro and ribbon in both hands and measure it around your neck. You'll need the ribbon to overlap at the back, because you need both ends of velcro to stick together. 

Since the edges of ribbon were not pretty looking, I decided to put some fire next to them to make the edges straight. Then I hand sew velcros on the ribbon. Obviously you can do this step with a sewing machine. if you have it. My velcros were hard and therefore the sewing was a bit harder too.

Don't forget that you need to sew different sizes of velcors on each end so that they'll be able to stick together.

That is all you need. You have yourself the most basic black ribbon choker. I wouldn't wear this with a ponytail, because obviously my stitches aren't aesthetically pleasing, but it looks absolutely fine from the front.

These are my three types of chokers that I decided to make. I just used what I already had at home from previous DIY projects and created something new. It's a great way of using up any leftover jewelry pieces and it keeps you busy on a rainy Sunday.

I also wanted to show you how they look like on me. 

Lips: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in London
Lips: Avon 3D Plumping Lipstick in Pucker Up
Lips: Avon True Colour Perfectly Matte in Red Supreme
You can also stack these chokers. I personally also like stacking them with regular necklaces. It creates a more dimensional statement look.

My favorite has to be the simplest black ribbon choker, which I wear a lot. It just adds a bit of something to a very boring outfit. I also love to pair it with the gold chain choker, which is a statement on its own and can easily pass as a regular necklace. Pink bow I would probably wear with something like a doll dress. It's a bit too romantic and girly for my taste. I think I'll need to make it in a darker shade and add some edge to it. 

What do you think about chokers necklaces? Would you wear them?


  1. Super ideje! Ta zlata mi je top, morda pa se tudi jaz spravim k ustvarjanju ;)

    1. Hvala :). Pa še vse so izredno lahke za nardit. Mogoče pa kdaj, ko ti bo dolgčas ;).

  2. Kombinacija, ki jo imaš na zadnji fotki mi je najbolj všeč. :) Vse tri si lepo naredila in ideja da pri zlatem na sredini pustiš malo viseče ketne pod obeskom je super :)

    1. Meni tudi :). Hvala :) Ja, to sem videla na eni izmed fotk med googlanjem. Se mi zdi, da jih pri nas še ni v trgovinah, pa je treba malo sam improvizirat :D.

  3. Res super chokerji :) Meni je ful všeč tista črna, ker imam najraje preproste chokerje, ampak ostali dve sta tudi kjut :D

    1. Hvala :) Jaz sem tudi simple kind of girl. To največ nosim, ker res k vsemu paše :D.

  4. Awesome, res super ideja in ful kjut končni produkt! :) <3 (Natalija)

  5. Jaz bi rozikooo, ful mi je všeč. Pa rada bi tisti čas nazaj, ko sem takole kj zase ustvarjala:)

    1. Rozika je čisto zate :D. Ah ja, v tem hitrem tempu si je včasih težko najt čas zase, amapk tudi to je treba tu in tam ;).

  6. I really like the chain one! :)
    Your DIY posts are really the best! xx