Review: Freedom Makeup Brow Pomade - Caramel Brown

Hey Beauties!

This is a long overdue review of Freedom Makeup Brow Pomade in Caramel Brown. When I got this, I had darker hair color and the shade didn't really suit me than, but now that my hair is lighter again, it's perfect. Freedom Makeup is know for copying other brands and this to me looks like their take on Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade. It's one of the products that has actually impressed me and I didn't expect much out of it in the beginning.

It comes in a glass pot with plastic shiny black top. The glass bottle is actually heavy looking and very sturdy. It also has a cardboard box packaging over it. In it is 2.5 grams of product and it costs 6.95€ (on

Product is creamy and matte looking. It actually reminds me a bit of Maybelline 24hr Tattoos, but those get very dry after a while and are even a bit drier than this one in general. 

It gives you enough play time to apply it and then after a while it dries and doesn't move. I'd say that staying power is impressive. This won't move around if you touch it, just don't rub it. I love that it looks matte and doesn't give any shine, because that would just look weird.

I have it in the shade Caramel Brown, which looked scarily warm in the packaging. It's actually like a muddy medium warm brown shade. If you apply it lightly, it can have quite a lot of warm undertone. However, if you apply it heavily or layer it, it becomes more greyish, but with a still warm undertone. 

This color would be good for all of you with warm hair color from warmer reds to medium browns. It's a medium brown, not too dark, but also not too light which I really like. It works on my face, when I have my usually warmer lighter hair color or when I have copper hair, but when I have darker brown hair, it just looks off, because it looks too warm. 

I compared it to my favorite eyebrow pencil Catrice Eye Brow Stylist 020 Date With Ash-Ton. They have similar tone of brown, that kind of medium brown. Catrice has a bit more yellowish undertone on my skin tone, while Freedom has a bit more orange or redish undertone. They are pretty similar. 

As you can also see below, once I blend it out, it looks a lot lighter and warmer, so it all depends on how much you apply on and if you layer it or not. 

Here are my natural brows which have a very prominent grey undertone. The second photo from left is when I apply caramel Brown lightly. You can achieve a very natural look with it. You can also apply it heavily, as shown in the last photo from right, and then it looks darker and fuller.

I could swear that  this shade looked a lot more warm in the beginning, but I feel like it has become darker. It might also be the fact that I have a bit more tan and lighter hair now. As you can see on my lower photos it doesn't look too warm at all. 

As far as application goes, I would say go in very lightly. Small amount on the brush is enough for you to fill in any gaps or make brows look fuller in general. I always take a bit off of my brush, because it can look too dark otherwise. 

After continuous use top layer can become hard and drier. You might need to swirl it a bit before the use, but there's so much product inside and you need very little of it, so it's not a big problem for me. 

I am impressed by how well this stays on. It doesn't move for the whole day and it can look very natural, if you use a light hand. This also fills in any tiny gaps and almost clings to the skin, so it's perfect for you, if you have tiny gaps or unevenly filled brows. They have a wide range of shades. Caramel Brown is perfect for medium brown hair or for those with warmer, redish hair colors, because it has a bit of warm undertone, but still doesn't look too warm. Formula is creamy enough and matte. Top layer is prone to drying out, but there's so much product inside that it will still last you a really long time. 

*Product was sent to me. 


  1. I've come across many reviews of this product comparing it to ABH Dipbrow Pomade. One blogger that I am following even compared those two and she claims they're simply identical when it comes to staying power and general quality :) And she also felt that it was lighter/warmer at the beginning, so it might be the case :) I am going to try it one day :)

    1. Oh thanks for that information. I was wondering how it compares to ABH. Do you have a link to her review maybe? :) I'm glad to hear that, I thought I was going crazy, because I remember it being a lot warmer and lighter in the beginning. Maybe it oxidizes through the use, who knows :D. Well, if it's really that similar, than I'm glad I got it. It's a really nice product :).

  2. Veš, da si jaz prav želim preizkusiti tega, ker imam doma AB, ki je trenutno res najboljši izdelek za obrvi, ki sem ga preizkusila, kljub temu, da mi je bil moj Kiko nuja. AB je neopisno obstojen, pigmentacija je vrhunska, enostavno se nanaša, kremna, mat, ampak je lonček pa tudi drag in če obstajajo tako dobre replike kot tvoj Freedom sem takoj za. :)

    1. Si želim AB, da bi lahko primerjala. No ta Freedom res ni slab, sem pa prepričana, da so kakšne razlike z AB. No bi vsaj upala, glede na ceno :D. Vsekakor pa ni predrag, da ga ne bi preizkusila, ko ti zmanjka AB ;).