Review: Freedom Makeup Pro Lipstick (Pro Red 106 Fever) and Pro Highlight (Glow)

Hey Beauties!

I already wrote about the fact that Slovenian bloggers got some Freedom Makeup products to try out. I already reviewed Freedom Makeup Conceal Palette Pro in Light. I compared it with Makeup Revolution Ultra Cover and Conceal Palette in Light. Today I have a review of their Freedom Makeup Pro Lipstick Pro Red in 106 Fever and Freedom Makeup Pro Highlight in Glow.

Freedom Makeup Pro Lipstick Pro Red 106 Fever

The lipstick comes in a shiny plastic packaging. It's pretty basic. On the bottom you can see the shade of lipstick. It costs 1.95€ ( or 1£ (freedom makeup) and you get 3.5 grams. In the Pro Red collection you can choose among 5 different red shades. 

The texture is very light and smooth. It has good pigmentation, but you need to go over the lips a few times. One swap won't cover entire lips. It's so smooth that it almost feels silicon like. It's not sticky nor heavy feeling on the lips. The finish is creamy with a tad bit of shine, which wears off through the day and becomes semi-matte

The texture actually reminds me a little of Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Lipstick in Not In Love. Not In Love is even more buttery, more hydrating or creamy and one of the best drugstore priced lipstick formulas.

It's very long lasting for a creamier formula and it wears off pretty evenly. It can go a bit over the lip line so I recommend using a lip liner with darker colors. 

The shade 106 Fever is classic red. If you put on a light swatch it has an obvious blue cool undertone, but it kind of looks warm, when you apply a few more coats. 

I also compared it to some of the other red lipsticks from my collection. 

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in 01 Personne ne rouge! has the most warm undertone and it is more of an orange based red. It's also a bit darker. MUD Lady Bug is a few shades darker red and it has more of a blue undertone. Freedom Makeup Pro Lipstick in Pro Red 106 Fever is a mix of cool and warm undertone. On me it looks more warm. It's in the classic red range and it's not too dark nor light. Makeup Revolution in Dare is very thick to the touch and almost feels like a thick gel with pigment. It's a lot more "plastic" in terms of texture. This one is thinner in coverage, looks semi-matte and has more of a blue undertone, which means it almost looks a bit pink toned. 

I was actually surprised by the formula. It's a perfect mix of creaminess and good payoff (not the best, but good). For the price of less than 2€ this is amazing. It sits nicely on the lips, doesn't dry them out, is lightweight and lasts a really long time. Definitely one of the best formulas for such a price. I could easily compare it to other drugstore lipsticks. Most of them are even more expensive and offer the same formula.

Freedom Makeup Pro Highlight Glow

Highlighter comes in a plastic shiny black packaging with transparent lid. You can see highlighter through the lid and it has a really nice embossed design which reminds me of wave. It costs 4.95€ ( or 3£ (freedom makeup) and you get 7.5 grams of it. There are 4 shades available. 

The texture of it is very dry to the touch. One swipe in the pan produces a good amount of color, but it is sheer on the skin. It's definitely not really pigmented, but can be build up. I find this good for those who are afraid of highlighter, because it's really sheer at first, so you can't overdo it. 

The shade Glow is very light yellow. It seems like it has almost white base and on top of it is very light yellow shade. It's not even gold, it's yellow. The shimmer in it is small and it gives a nice sheen to the skin. It almost looks a bit metallic, because it's pretty shiny. I only don't like the very obvious yellow tint of it. It's probably not going to be a wearable natural shade for most skin tones. 

I also compared it to some of my other highlighters and as you can see non are similar. Glow is just very yellow toned. All other shades are either champagne, bronzed orange or slightly orange toned. As far as the size of shimmer goes, I feel like it's most comparable to Essence LE Metal Glam highlighter in 01 Gold Digger. Both have that metallic sheen to it and both go on a bit sheerer at first. The size of shimmer of both is almost the same. 

If you apply it light it gives a nice light yellow shimmer. It's actually just-about-wearable, because it's pretty sheer. If you apply too much of it, it just looks too yellow. It's not highlighter for very pale or cool skin tones. 

I love using it on my eyes as an eyeshadow. I applied it in the inner corner of the eye as well as the center of the lid. 

I also used it in my Halloween inspired Pretty Leopard Makeup. It really worked there.

Yes to lipstick and no to highlighter. The lipstick formula is amazing for such a cheap price. It's creamy, wears nicely, it's lightweight and has good pigmentation. I wouldn't mind getting some more shades, because the formula is really nice. My shade 106 is a very basic lighter red. I'm not crazy about the highlighter only because of the shade. The formula is sheer, yet pigmented enough, it has just small enough shimmer and wears nicely. The shade Glow is completely off - yellow. If this was light gold shade, I would be all over it. Maybe try and find the right shade for you among other four shades.


  1. The lipstick looks really good on you!

    1. Thanks :) Red shades usually go with my skin tone :)

  2. Prekrasen drug make up, čisto jesenski. Šminka ti pa full paše :)

  3. Šminka je čisto tvoj odtenek, res ti paše. <3
    Highlighter mi je všeč pri očesnem makeupu, drugače pa too yellow! Le kaj so razmišljali. Jaz ravno pišem o mojem bronzerju, ki je čisto preveč pink za bronzer, po drugi strani pa premalo, da bi lahko bil blush.

    1. Klasična rdeča. Hvala :) <3
      To se tudi sama sprašujem. Sem videla in dobro da ga nisem kupila :).

  4. Tale šminka ti pa res lepo paše :)

  5. Joj, kako ti paše ta šminka <3 Highlighter se mi dopade na očeh, drugače pa ni ravno zame ;)
    Xoxo, Nyx

    1. Hvala :). Mislim, da za marsikoga ne bo primeren :).